Helloworld Used Bad Language on Twitter

People should be respectful on Twitter and not curse. Ethics.

CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris
CEO of Personal Capital Bill Harris

The Triangulation program featured an interview with the Personal Capital CEO who just happens to be TWiT’s largest sponsor. Move along, move along. Or……

Take ‘native advertising’ and multiply it by 400 and you get this. And I was trying not to discuss TwiT. You try to get out and they pull you back in. (For more info click here)

Does anyone remember the name of the song by the son of the guy who played the dad on Growing Pains?

And now people are emailing me that he is asking a (female) employee, Megan, if it is o.k. to “be salacious” or hit on her and she responds “I don’t mind it, uh……..but I can’t speak for everyone.” Put an employee on air and ask her if it is o.k. to do this and see what she says. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF DURESS.

Once again we have the victim saying; I don’t mind, I am tough I can take it, it’s cool, don’t worry. No one at twit will do anything, no one will say anything not to the boss and not to his wife the CEO.

UPDATE: The g-mail address is no longer live for tips, I do not want to be notified about this stuff. I don’t watch TWiT so Stop sending me this stuff.

21 thoughts on “Helloworld Used Bad Language on Twitter”

    1. I agree. If TotalD can’t criticize TWIT that takes all the fun outta coming here. The rest of this stuff I can find on the net. It was TWIT drama that brought me here.

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  1. You’ve also disabled your tip / post link.

    Again, if what I’m seeing is the direction of this site, here’s some free advice: Save your server fees and kill this site. I’d rather see it go away entirely, rather than let it further degrade as it has.


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  2. Kinda, sorta wondering whether TWiT’s legal team was able to seize the TD.org domain awhile back, then shut down the TD.eu domain this month — and we are all now being trolled here.

    Think about it, everyone. TD.org went down several months ago, only to be replaced by TD.eu.

    Then, TD.eu disappears from the face of the planet, and without any explanation TD.org is suddenly back — but there is no real criticism of TWiT. Just a lot of strange posts by somebody purporting to be Richard Yes.

    Leo and Lisa are probably sitting in a Japanese soaking tub somewhere and laughing their asses off at us (along with tracking our IP addresses).

    And yeah, I’m paranoid.

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    1. Richard is the real deal; he has been abused by TWiT staff to become this #truth bearer that he is now.

      You know what TWiT should be, an actual corporation so that our criticism of them can be legal. I mean Wal-Mart can’t do shit against those who criticize it, why should TWiT be able to shut down those who criticize it? After all, Leo’s goons push the limits of people to the point where they mentally break down, that’s why TotalDrama.eu went down.

      This fear needs to stop, I say there is nothing to fear; all this is is just intimidation to stop any form of criticism. Criticism, ethics, truth; all things that should matter.

      Also crucialwax if you’re reading this; get a life. Your non-existant retard children are pissing me off; all you do is obsess about us and try to force us off channels. Do you suck dick for Leo; if so you should stop and take a walk on the wild side.

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  3. I don’t care about the native advertising,, they do it on TV on Saturday mornings all the time and it is how they pay the bills. But I do have an issue with the harassment. This is why I had an issue with Sarah Lane, she allowed him to do it and now he preys on Megan who is married with kids.

    He is feeling just her out, this is the first stage of abuse, he is seeing how much he can get away with by how she reacts. I think she was 20 when she worked at the old show where he said he was hitting on her.

    This is not OK

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  4. Same old twit trash, sometime i think leo does this shit purposely just to get people talking, and its getting old. leos lose lips will sink the ship

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  5. Ok, 2 things… First I don’t know how anyone can find Megan attractive. I mean, how can you miss those eyebrows! That and she’s always been a bit too goody 2 shoes for my taste.

    Second, thanks for the article plug Richard. Yeah, I’m trying to move away from reporting on the sinking ship that is TWIT. It’s a sinking ship and its just not necessary in my view to document the seaweed littering the poop deck… In fact I just finished a short series on James Corden the new host of the Late Late show. Now there’s a train wreck in motion!

    Anyway I’ll keep looking here for anything interesting but I really don’t plan on anymore TWIT stories at least until we can go to twit.tv and find nothing but a 404 on the page!

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