Father Robert Ballecer thinks that raping women is funny

Father Robert Ballecer, Man of God
Fr. Robert Ballecer, Man of God

Just in time for Christmas, this delightful video comes to light of Jesuit priest (and supposed man of God) Father Robert Ballecer laughing at rape jokes about women—in particular the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” song. Watch the video to see just how far the Fat Mexican Clown Priest takes this concept and gleefully chuckles at the real-life horror that millions of women worldwide have suffered throughout the centuries.

The editorial board at Total Drama does not think rape is funny and only shares this with you so that you may know the true depths to which Father Robert Ballecer has sunk. It’s one thing for the fatass Leo Laporte to lie down with pigs, but it’s entirely inappropriate and disgusting for a Jesuit priest who lives with children to deal in this type of filth. This video is provided as a public service in case any of our readers would like to reach out to the Jesuits and see if Father Robert Ballecer can be fired for his lighthearted attitude toward rape or at the very least prevent him from ever being near children again.

78 thoughts on “Father Robert Ballecer thinks that raping women is funny”

    1. What people miss out here on is the simple fact that Leo’s operation is toxic and incredibly soulless. Leo singing and playing pocket pool and horn dogging over everything results in weak-willed followers like the fat priest to act similarly to “please uncle Leo” who is a clear psycho.

      This network needs to live lest Leo become a serial killer.

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    1. It not helpful to women when men value them only for their appearance and only describe them in terms of their physical appearance and in harsh, ugly sexist language and when men call them old when they are only in their 30’s. All of that is not rape but it contributes to the culture of rape. Something to think about, Holden.

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  1. Leo the Psychopath has indeed surrounded himself with sick twisted weak douche bags who worship and enable his fucked up behavior. This organization is a complete train wreck. If TWiT still exists in 6 months I’d be shocked.

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  2. Wow how can the father be taken seriously as a man of the cloth, is he just trying to be cool and impress to make LL laugh? Both of them feed off each other’s creep factor in perfect disgusting harmony. Utterly disgusting, abhorrent and disturbing!

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    1. Bullshit. We’ve all seen pics of both you and of Lisa. She’s clearly the aggressor. Maybe years back when you were mentally on top of your game and physically pre-soup buckets the two of you might have been equals but now you’ve let yourself devolve into a bloated target victim.

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  3. Maybe “the church” higher uppers need to see some of these videos,
    I’m pretty sure the TD staff can collage a few damming videos of the fat fucks together and send them out.

    Leo LaCunt since your on TD creeping almost daily, here’s my weekly salutations for you.

    FUCK YOU you fat fuck
    see your health is failing
    too bad

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    1. I never understood how a Catholic priest has that much time outside of the church to do work that has absolutely nothing to do with his vocation. Did he not take a vow to serve the church? Maybe Lay-O has managed to brain wash Father Bob into thinking that he is the Pope and he must only serve him and the TWIT cult.

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          1. Leo always says he pays the church for Padre to be there, but with his record of telling some pretty shocking lies (including the fantastic one about how TotalDrama “Photoshopped” a live video to insert a photo of his dick) I don’t believe a word that comes out of Leo’s mouth.

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          2. Lol, yes padre is very expensive.
            The church leases priests to make money?
            That is Soup’s story. Does it make sense?

            The Church pays for his food and shelter with good Catholics donations to work for Leo who donates 20K to the church? The Church is getting ripped off.

            How devoted is Padre? The guy did not just do TWiET, BYB, C101 and KH for Leo. He also begged Leo to do some of the editing and those annoying prerecords that everyone hates.

            This guy wants to be internet famous so badly. His weirdo personality where he dances and sings/raps between shows and talks to the fans is a sad imitation of Leo. He still does tasks for the church but his free time he also devotes to Leo. He is a dog for Leo.

            When Leo cancelled his show, he offered to do 2 shows of KH a week. This should ensure even know-how fans get sick of it and even that show will be canned. Even with free labor his shows are being canned. D you realize how pathetic that is? He can’t make money for them. Rent doesn’t go town, salary doesn’t go down, all he saves is an hours time of a TD and…..

            It’s too late but now Leo realizes padre is not a star. Maybe on a big network he could host a show and fit in, like in 2013. However, having Gum and Padre carry a network. Yowzers boing.

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      1. I think Padre has permission from the Jesuits to work with Leo as a way to portray the Jesuits to the public in a positive way, a marketing thing if you will. Maybe he needs some time off, from the looks of things

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      1. It’s not that we haven’t heard that excuse, it’s the it makes no sense. The only thing he is spreading is an image of a gluttonous, petty, drone-obsessed piece of shit.

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  4. What a stupid post. And yup, it’s helloworld again. I think your mouth is so full of dicks you can’t see what you’re typing.

    You make wrong conclusions, insult them for their weight, and worst of all, you’re completely boring, unfunny, and uninteresting. Stick that Oxford comma in your mouth and eat it.

