guest-submission3The screenshot below was submitted by a fan without comment. I am not sure if the comment was lost or what happened. Our IT department is on it. I personally don’t see the relevance of this tweet but I will post it.

A great CEO, tough but fair.
A great CEO, tough but fair.

UPDATE: Accusations that this was a photoshop mounted, so I will include a link.

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  1. I am a CEO for a tech company too. If a man does this he is tough but if a woman does this she is a bitch.

    Actually, I don’t know any men who are assholes like this. She isn’t a bitch, she is an asshole. #WTF

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  2. Felt bad for Dickie Dee after fat cunt Leo belittled him in the above video

    So fucking sad that fat cunt Leo the arrogant prick feels he needs to mock and belittle people for a cheap laugh on air

    hopefully fat cunt will drop dead soon

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  3. It takes months to put up an Internet store? Everything this woman promises never happens. Her TV deals, getting twit on cable, buying rights to old screen saver shows, getting hosts on other shows as guests; she is the kiss of death.

    Get Mike to be a guest on a podcas, Lisa.

    You wouldn’t be lower level management at my old company, Microsoft. Stop thinking you’re a big shot because your boyfriend lets you fire people. It’s cruel.

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  4. There is no place in Hell deep enough or hot enough for this crap-on -everyones-cookies, coont.
    I wonder how long ago Lisa made Leo change his ringtone for her from ‘Material Girl’.

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  5. she fires people that “cant do their job”?

    does that go for the producer of the epic fail The New ScreenSavers? hours of boredom each week?

    oh wait, isnt she the producer of that epic fail?

    will she make herself cry? 🙁

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  6. She’s a run of the mill book-keeper who now thinks she’s the reincarnation of Adam Smith, she makes Jason Calacanis look like someone with a small ego.

    Here’s a pro-tip Lisa, save up your pennies because if Leo’s health fails and he’s unable to broadcast TWiT will go down faster than you do on Leo.

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    1. You just hit the nail on the head. Sadly, she is making Leo the most unlikeable person in tech now. Pretty much everything we now hate about Leo was caused by this knucklehead.

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  7. The woman is deranged.

    The original tweet was a link to an article that was about Amazon, published by the Sunday NY Times. It was a lengthy article that some thought was a puff piece and some a hit piece on the environment working at Amazon.

    Only a complete lunatic nut job takes out of the article what she took out of it. This is scary to watch.
    From harlot to CEO, this is better than fiction.

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  8. I find it ironic how she would fire someone that is not capable of their job, yet she has failed on so many objectives.

    She has also fired many capable people due to threats of them tower of Leo’s popularity.

    This lady is in a high seat completely supported by Leo’s popularity. Must be nice to have a vagina that feels good to Leo. She literally has no one to answer to.

    If I hear one more discussion about selling t-shirts online, I am going to barf. Is that the extent of her genius? It has been several years and she still fails to implement her online store idea. About the only thing she has accomplished is exposing Leo for the two faced asshole he is.

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      1. They did buy space. There is a company you can pay to put your ad up for a few minutes on a Time Square electronic billboard and they will send you a picture of your ad to show people that you were “on an ad in time square.”

        Kind of silly but I may do it for my niece’s sweet 16.

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    1. Selling t-shirts (and the failure to do so) has been a running joke since TWIT episodes were still in the single digits. Leo’s biggest ideas these days are indoor swings and what variety of donuts to order in.

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  9. Since Leo is a smart guy (whatever else you may think of him) why doesn’t he see everything about Lisa that have been written above and are spot-on true and unanimously agreed to? It’s not like he could have been bowled-over by her beauty. She is what Rodney Dangerfield called a two bagger or something like that. You need to put a bag over her face when fucking her and a bag over your own in case hers comes off.

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  10. As stated many times by Lisa, she doesn’t want to deal with sales tax reporting if the store were in house. If she, or Carly, were really on top of things, a simple call to the adult pleasure store she buys her sex toys from and book them in to a triangulation so Leo could troll their fulfillment front and back end processes . And since the dick pick gate has pretty much tossed out any semblance of TWiT being family friendly, Lisa can have her t shirt store(I Went Down v On Leo First) and A TWiT branded sex toy line.

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  11. I’m no fan of Lisa, but I lay TWIT’s failures entirely at pork-boy’s feet (or hooves). Even if that infers that he’s simply happy to delegate his downward slide into irrelevance while he himself focuses on taking pics of L’il Leo, visiting travel sites and eating pork-chop sandwiches.

