Leo Laporte Complains About His Phone Heating Up While He Watches Pornos

We feel really bad for Paul Thurrott and Mary J. Foley for having to listen to Soup talk about his porn-watching habits during their show. They’re both respectable journalists (Paul more than Mary), and they have to sit through this piece of shit’s interruptions every single week just to try to disseminate a tiny bit of news and information. The show is better every single time he goes on vacation, even if FMCP is hosting.

If you want to hear Paul weekly without having to sit through the porn-obsessed Leo Laporte’s ramblings and stupidity (the man couldn’t even figure out creating a Windows installation USB stick even with Paul’s help), check out What The Tech on Andrew Zarian’s network, GFQ. GFQ has a live stream that’s just as good during the shows, and Paul and Andrew have an aftershow you can watch live (free) or download later (donation through Patreon).

Thanks to commenter DramaDude for pointing out this clip to us.

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36 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Complains About His Phone Heating Up While He Watches Pornos”

    1. Can we call it a day on using the consumption of dick as a thinly-veiled insult. For many of us, the siphoning of the dong is a perfectly natural pass time that is in no way shameful.


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        1. Why are you still commenting Joe??? I thought I told you to EAT A DICK. In fact if HelloWorld and I both cram our dicks in your mouth at the same time I guarantee you will shut up. For the record, that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 inches of Dick in your mouth. If I estimate HelloWorld at a decent 8 or 9 inches.

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  1. Watching the clip, it sounded to me like Leo was joking about the porn, so I downloaded the show and using the convenient time code provided by the clock on the shelf I easily accessed the relevant video. Sure enough, TotalDrama truncated what Leo actually said.

    At 12:54:21 immediately after the TD clip ends (where Leo says his phone overheats when he watches porn), Leo continues, “No, I’m being facetious … but the A10 is a hot processor…”

    Maybe Leo watches porn. Maybe he doesn’t. Who the f*ck cares anyway? But this is just another example of Totaldrama intentionally deceiving its viewers. And that is a lot more shameful than looking at porn.

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    1. Eldridge Gerry: The word “porn” on an allegedly family-friendly network is inappropriate. It doesn’t matter what he said after that–the point is he said it. And all you have to do is watch Mary Jo Foley’s face fall in disappointment when he says “porn” to see that she is uncomfortable with Leo’s “joke.”

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  2. It was a vulgar and inappropriate joke for a network that prides itself on being “family friendly.”

    It also proves the theory that humor and intelligence are directly linked.

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    1. This guy can’t stop talking about porn on TWIT. He talked about some VR thing he checked out on at least 3 separate occasions. Tee hee, aren’t I naughty? No, you’re a damned imbecile.

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  3. Fat ass Leo claims he lacks a filter, it isn’t a filter he lacks, it’s respect, he doesn’t respect anyone , Period , he’s a wanna be radio/TV host , neither job
    he’s good at, so he “fell into”the TechGuy roll because a producer/owner called him a TechGuy
    Wow if we all held titles/jobs because a layman named us , I’d be the president

    Since Leo lurks on TD every so often reading posts and comments, here’s my shout out to him.

    Fuck You Leo!!!!!
    Eat a Dick!!!!

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    1. This is the worst – every week he pushes that tasteless envelope with Mary Jo, and it’s embarrassing. You just have to look at the list of names of former TWIT regulars to see he’s an idiot completely lacking in decorum. One day he’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and I just hope Paul is in striking distance, because something tells me Paul can throw.

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  4. Ever noticed the over abundance of viagra ads whenever they show Leo’s screen?

    He’s a diabetic fat fuck, he has the testosterone levels of a pre-pubescent girl. Remember when he tried to grow a beard? (he couldn’t)

    The porn and sex toys talk, etc. etc. is just an attempt to hide the fact he can hardly get an erection let alone maintain one.

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  5. Andy Ihnatko was reviewing a Bluetooth keyboard on MBW today, and while showing that the plastic flexes a little, he commented “my only wish was that the bed was a little bit stronger…”

    Leo chimes in “how many times have I said that!”

    And without missing a beat, or even thinking, Andy says “ewww.”

    Awesome. Leo is such a disgusting douche.

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  6. Phones heating up while watching porn is a major issue that deserves UN level attention and im glad soup is bringing this issue the attention it desperately needs

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  7. I am more offended at the thought of Paul Thurrott being called “respectable”. Utter shill who can’t take *ANY* criticism at all (I’ve been blocked various times on different sites by him) yet dishes it out constantly. All the hallmarks of a bully.

    (Eat a dick etc.)

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