The New Screen Savers is Officially a Monumental Failure

Well a hey hey hey and a how de do, it didn’t take long but TWiT’s last hope is apparently on its way out. The show known as The New Screen Savers is witnessing its ratings descend at an alarming rate.

Youtube views for video shows are meaningless indicators of popularity. [WinkyFace]

Will this show ever reach TNT level lows?
Will this show ever reach TNT level lows?

Let’s dish, the show was ill-conceived at the outset. They had one advantage in that salaried employees could be made to work on the show at minimal to no cost.  But the shearing of talent meant they had no one left to put on screen. They were forced to cash in a lot of favors from outsiders, but now that well is drying up too. No one wants to be on this failing program without being paid (at least) on a similar level to Patrick.

Not in the top 40??
Not in the top 40??

Oh, and if you non-believers want to see the top 40 tech podcast list unaltered you can click this. But TNSS is undoubtedly in trouble. Who knows, maybe the CEO/ PR expert/ Wife/ Host/ SalesExec/ Producer did not realize that a video show is not an ideal fit for an MP3 dominated podcasting genre. Remember when hopes were high at the studio and fans always heard about new shows on the horizon? That ship sure as heck passed, when was the last time the gun shy execs even teased a new show? They don’t even lie about new shows anymore.

Whatever the colossal error was, the begging of guests  is not the answer. Folks who graciously appear in-studio, should not be pestered into prerecording a TNSS segment because it just takes “a few minutes” after doing This Week in Tech. Frankly my dear, it’s kind of rude. This network needs a better business model than relying on the kindness of others. Already we see TWiT being forced to call in Christina Warren, Inhatko, Ritchie and other TWiT contractors to be This Week in Tech guests. The impact of TNSS on This Week in Tech is a further reduction in guests as tech journalists try and avoid the badgering to do free segments for TNSS. He already fired Chad for not getting good guests who is the next whipping boy?

(Should  the 4th sexiest person in tech ask for a raise?)

Keep the ban going!
Keep the ban going!

Is it time to zip up the body bag on this show and maybe roll the dice on a Padre toy helicopter show instead? We doubt Leo will cancel this show and we predict a pig-headed stubbornness in the vain of, his choice of TNT host, to win out over reason. But…..

Self Love
SelfLove, Ever see him happier?

Folks, Leo needs help and he can’t ask his fans so I will be his voice. Can anyone offer some advice in the comments on how we can save this show?

*Now, why does Padre start three/fourths of his sentences with the word “now” when he does his 1920’s radio voice?

39 thoughts on “The New Screen Savers is Officially a Monumental Failure”

  1. You idiot, regardless of it shows up on top 10 or how many YouTube videos they get. Neither of those things prove that it is a failure. Did you not see how many advertisers they had last week? Grow up

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    1. When TWiT was the #1 show on iTunes we couldn’t stop hearing about it because Leo mentioned it literally every single week. The truth is obvious: they were a big fish in a very small pond. The pond got bigger and now they’re plankton.

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    2. @Joe You don’t understand how advertising works in podcasts and it is even more convoluted at TWiT.
      I feel comfortable proclaiming that less views equals less money. I feel comfortable saying the show is constantly dropping in views.
      If you are more comfortable with #soup lies about money and viewership tune in to This week in TWiT on Wednesdays. You will hear about monthly meet-ups and also sorts of great things. You will hear about Dickie D’ being on Screen Savers and even Steve Wozniak. Drink it while its cold.

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    3. Leo had, past tense, always claimed there would be no more than one ad per 30 minutes of show time or no more than 3 ads total per show. That is no longer true, hince show run lengths of over two hours at times. Most ads are sold(booked) at the CPM of around $70 per thousand views( per many Leo explanations on the TWiT ad model), if the viewer count goes down, then the only way to generate a revenue increase is to run more ads. If you go back a listen to the very first Net @ Night with Leo and Amber, Dell was a sponsor, but I’ll bet it was structured so Leo got paid for every unit Dell sold via the ad and not total viewer count. Notice how most advertisers hang on for several months then bail, whereas in the early days a sponsor would be a year to year deal, like Astro on SN. Leo had always claimed that TWiT ad sponsers would mostly be tech related but for the past two or so years we have seen the switch over to mostly non tech related ads.

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    1. I saw Brushwood last night on Fool Us and did not realize it was THE Brushwood until Cynic posted the link! Thanks but the trick was rather lame. He never showed the serial # or name on the bill. Brian should not give up his day job!

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  2. I was somewhat enjoying it up until the creepy Sarah Lane episode. Leo was basically a lech the whole show. After that, I just lost interest and when Leo went on vacation and Padre was going to be hosting ANOTHER show, I was like “Nope.” I literally don’t listen to any TWiT shows any more. No prep before the show, no real knowledge of anything, just mass-produced “get something out on X subject” crap. Goodbye TWiT.

