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Bye Bye Brickhouse

A commenter on the last post asked…

"I thought he isn’t staying once the lease is up anyway, why is he so bitter towards new tenant?"
How much for the rafters?
$80 for the mic stand, do i hear $85? OK $85 from Scooter do I hear $90? $85 going once…..

My diagnosis is that he is coming to grips with reality. The last four years were an important time for TWiT.  As Lisa alluded to in her CEO blog, it was about metaphorically growing twit to fit the brickhouse. They were launching new shows and trying to build a network. They failed.

(L to R) CEO/Wife Lisa Kentzel, Founder Leo Laporte, Malformed creature Ozzie

Now the millions of greenbacks put into the rented brickhouse are gone. They got 4 or 5 years out of that money. Due to bad decisions they lost all talent. Elgin has launched zero shows. Megan has no time to launch a show. Each show Padre has launched would be cancelled if not for the free labor cost. Thank god for Gazelle because they don’t even entertain new show ideas anymore after the TNSS disaster.
An expensive video show for a podcast network, sheesh.

The new people have not had one new show and are struggling to maintain the foundation from crumbling. Leo is well aware that when the next phase comes it will be about squeezing everything he can out of what is left of twit and not growth.

123 in tech can not be good
123 in tech can not be good

The next studio will be smaller. They will retain Jason for AAA and editing with one other editor and one IT guy. Everyone else will have to be let go. TNT will end and Padre will begin his sabbatical. They will cut more costs and try and preserve revenue from the people not updating RSS feeds in iTunes and Stitcher. The days when shows brought viewers to other shows is turning into days where defections cause defections on other programs.

Getting back to the original question of the commenter, Leo knows when the brickhouse closes the final chapter begins. He would probably rather pay high rent for another year or two than admit the truth. This is a sad time and calls for a classic sad video.

Say it ain’t so, Leo


25% to charity, no way
25% to charity, no way, I refuse to believe this libel.
Well deserved 60K spent on a car
Well deserved 60K spent on a car

I do not believe this image and neither should you. There is no way the #soupguzzler is keeping 75% of the proceeds for recording a greeting. No one would keep money intended for starving children. I just do not believe it.
Food? Maybe. Money? No.
The guy has plenty of money. If you want to donate to UNICEF click here. Send me the receipt and I’ll record you a voice mail. And please whoever photo-shopped this, turn yourself in. There are people working overtime in the factory to make a donation and they deserve to know where the funds go?

Helping Children

We have said some mean stuff on this site, even me. But never in the exalted history of this site have we ever implied that TWiT or anyone at TWiT would take advantage of starving children.

Think of the Children
Think of the Children

Can someone please help me out? Is TWiT donating the proceeds from the New Year’s show to UNICEF? Are the proceeds of the TWiT shirts going to UNICEF? Partial proceeds? Will TWiT be making a public donation to UNICEF? Are the fans supposed to donate?

I don’t understand how this works and as a journalist, I need facts. One thing you can count is you will get an exact figure from Leo. He is not the type of guy to just say “a lot” or “we could not be happier with the money raised” or “UNICEF is so so grateful.” I am certain we will get actual numbers like every other fundraiser right? Hello? Hello? Anyone? Is this on?