The insanity of PadreSJ

This post will be updated from time to time but I had to get something up quickly during the early days of this blog.

Father Robert Ballecer is a longtime TWiT contributor and one of the biggest (fattest) fucks on the planet.

His loathsome “radio voice” is the scourge of TWiT livestream viewers from California to Rhode Island. Steve Gibson, TWiT’s own security expert, openly mocked his religious collar as a “costume” and questioned why he even wears it. Video links and further commentary to follow shortly.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to contribute to this post. There are many sides of Padre that have yet to be explored. Ug.

Here’s an example of his ridiculous “humor”:

At certain times Padre is gross. Other times he’s disgusting. I guess one could say that Padre vacillates between disgusting and gross about, oh, 100 percent of the time. God is watching you Padre. And she is not pleased.


One thought on “The insanity of PadreSJ”

  1. How is there anything wrong with him telling a child to go get some candy? I’m really at a loss here on most of these posts. I’ve been a long time fan but tried to keep an open mind when someone sent me here. It reads more like a bitter former employee. Most of the posts I’ve read are subjective at best.

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