TWiT taking bids from Petaluma contractors

Petaluma city officials are considering shuttering TWiT HQ until staff loses weight.

TWiT HQ needs at least $278,000 worth of work to shore up the foundation due to the massive weight gain of at least two staffers. In response to the emergency, TWiT has put out a call to Petaluma-area contractors for competitive bids on a large-scale renovation project at the network’s headquarters.

Sources inside the embattled studio facilities of Leo Laporte’s dwindling network, said that the requested quote involves stabilizing the foundation as well as replacing the floorboards. It is said that the creaking structure is soon feared not to be able to support the combined weight of TWiT staff and could result in a “catastrophic and potentially deadly collapse.”

Due to the year-over-year weight gain of founder Leo Laporte, Father Robert Ballecer and other contributors, the basement will be completely filled in with concrete as to provide a solid footing; otherwise the Petaluma Building and Safety Department is planning on shutting the entire building, which would result in a total work stoppage on Keller Street. The only hope, said city officials, is for Leo and Padre to both lose at least 200 lbs.

Bids are due by August 30 and TWiT CEHo Lisa Kentzell is expected to announce the start of work shortly thereafter.

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