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    1. Leo’s refusal to prepare killed a lot of shows. Traiangulation is the main victim of his laziness. TWiG audiences just waste a small amount of time watching him read articles. TNSS watchers will see #Soup pretend to be funny and entertaining as he reads his shitty cards. SN, WW and MBW don’t really suffer because he does nothing on those programs anyway, it’s not even noticed.

      I listen live to shows because of convenience at work but honestly I would never download a show anymore. The shows are not good 7 out of 10 times so it stops me from downloading. It never feels like you miss out if you miss content anymore.

      The interesting thoughtful discussion is rare.

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  3. Even though I often comment on this website and bash TWIT, I’m still a fan. Like many, I’m just sick of TWIT spiralling down the toilet with no regard for its real fans – hence my presence here. I still watch Macbreak Weekly, AAA and WW regularly and sometimes catch TWIT if the guests are people I can stomach.

    But TNSS… I listened to the first show, and haven’t downloaded or watched even a 30 second segment of that turd since. I almost checked out the Sarah Lane episode, but I honestly just found something better in my Pocketcasts list at the time and never considered it again.

    I watch the Crunch Report at my desk every lunch hour and Love it. I’ve discovered a whole bunch of new podcasts that I love and TWIT is becoming irrelevant to me.

    If you told me a year ago, that I would be clicking on Pointless Podcast, or Android Central or Android Police podcasts (3 quick examples at the top of my head) before I caught up on my TWIT shows, I would have called you a liar. I considered myself a pretty regular TWIT listener – and if I’m any example of how a regular TWIT listener is transitioning away from TWIT… TWIT is in major trouble.

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  4. This is a good post, more like this.

    I have alot of problems with TWIT, one of them being that they keep trying this TV model over and over again. But people consume this media while doing other things, not like TV.

    To @joe I think Leo has mentioned before that just because a show has an ad doesn’t mean that ad was bought for that show. Like if FLOSS Weekly had a Blue Apron ad it doesn’t mean that Blue Apron bought the ad for FLOSS Weekly. I’m not sure of the economics of how that works, maybe someone can fill us in?

    I think what it comes down to is that TNSS is just not that good, at its best its uninspired and lifeless.

    Also, has anyone checked out the views of TWIT on youtube? Why are they so incredibly low?

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    1. To do well on YouTube they would need to edit it. Remove the intro, network logo and ads from the beginning. Then go through the episode and cut it down to the facts and funny bits, a 180-minute show could probably be cut to a 20-minute highlight reel. Then add a segment at the end where they answer comments from the previous YouTube video. If they have to include ads then use the ones from the beginning and insert them through the show (their ‘normal’ ads are way too long and it’s jarring to see a host read ads).

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  5. I don’t mind your TWiT ribbing, but when you post a screenshot to illustrate that TNSS is failing because of low YouTube views, then show a picture of TWiT as the number 4 podcast in the iTunes charts, and then show a picture of the TWiT YouTube with a view count as low as the TNSS videos, you’re not making a very convincing argument.

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  6. They are not the #4 show. That list shows them as the #4 show in tech and you need to look at the shows they are in a league with in their category. They are getting rated on par with shows that are side projects, like iMore.

    “This Week in Tech” and “TNT” used to be in the OVERALL top 100 shows.

    Sidenote: You also need to understand that being number 5 in tech video is much less downloads than being #20 in tech MP3 downloads because of the overall interest in video being much less than MP3.

    Shows like TNSS that are video centric should have a much higher view count (on YouTube) than an equally successfully audio-centric show. That is why shows like the Ipad Today and iFive do better in video (comparatively) than say TWiG. There are many factors in charts. Apple shows do better in iTunes and Android does well on Stitcher. Trends also play a huge role. You need to watch all the charts diligently to see what is up.

    The pictures were snippets of information.

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  7. The brick house is not being utilized to its full potential. They over spent on all that studio space that is hardly used. They had much lower costs at the old cottage when they were primarily a audio network . I also think the quality of shows are not that good in recent months.
    My advice, Hire a real CEO and producers that can get guests and produce shows that are more cutting edge.

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  8. I think Leo really has to consider hiring a CEO at some point. The mistress thing was fun but it’s getting a little scary. Firing people and cutting out locations and festivals is great for saving money, but in the long run the company has been ruined. Putting banner ads on the site and selling shirts is not what CEOs do.

    It’s a shame because they really did a great job with some of their hires. Tom, Brian, Justin etc were real finds.

    Could a real CEO help at this point? Maybe

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  9. I can’t remember anything interesting in the last few TNSS episodes. The first couple were decent.

    I want to like it, but once the in-house TWiT crew started hosting it’s been pretty forgettable.

