Balanced Reporting

We here at #TotalDrama take our responsibility as journalists very seriously. We do not take sides on issues and pride ourselves on our motto of “Just the Facts.” We recently received disturbing feedback from some fans that said our in-depth reporting on Father Robert Ballecer has made them question their faith. Our staff was called … Continue reading Balanced Reporting

TWiT taking bids from Petaluma contractors

TWiT HQ needs at least $278,000 worth of work to shore up the foundation due to the massive weight gain of at least two staffers. In response to the emergency, TWiT has put out a call to Petaluma-area contractors for competitive bids on a large-scale renovation project at the network’s headquarters. Sources inside the embattled studio facilities of … Continue reading TWiT taking bids from Petaluma contractors

The insanity of PadreSJ

This post will be updated from time to time but I had to get something up quickly during the early days of this blog.

Father Robert Ballecer is a longtime TWiT contributor and one of the biggest (fattest) fucks on the planet.

His loathsome “radio voice” is the scourge of TWiT livestream viewers from California to Rhode Island. Steve Gibson, TWiT’s own security expert, openly mocked his religious collar as a “costume” and questioned why he even wears it. Video links and further commentary to follow shortly.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to contribute to this post. There are many sides of Padre that have yet to be explored. Ug.

Here’s an example of his ridiculous “humor”:

At certain times Padre is gross. Other times he’s disgusting. I guess one could say that Padre vacillates between disgusting and gross about, oh, 100 percent of the time. God is watching you Padre. And she is not pleased.



WHY DOES THIS BLOG EXIST? The founding of this blog is rooted in the deep need to get the #truth out about what is happening at the once-great TWiT enterprise. Much as Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned, TWiT founder Leo Laporte grows lazy and ignores his empire. We at #drama are of the fond notion that by … Continue reading FAQ

TWiT Teams up with Scrotum Shaving Sponsor “Manscaped”

As many of you have reported, TWiT has continued their advertising ascent, this time landing the much-coveted pubic hair and scrotum shaving company “Manscaped”. This seems to be in line with previous sponsors such as Roman, the erectile dysfunction company, and current mattress sponsor Casper. So now you can ejaculate on your mattress in style … Continue reading TWiT Teams up with Scrotum Shaving Sponsor “Manscaped”

Leo Laporte Says He Will Never Have an App and Wasted $85,000

Leo Laporte measures things in tens of thousands of dollars. Some examples: $22,000 cruises. $350,000 website. Previously, he claimed they had spent $60,000 on apps and had nothing to show for it. Leo now claims they’re $15,000 or $25,000 — because who can be sure about a $10,000 price difference — further in the hole, … Continue reading Leo Laporte Says He Will Never Have an App and Wasted $85,000

Leo Laporte Takes a Shit On Live Viewers Again

Leo Laporte’s tumor may be spreading to his brain. He took to his live stream yesterday — before TWiG (This Week in Troll Talk) — to discuss his most ardent of fans, the live stream viewers and IRC chatters. Did he praise them and thank them for their continued support even as he downsized into … Continue reading Leo Laporte Takes a Shit On Live Viewers Again