War Against Us

Telling #Truth is not popular in all quarters. To see just to which length some sick individual will go, you don’t have to look much further than Robert Ballecer’s twitter account. Our previous article documents his lies and intimidation attempts where he mistakenly thinks that photoshopping my face out of a picture (although very creepy) would prevent us from exposing his perverted ways.

Others tried more direct approach. This is an email that has been sent to our hosting provider in an apparent attempt to take #TotalDrama down:

I stumbled upon this post when looking up a colleague: 

I clicked around the website and noticed some posts were harassing: 

Others are defaming. 

The WHOIS shows the site hosted on a Digital Ocean server at

Is this allowed?


Susan Peterson

Good thing our hosting provider values free speech more than an attempted by a random internet troll to shut us down.

5 thoughts on “War Against Us”

  1. Facts:
    1) refers to Lyndsey Turrentine as a “colleague”
    2) no understanding of harassment or defamation
    3) particularly offended about CEHo ladybits post
    4) particularly offended about #soup self gratification post
    5) particularly offended about #soup is a peeping perv post
    6) Used a female alias
    7) limited understanding of internet hosting

    I have my guess

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