Leo Laporte to Do Fake AMA for Sycophants After Receiving an Unwarm Welcome on Reddit

Following the colossally-epic pounding that Leo Laporte took during his “Ask Me Anything” appearance on Reddit a few months back, the fatass netcaster has  apparently learned his lesson and is heading back into the choppy waters of the Internet for another AMA—but this time the creepy fatass fuck is going to do his appearance in the safe harbor of ProductHunt.com. The stupid site is run by a friend of Jeff Needles and most of the embarrassing questions for Leo will most assuredly be moderated out of existence. But we’re hoping that a few real-world questions get through.

Highest rated question on Leo's last real AMA
Highest rated question on Leo’s last real AMA

Founder of Prada Cunt, approximating human form
Founder of Prada Cunt, approximating human form
It hasn’t escaped the editorial board here at TotalDrama that ProductHunt is such a horrible name for a website that it stands to reason that, of course, Leo would choose to go on there. Prada Cunt and Product Cunt are just two of the names that spring to mind.

So best of luck, Leo, on your appearance on Product Cunt. We’ll be watching for your lies and can’t wait to share them with our readers.

56 thoughts on “Leo Laporte to Do Fake AMA for Sycophants After Receiving an Unwarm Welcome on Reddit”

      1. Hey friend, Leo has a Big Island Pineapple* waiting for you at the brick house – you have to eat it “off him” though.

        (tm) Nature Box

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      1. I love L&L’s new stuff, but sometimes you just yearn for the classics. Who can forget witty prose such as “your cock inside me” or “I’m naked in bed”?

        Good times.

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  1. The CNN of Tech
    The Maker-space in the basement.
    The East Coast Studio
    The Meetups
    The live event broadcasts ( not the in-house commentary )

    only thing left a big old sleeping pill

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  2. You are a bunch of fucking assholes. Why don’t you trolls go fuck yourselves.
    What if TWiT went away? Who would you troll next, Chris Pirillo or Jason Calcantis (sp)? Chris is going to be on Nightline tomorrow night, btw.

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    1. The more important question is whether you or TWiT will be the first to go away.

      And who cares about Chris Pirillo? He’s a sniveling little fuck. Pretending he doesn’t exist is one of Leo’s good moves.

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        1. I don’t know, all I know is he’s basically Leo’s only coworker from TechTV that doesn’t get mentioned regularly. In all these years I’ve heard him mentioned two or three times by Leo, which is quite infrequent for a guy who loves to namedrop and tell little anecdotes.

          Personally I just find him irritating, and his “check out this link for a discount” deal is shady… if he still is doing that.

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          1. Chris is a weirdo, he had a notorious meltdown live on stream. Treats his wife(/wives) like dog shit. Leo and him always had an uneasy truce, like they were former lovers or something.

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        2. Leo doesn’t like him because Leo likes to think that Leo was Tech TV. Which is a big lie. Leo was just an employee of the network like everyone else. But somehow Leo is having delusions of grandure (grampa) that he somehow was a pioneer of the technology revolution. All Leo has ever done is apply his Radio DJ skills to yapping about tech. He is not really that much of a geek. Chris is a true geek and knows a lot more than Leo.

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          1. Sorry but that doesn’t make sense. He is always talking about Patrick, Becky, Martin… but never Chris Pirillo.

            Leo does have delusions pf grandeur, but Pirillo is just unlikable. If you think TWiT fans are sycophants you gotta check out his followers.

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    2. “Ok, Google. Private message for Molly. How about you come down to Petaluma for a little private sesh with my new sex swing? And I do mean little. Don’t tell Lisa. We can eat Nature Box ™ off of each other’s fupas. Leo.”

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  3. LOL!

    Leo gets drunk, signs on as Fuck You Guys and proceeds to lose it. Hil-fucking-larious.

    Let’s see you fat fuck – one minute it’s a 24/7 IPTV network, the next minute it’s a return to audio only.

    What a fucking douchbag! Make up your fucking mind!!

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  4. You all think TWiT is folding? Lisa is working on some deals and let’s just say we will see who gets the last laugh. When the chips are down the CEO will rise to the top and save the network. I predict she signs a deal with a major cable provider like she did with Spotify and its millions of listeners. Do you people know how hard she worked that deal.

    Twit will have the last laugh!!


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  5. This is for “Inleo Scolon” remarks about CEOHO going to save Twit and using Leo’s recent investment into Spotify, thus
    Trolling apple music every chance he can.

    Here’s another bad investment CEOHo has going , it’s all over the news.

    “You Can’t Do Squat About Spotify’s Eerie New Privacy Policy (UPDATED)”


    Yup Spotify is yet another soul sucking info stealing
    company Leo supports and pushes on to his stupid “Twit Army” every podcast

    Fat cunt

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    1. Basically, we’re sorry we got caught. We’re sorry people got upset. We’re sorry we now have a PR thing that needs to get handled. But, we’re not actually going to change anything we did LOL.

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