Where’s Iyaz?

I have a question: Why has Iyaz never been invited back on TWiT?

He was a nice guy.
He was a nice guy. This pic was obviously photo-shopped.

Leo has told the fans that sometimes they take things too much to heart. Fans need to understand this is a business he is running.
For example: Not rehiring Tom Merritt, cancelling Amber and Dickie D et al, poaching Chad from Brian then subsequently firing Chad. Again, TWiT is a business and in business, decisions need to be made and sometimes difficult decisions. They are not personal.

I wonder why it doesn’t work the other way.

Sarah Lane was too busy to comment
Sarah Lane was too busy to comment

I wonder why Iyaz quitting was such a crime that it really set Leo off. #Soup made many comments about it, usually without naming names but we knew who he meant. So why is every Tom, Dick and Lyndsey from CNeT a frequent guest of TWiT, barring one Iyaz Akhtar. I Wonder.

15 thoughts on “Where’s Iyaz?”

  1. Easy, because it wasn’t on Leo’s terms.

    Iyaz left before Leo had a chance to do it himself, and when you have an ego such as Leo’s, someone beating you to the punch will always annoy you deeply.

    I had a boss who was like that. He was insulted if you put your 2 weeks in even though he was the worst boss ever to work for. You give your 2 weeks and next thing you know he wants you to leave THAT day. I didn’t give him that opportunity because I saw it happen so many times before in the 6 years I worked there. I gave him a 1 day notice and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it and I could tell it irked him. It’s the only time I ever did that in my job history and it felt great.

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  2. Iyaz indicated publicly that there were two people at TWIT he couldn’t stand – I’m guessing at least one of them was Lisa and/or Leo /also making it awkward for his lovely girlfriend

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  3. I saw Iyaz on Periscope A few days ago, and he seems to be doing fine.
    I do believe Leo needs to keep his opinions about the former TWiT. That’s one thing I don’t like about him.

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    1. Iyaz is fine and his leaving had everything to do with where his son was, I guarantee it. He’s near his son and doesn’t have a CeHo boss anymore, “Quest For Peace” accomplished.

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  4. Leocunt sees himself as a god like powerful figure,always need to be in control of everything and everyone except CEOHO
    Iyaz took that power and control away from the arrogant fat cunt
    aside from that Sarah did the same yet he excused her from behind his back job search


    Oh well
    My weekly Fuck you Leo salutation
    Hey fat cunt keep eating shit on air pretending it’s good for you your internal doomsday clock is alive and well

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  5. You forget that Iyaz was simply terrible. He talked a mile a minute and like a stereotypical lawyer, his opinion was always right and he refused to listen to anyone elses point of view.

    There’s a reason he never substitute hosted TNT and TWiT. He was bad. They let him host Windows Weekly because that show is all about Paul and Mary Jo. A dildo can host that show.

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  6. Ever hear Merlin Mann on MBW – always painful and awkward to listen to. This is down to Leo being a giant phony, and Merlin just doesn’t buy into it, and in turn neither does anyone else. I’m guessing it’s simpler to not deal with Leo, in general.

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    1. You felt Merlin was painful and awkward to listen to? I always enjoyed MBW when he was on.

      Andy Inhatko, on the other hand, drives that show right into the ground.

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