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Leo Laporte Bans John C. Dvorak from TWiT for Expressing His Opinions Elsewhere

Update 6: Leo is delusional and/or deceiving the sheep by giving something to <@ScooterX> to paste in #twitlive to when they mute or kickban dissenters.

Update 5: We can’t even.

Update 4: Adam Curry responded to Leo’s “surrender.” #soup

JCD won’t be back:

Update 3: Leo “surrendered“. We hope John never goes back to kiss the ring after all the insults Leo lobbed at him.

Update 2: Leo responded on The Tech Guy, further trash-talking John C. Dvorak. He added that “all John does is just set fires,” he “has his own little troll army,” “he isn’t interested in technology,” and the real reason for the banning: not respecting the advertisers.

Update 1: Leo blocked John C. Dvorak on twitter.

John updated No Agenda Newsletter subscribers via his mailing list. You may read that update for more details.

The honeymoon is over, it appears.
The honeymoon is over, it appears.
Esteemed bag of lard Leo Laporte has finally had enough of the man he has secretly (and not-so-secretly) reviled for a long time: John C. Dvorak. Thanks to many eagle-eyed readers for sending this in as a tip.

It would appear that expressing opinions elsewhere about Ahmed, the clock disassembler-and-reassembler (maker?), is enough to get you blacklisted from TWiT now.

Relevant No Agenda Clip – 17 Minutes

We made lots of screenshots, so let us know if any of these disappear and we’ll replace them with images of the deleted tweets.

War Against Us

Telling #Truth is not popular in all quarters. To see just to which length some sick individual will go, you don’t have to look much further than Robert Ballecer’s twitter account. Our previous article documents his lies and intimidation attempts where he mistakenly thinks that photoshopping my face out of a picture (although very creepy) would prevent us from exposing his perverted ways.

Others tried more direct approach. This is an email that has been sent to our hosting provider in an apparent attempt to take #TotalDrama down:

I stumbled upon this post when looking up a colleague: 
Get yourself together, girl
I clicked around the website and noticed some posts were harassing:
Lisa wears a skirt for one reason only
Others are defaming.
Lights Curiously Out on One Particular Dropcam
Petaluma is not the picturesque paradise that Laporte purports
The WHOIS shows the site hosted on a Digital Ocean server at Is this allowed? Concerned, Susan Peterson

Good thing our hosting provider values free speech more than an attempted by a random internet troll to shut us down.