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Balanced Reporting

Impartial #truth
Impartial #truth

We here at #TotalDrama take our responsibility as journalists very seriously. We do not take sides on issues and pride ourselves on our motto of “Just the Facts.” We recently received disturbing feedback from some fans that said our in-depth reporting on Father Robert Ballecer has made them question their faith.

The Subject of Debate, Plump PadreSJ

Our staff was called in for (yet another) emergency meeting and decided to deliver the following statement:  “Due to circumstances beyond our control, a large percentage of our reporting focused negatively on an individual associated with the Church. It was never our intent to affect peoples faith so we will attempt to rectify this matter.”

Perfect From Any Angle. Photo Courtesy of instagram.com/melody

In an effort to balance the lack of faith in a greater power we offer you a vision of something clearly celestial.  Five billion years of evolution is not enough time to craft this.
I present, God’s greatest achievement to date: Sarah Lane from the back. Trust me. You want to click this image.