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  12. There is one moment in this post’s YT clip that reveals much of what is wrong, seriously wrong, with Leo. He has a tin ear for what he says, for the effects of his jokes on other people’s feelings. He makes comments at the expense of other people either without realizing what he is doing or without caring what he is doing. I’m not sure which, but either way the harm is the same.

    In the discussion about producing more TWiT “merch” with his equally despicable wife, Leo says while Dick Debartolo is shown on a monitor and listening via Skype and not laughing, “We could start selling crap from the basement like Dick does!”

    Someone who knows Dick once told me, “He [Leo] often makes some pretty nasty cracks to Dick, and we just shake our heads.”

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  13. Exactly, Leo is extremely lazy. He brought in a bookkeeper to handle TWiT’s finances and ended up screwing said bookkeeper and himself by marrying the whore. That divorce cost Leo millions and he’ll never recover that $$$$. I remember when the construction started out on the shit house, Leo was really pushing out the business necessity for the new studio and Lisa had crunched the #’s and the new digs were the best thing to happen to his little Internet company. Getting close to the completion date and the building was behind schedule and extremely over budget. The entire financial mess that became the the Shit House lies at the feets of Leo and Lisa, Leo for not saying no to plan changes and for sleeping with his bookkeeper, and for Lisa not enabling cost controls and allowing Leo unfettered access to her money maker.

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    1. Good points. Half of everything still goes to Jennifer. Half of the leftover half will go to Lisa leaving Leo with 25-percent of everything left. It’s possible that Lisa will not get any part of the KFI gig (Jennifer gets half) but at least half of Leo’s half of Twit. Since Leo has no real way of quitting and starting from scratch without looking merely derivative the women will be nicking 75-percent of everything forever.

      If Leo ditches Lisa and goes off to become a massage therapist then he will be free and clear.

      The psychological giveaway here is Leo cannot accomplish an escape as witnessed by his obsession with The Screensavers. Most people are unfamiliar with the term “screen saver” or do not think about it the way they did in 1998. Check the calendar.

      It has to eat at him to be giving so much of his money to these women after giving his older house to Wife #1, he buys another house (and car) for Wife #2. This guy is destined to be a broken man. I expect to eventually find that $8000 lens in a local pawn shop.

      Note: He has been doing this Twit gig for a decade and sales are declining. Shows are suffering. Hosts leaving,

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  14. Between the brick house, website, and a mountain of gadgets “for review” (face it, no one needs a new android phone every few weeks), it’s not hard to hear the giant sucking sound of Leo’s mishandled finances going down like frogurt diahhrea. This really tells us that he may as well shovel hard currency into the furnace in his maker space on the lower level, because his business acumen is nonexistent. Before you TWIT tumblrina loyalists retort, it is Leo Laporte himself constantly bemoaning his finances, or more specifically, bemoaning his missing out on the podcast pie of riches.

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  15. Just tuned into Twit today (Monday) in time to hear Leo getting his new Samsung Note 5 ready for a quick unboxing ,like he says every time he unboxes a new Android phone, ” I’m excited about this phone I feel it’s going to be the best one ever”

    Leo you wasteful pig, why aren’t you buying Sony smartphones? Or BlackBerrys new phone??
    Oh wait it’s because you don’t like them you biased asshole,
    don’t come on national radio claiming you buy all brands in order to review them for your viewers,
    what you should be saying to your viewers is , I love Googles Android phones only ,so I’m buying those to have a biased review on how much ” I love them”and I put up with buying Apple stuff and punish them buy trashing them every segment on air even if the callers question was a windows question

    You biased fat fuck

    I love Android and Apple both like 80% of us geeks. Your the only idiot trying to keep the Android vs Apple riff going, that’s so 4 years ago, move on

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          1. I know how to spell “asshole,” but the word doesn’t appear in my post where all words were spelled correctly.

            I think you meant to write, “Learn to spell [comma] asshole.”

            You really look foolish when you correct someone who didn’t make any errors while making your own blunders [comma] bonehead. BTW, this is Holden’s constant pattern. Just sayin’. ; )

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  16. My baby posts Amazon article.
    Random guy Evan says he thinks Amazon is wrong.
    My baby responds about employees crying when she fires them.

    I love my baby girl.
    Make your GF’s CEO guys, makes breaks fun if you have a boiler room. € ;

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