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    1. Funny, as I was reading over the comments, your comment is almost exactly what I was thinking as well. I watched the first 1 or 2 then I missed one and thought, I’m not missing any thing. It just seams like a bunch random BS put together and call it a show. I think leo was trying to stick it to the man when he wanted “The New Screen Savers” but for the most, its not very interesting. Much like all the show seem to be going. Everyone and there dog is doing tech, and leo does not have anything interesting to talk about, he just likes praise his sponsors (when they are paying him) as well as gloat and toot his own horn and he’s horribly out of tune.

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  10. You guys just don’t get this site, what with your reasonable arguments and thoughtful criticism.
    Therefore Helloworld will be along shortly to tell you all to Eat A Dick™ and to tell you how ugly every female on the TWiT ntwork is.

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  11. Personally, I’d love to have those YTube views after a month on any of my channels but hen again I’m not dropping thousands of dollars on every episode in a million dollar facility.

    In other words, a guy that sits at his desk and gives an opinion on servers is able to pull at least 100K views and ol’ Leo can’t seem to crack 50K.

    TWIT has no content because it no longer has any talent as such it also has no views.

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  12. This show is a culmination of ten years of half-assed work on Leo’s part. He’s emotionally invested, such as it is. He’ll cancel half of the other shows before he cancels this one.

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    1. Game On is the show to compare it to. TNSS is the most expensive show to create since Game On.

      However, the big difference is that they now won’t hire JRY to write and two hosts whom they need yo pay. Instead they mostly use in-house (free) staff, favors from friends and Leo. Maybe the first few episodes they paid Patrick, Sarah and Martin but those days are gone.

      The show now wastes a lot of people’s times and no way will it generate the 50K downloads Game On did.

      Finally, Game On was growing, this show is shrinking. The CEO couldn’t nurture Game On to make money, but is she is adept at cutting costs on shows like TNSS. You won’t see Martin, Webb, Abuse victim or any of those people again.

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  13. Leo is a washed up DJ that tried to fit in the tech community , unlike most real geeks & IT guys who continue to stay up on the latest tech, Leo doesn’t prep or research any thing, what little computer & tech knowledge he learned 10 years ago ,to the average folk Leo looked & sounded quite tech savey.
    Well those days are long gone, I’m pretty sure my grandmother is more informed (with an unbiased view) of the latest & greatest Tech today.
    Unlike this fat overstuffed arrogant know it all pig we use to call
    Mr Laporte
    if you guys play back segments when Miss Lane was on TNSS few weeks back , it was pretty clear Leo was abusing the favor of a past host working for free in order to help out an ” abusive friend”.
    To have the balls to ask folks (hosts) to drive a few hours only to work for another 2-3 hours up to the Shit House on the weekend for no
    pay or travel expense offered and rub it in your going on a 3week European vacation no expenses spared takes balls and arrogance .
    If it was me I would have drove up , walked in and said, Opps sorry Leo I forgot it’s my day off I’m going home, unless you want me to stay after you pay me first

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  14. I think you guys are pretty out there bothering to vent such hate, but I will say…I don’t like Christina Warren. She monopolizes the conversation and doesn’t let people get a word in.

    Glad this venus is here so I can share.

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    1. Did Leo ever show the letter on camera or just claim they received one? I’m wondering if it was made up in an attempt to generate some publicity.

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      1. I dont believe Leo ever showed the letter, I’m sure his crack legal team would have directed Leo not to show the letter, but then again, the crack legal team would have directed Leo not to expose his dick pic

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  15. Show #1: 30,273 views*

    Show #2: 23,129 views*

    Show #3: 13,446 views*

    Show #4: 15,368 views*

    Show #5: 11,688 views*

    Show #6: 11,057 views*

    Show #7: 9,772 views*

    Show #8: 8,035 views*

    Show #9: 7,258 views*

    Show #10: 5,106 views*

    Show #11: 4,207 views*


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  16. The problem with the ScreenSavers show is that it goes on toooooooooo longgggggggg. It is ramblinggggggggg…. It needs to be cut down to a concise & extremely content filled 30 minutes & end it. In its current form it is exhausting to watch or listen to in its entirety. THAT is a problem.

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  17. @Supportive Critic
    You are right, but they have no one at TWiT who is allowed to make decisions besides Leo, it is probably even difficult to offer thoughts as you just did.
    If I was CEO and someone like you said that, I would thank you. It is an excellent point and you’re probably right. It would be tighter show, more apt to be downloaded and they could cut out the crap.

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  18. TNSS is a waste. If you never watched it (as I didn’t), there is no value from reminiscence. It’s just another show like all the rest. I saw two of them and stopped. I have not yet lost faith in Leo. I must blame his poor logic on his advisors, mainly his new wife (whom I do not know).

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