Leo Laporte displays his fondness for sex swings on-air

Leo streamed his Google dictations on the livestream of "This Week in Google." If you can't read it, it says, "hang up sex swing." Click to view the full screenshot.
Leo streamed his Google dictations on the livestream of “This Week in Google.” If you can’t read it, it says, “hang up sex swing.” Click to view the full screenshot.

In another breach of the trust of the “family-friendly” viewing environment that the TWiT network claims to maintain, the ever-perverted Leo Laporte has done it again, giving the livestream viewers another unwanted peek behind the sordid curtain of his disgusting lifestyle on a recent taping of “This Week in Google.” When the discussion turned to Google’s saving of voice notes, Leo casually scrolled through his search history and revealed that he had used Google to either search for, or dictate a reminder note for “hang up sex swing” and then “hang sex swing.”

Can you just imagine Leo and Lisa using this thing?
Can you just imagine Leo and Lisa using this thing?

The sex swing is most likely intended to be used as a marital aid with his mistress-turned-CEO, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.


One can only imagine the horrors that Siri has been subjected to if this is how he mistreats Google’s voice dictation feature. This of course follows closely on the heels of Leo’s posting of his dick pic that was subsequently covered by TotalDrama, Gawker and Perez Hilton.

Here’s the video to calm the fears of those who think that this has been altered or video “Photoshopped” in any way:

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62 thoughts on “Leo Laporte displays his fondness for sex swings on-air”

    1. Agreed.

      It doesn’t help that he’s pushing 300 lbs and has a small penis on top of it. Penetration has to be near impossible without the assistance of some device (ie a swing).

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    2. Medical assistance. The only movement required is similar to Leo shoving a pizza pie into his gullet, and of course suppression of the gag reflex by all parties involved.

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  1. I do not understand why Leo doesn’t have a TWIT account to show off features? He would not have to do so much damage control if he would do that one tiny thing!

    I have a question now about Leo, does he get major jollies by getting caught in these situations?

    Good post HelloWorld, maybe a little less on the name calling in it, but really good!

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    1. he’s a lazy fat fuck that’s why. He doesn’t prep for shows and won’t take the time to keep his professional and personal lives separate.

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    2. When someone of Leo’s level of maturity is exposed (pun intended) to himself for as long as he has, one becomes desensitized to oneself. He probably doesn’t even realize what he’s exposing (again, pun intended) to his viewing audience or voyeurs as he like to refer to them.

      Leo has blinders on and is being ridden by his jockey, Lisa Laporte. May they reap all that they sow and then some.

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  2. Ok, do we have any good photoshoppers in the house?

    I can’t for the life of me imagine how Soup and CeHo can get it on in that contraption.

    Then again, maybe I just don’t want to know!

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  3. Holy shit, an actually almost-decent news story by Helloworld!!

    Kidding aside, it’s only a matter of time before Leo claims this is another photoshop by internet trolls (like the dickpic fiasco).

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  4. I stopped listening to TWiT after the dick pic, no regrets. I am 100% never going back after this article, just shows how stupid Leo is, he is constantly private showing stuff which there is 100% chance of something going wrong! Use a fucking demo device/machine or something for demos!

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    1. Fuck you, Molly. You don’t see the hypocrisy of a family friendly show putting up a screen showing that?

      Get your dirty vagina out of here and go stick a cucumber up your cut while you dream about #soupguzzler.

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        1. Maybe it’s Soup’s product for the next ByB?

          “Now here’s Leo with a product I will never use, because I’m a celibate priest. *fake smile*”

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    2. Uhh, what?

      What does this guy have to do to wake you up? You’re either a shill planted to stir up the comments or you actually believe the crap you post in here. In which case I can only surmise that your days are filled with a continuous loop of Leo jumping up and down in his jockey shorts on your 80″ monitor while sacrificing kittens in the middle of a burning pentagram ringed with unicorn tears and pixie blood.

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  5. What the fuck is next, Leo unboxing his ball gag order from Prime day in between Before You Buy segments? What a degenerate fucking piece of shit.

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    1. Bestiality. What else is left? Sexting, Japanese soaking tub, dick pics, and now a sex swing. I mean there’s only so many ways an old white man can be perverse.

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  6. “maybe I shouldn’t turn those on”


    You of all people need to turn it off.

    leo so love his technology but cannot control him self. Now what do you think of the walls listing to you, hey leo?

    Keep em coming.

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    1. Even though JCD effectively put a lid on dick pic coverage on NA, I like to believe that the fiasco was a turning point of sorts for JCD’s association with TWIT. JCD is content to leave Leo to his pathetic imitation of his glory days and awful editorial standards.

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  7. Anyone notice that he also searched for “climate in Rio de Janeiro.”

    I guess the guy is planning yet ANOTHER expensive vacation…

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        1. Mr. Jarvis is addicted to the celebrity status conferred on him by his appearances on Mr. Laporte’s network. Mr. Laporte is the candyman, as long as Mr. Jarvis is the toady. This seems to be the template for Mr. Laporte’s operation.

          Just sayin’ and best regards

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  8. A self destructive idiot like Leo is brain dead or he is stupid like a fox, I’m trying to figure out if all his on air fuck ups are a silent call for help
    example: blink twice if your held hostage
    but in Leo’s case : show dick pix or personal info if Lisa has taken your balls and replaced them with her junk


    Leo your a Putz!!!
    get off your fat ass and create work & demo accounts on all your wasteful devices you drool over for 2weeks and then throw them in a drawer while you bitch no-ones making any new phones or gadget.
    Fat wasteful piece of shit
    You should be helping your drought stricken State with great new tech ideas and money and also the use of you multimillion dollar studio to get the public excited about something worthwhile instead of using it as a breeding ground for perverse and stupid podcasts full of crap ads and lame content

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  9. Sure, he should be using a TWiT account for these types of things. But this is not as big of a deal as you make it out to be. Get over it. He’s married and him and his wife like to experiment with things. move on

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  10. What happened to the New York studio and morning show??? Both Jeff and Gina could have been “in house” hosts with better lighting and video…. As for Gina’s scaling back her appearance’s, I’d like the think it’s because her Wife/Husband caught Leo’s hitting on a guest and decided she wasn’t going to take that chance with her wife/husband, Gina….

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    1. “New York studio”, anyone who knows Leo knows that this had about as much of a chance of happening as Leo losing weight.

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  11. Hopefully whoever runs this site will take down that fucking awful banner for the “doc pic” story. Almost as pathetic as Leo living in the past with TNSS is you guys trying to maximize views and comments on a dead story.

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  12. It was the evil and despicable Glen Rubinstein pulling the strings again. He will stop at nothing to destroy TWiT. Who will you never see in the same place? HW and Glen. Do the math on that.

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    1. Maybe he’s going senile? Seriously.

      When he was talking to Steve Gibson on SN, Steve mentioned all the positive feedback he received while Ballacer was co-hosting.

      And Leo’s response?

      “Well, if you want me to talk to you more during the show, we can do that.”

      Even a MORON would have understood that the show has more to offer with a technical co-host rather than a fat bozo idiot fuckhead.

      But, of course, Leo missed it completely.

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