Leo Laporte Makes Shit Up for Ads and TWiT Constantly Shits on Its Sponsors

Thanks to an eagle eyed viewer/reader, we bring to you video proof, straight from the #soup’s mouth, of what we all know. #soup makes shit up and doesn’t care about the advertisers.

TWiT has long disrespected its advertisers, however. The editorial board here at Total Drama discussed this at our last meeting and we’ve had enough, so we decided to create a consolidated post to express our disappointment with the way TWiT disrespects its advertisers.

A former TWiT staffer (terminated without warning during the holidays by #soup) has provided us a current job listing on Craigslist for TWiT. They are anonymously hiring for a position using Craigslist instead of ZipRecruiter which they “LOOOOOOVVVVE” (Gum’s words). This ad will certainly be taken down soon after this post, so here’s what it looked like.

TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer
TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer originally at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/tfr/4854675423.html

Here’s how TWiT co-host Katie Brenner disrespects sponsor NatureBox on air.

And here’s how TWiT host Tonya Hall disrespects sponsor ZipRecruiter on-air.

And here’s how TWiT’s TNT host Mike Elgan trashes sponsor PayPal on-air.

And here’s how Leo trashes previous sponsor Citrix ShareFile on-air.

And here’s Leo making fun of Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans.

And here’s Leo claiming on-air that Ring.com didn’t pay their bills.

So, if you choose to do business with TWiT as a sponsor, know what you’re getting into, and know that #soup loves to show his email on screen all the time, including the phone number of his soon-to-be stepchild (withheld because we are not monsters).

Leo's Inbox on Any Given Sunday
Leo’s Inbox on Any Given Sunday

Caveat emptor. You might be thrown under the bus next, and be assured, the humiliation will be televised.

32 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Makes Shit Up for Ads and TWiT Constantly Shits on Its Sponsors”

  1. With all the time you trolls spent on this futile project you might have accomplished something or maybe even have left your mother’s basement for a while.

    Why do you spend so much time stalking some podcaster?

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    1. Janet, you’re obviously missing a very important aspect to why TD exists, to expose TWIT’s ugly side. There’s the superficial, disingenuous public face that all the fanboys feed off of, and then there’s the latent foundation face, where people donated money to support Leo’s sexual harassment jigs and Lisa’s barely marginal management practices. For anyone who focuses just on the crap stuff posted here on TD than yes, all you see is the ‘troll’ image that Leo and Lisa are attempting to make TD appear to be. But for those who are able to look at things from multiple viewpoints, it’s hard to ignore the many changes TWIT is going through lately.
      A lot of people think hiding behind their rose-colored glasses is a friendlier way to live their lives but none of us can escape reality in the long run. Time to wake up Janet, TWIT has changed.

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    1. That would be a great observation, if it was actually posted through ZipRecruiter, which it wasn’t. No links to follow up like a ZipRecruiter post would have, and it would be linked from their ZipRecruiter TWiT page. It shows what they really think of ZipRecruiter.

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      1. None of the hosts are prevented from saying anything truthful about the TWiT sponsors, opinions included. Soup has procalimed this many times. also, that is in the advert agreement. Elgum should just have had said nothing in comment.

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  2. My God, what kind of eunuch loser would host a site like this?

    I’m embarrassed for whatever short-bus retard is mental enough to troll podcasters because they got their precious feelings butt-hurt by something they said once.

    Wow. These are some sad, sad losers we’re talking about here.

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  3. Since security now is the only thing i listen to anymore from twit i have noticed the ad reads are getting longer and longer.Leo spent almost 3mins talking up a sponsor

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  4. If you have lives then when do you have time to do this stuff? Trolls have too much time on their hands. People here just love stalking someone who really doesn’t give a shit to you haters.

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    1. Actually I believe they do care and constantly fuel the fire – most of the time it’s just banter back and forth / Both sides are like carnival barkers – There is a constant monitoring of this site and a handful of Twitter accts (that are left) in the Brickhouse / I think this site is relatively harmless in the scheme of things – I completely understand you do *not*! Whether ‘trolls’ in basements, no-life Mother
      F’ers, losers on disability, folks w/ a misplaced humor center(me) or people who really care about the health and direction of the network/ Both sides are remarkably entertaining /Wish the Ghost of Ring Lardner would reappear!

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