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Leo Laporte Takes a Shit On Live Viewers Again

Lisa Kentzell Laporte Stomping on Engineer in a Manly Pose
Lisa Kentzell Laporte Stomping on Engineer in a Manly Pose

Leo Laporte’s tumor may be spreading to his brain. He took to his live stream yesterday — before TWiG (This Week in Troll Talk) — to discuss his most ardent of fans, the live stream viewers and IRC chatters.

Did he praise them and thank them for their continued support even as he downsized into the Shoebox Studio? No. He insulted them as he’s done again and again.

He was very angry at some of his fans asking for the schedule to be more accurate. Instead of changing the schedule to reflect when he actually plans to record, his plan is now to insult those people and add wording to the site that says — pretty much — “go fuck yourself if you’re using this for any type of planning.”

An Aside

It doesn’t deserve its own post, but “Geoff Noodles” commented/asked:

They had the biggest change to the network in the last 5 years on Sunday and your guys haven’t said anything about it? Too busy trying to repost your lame videos?

This site is a fucking joke now. You guys might think they’re dying, but this site seems to be dying a hell of a lot faster.

Bye, Felicia.

Thanks for the question, Geoff. Yes, thanks to fraudulent DMCA claims from multiple Gmail accounts on behalf of TWiT, they’ve figured out a good censorship strategy there. They took down the Duke Masterschlong account, NYCritic, and many others. They haven’t taken down Erik Lanigan’s yet, but after what they did to him, a little DMCA won’t even tickle Leo or Yoko’s conscience.

In short, yes, Geoff, we are a little busy working on new infrastructure. We would like to thank Leo and Yoko for pushing us to set up our own CDN and viewing infrastructure, which we are still working on. The video above and a few others are currently hosted from a temporary location.

There will be a video relating to the move to the Shoebox Studios later. Thanks again, Geoff!