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Leo Laporte Complains About His Phone Heating Up While He Watches Pornos

We feel really bad for Paul Thurrott and Mary J. Foley for having to listen to Soup talk about his porn-watching habits during their show. They’re both respectable journalists (Paul more than Mary), and they have to sit through this piece of shit’s interruptions every single week just to try to disseminate a tiny bit of news and information. The show is better every single time he goes on vacation, even if FMCP is hosting.

If you want to hear Paul weekly without having to sit through the porn-obsessed Leo Laporte’s ramblings and stupidity (the man couldn’t even figure out creating a Windows installation USB stick even with Paul’s help), check out What The Tech on Andrew Zarian’s network, GFQ. GFQ has a live stream that’s just as good during the shows, and Paul and Andrew have an aftershow you can watch live (free) or download later (donation through Patreon).

Thanks to commenter DramaDude for pointing out this clip to us.

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