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  5. Ok wow… I have to say that I am utterly ultra shocked, and stunned that he went there with that kind of humor.

    I am actually someone that normally defends Leo, and his hosts on this website… but for this incident, I have to say that my jaw was literally hanging open in shock here.

    Here we have a Catholic priest who is repeatedly trivializing rape (which is a moment of devastating and profound suffering, that destroys many people emotionally) just to get a few cheap laughs?

    Wow… like I said I’m stunned. I just can’t believe Father Ballecer went there. When he appears on TWIT network as a priest (he wears his collar, and he mentions many times that he is there as a priest), he is supposed to be representing a higher state of enlightenment and example for us to follow.

    How can someone in his position think it is a good idea to make such flippant jokes that envoke metaphors of rape?

    I actually like Father Ballecer… so this is a pretty huge shock, and let down for me.


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  6. Leo was creepier than Padre in the clip. But they were both pretty creepy. A person who is ceepier than both of them by an order of magnitude, though, is someone who accuses another of molesting children without proof.

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  7. Isn’t it clear by now that when Leo and his team say one thing they mean the exact opposite? Leo goes on about how his shows are “family oriented” and then proceeds to curse, spout sexually explicit remarks on air, is frequently caught sexting while on air, is disgraceful towards the female members of his staff & constantly revealing his perverted photo collections and online sex toy ordering habits. Clearly Leo loves RAPE and everything about it. Rape is a major turn on for creeps like this. It’s the ultimate masturbation fantasy for all the TWiT boys.

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  8. When I watch the clip I see someone “group laughing” along at the Boss’s unfunny joke that goes on and on. I would cut him a little bit of slack on this one.

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    1. You’re exactly right, but that group laughter thing is itself nasty when the ass kissers are going along with the boss’s shit that someone with a backbone would not go along with.

      Leo does this thing where his laughter builds or gets steam from his own laughter and it gets louder and he gets more carried away. Some sort of a demented closed loop thing. One of the main reasons I stopped watching him since I don’t get “hate watching.”

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  9. Just for the record, the classic duet from the ’30’s, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” is about romantic seduction not rape.

    The duet was performed last year on SNL by Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong. There were no objections.

    It is performed on Bill Murray’s HBO Christmas special this year. No one objected.

    James Taylor released a version featuring Natalie Cole on his “James Taylor at Christmas album.” < From Wikipedia

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    1. For the record, the Friar Double Tuck thought it was a ‘rapey’ song, and was having a jolly good time laughing with Leo about
      it. Instead of laughing, he should have told his fellow lard ass to zip it. Can’t say I’m surprised though considering the depth of misogyny and pedoophila/child abuse that exists within religious circles.

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    2. First off, I am a married heterosexual woman (so keep that in mind as you read my comments)

      To MovedOn,
      Thank you for finally saying this!
      I am so tired of hearing that this is a song about rape.

      This song has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with rape.

      It is the ‘dance’ between a man begging for a woman to have sex with him, and her ‘decision’ whether she wants to do it or not, essentially, make a man chase you until you catch him. In fact, in the lyrics the ‘male’ part is listed as ‘the wolf’ and the ‘female’ is listed as ‘the mouse’. I’ve always thought the ‘female’ should be the cat, and the ‘male’ should be the mouse, because she’s clearly toying with him.
      If you’re interested in a very torturous version, go find Lady Gaga & Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing it. Now, that version is very rapey. She is singing the ‘male’ part. Oy! I don’t like her and I doubt that I ever will. She’s not subtle and just can’t sing. (I don’t want to hear about the oscars–sheesh–a lot of people could do that if I had 6 months of vocal training, and she did.) You should see how she acts with poor Tony Bennett, practically slinging him around like a toy, all the while trying to legitimize herself as a proper (not just pop) singer. It’s nice to think that when you get old, you might be someone’s personal accessory.
      Also, this song was before the time of rufis, people tend to forget that.

      To LaporkeOnAFork,
      I’ve read this article previously and what you may not realize is that today’s feminists are a whining bunch of crybabies willing to carry on about anything & everything that they can think of!
      (I think that there is a difference between men and women. For the record, I’m a first wave feminist, possibly second wave, certainly in line with Camille Paglia.)
      So right back at you with a link: Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues (http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303997604579240022857012920)

      Oh, yes ‘rape culture’…boo hoo! I can’t walk down the street in the tight jeans and tight t-shirt without someone saying something to me. Try walking down the street in a full-body covering burka (or at least something very shape covering or obfuscating, not sheer and in no way sexy) and when they cat-call you, then I’ll listen.

      You know what rape culture is, being raped and then the rapist getting away with it.
      And you know what else rape culture is, it’s being raped and then not having your rape kit processed and then the rapist goes on to rape a lot more women, and you’re left traumatized forever. Or better yet, being asked to PAY for you rape kit to be processed.
      BTW, all those things have happened, a lot.


      As to the clip, someone commented this previously, but it bears repeating: everyone is standing around laughing at the boss making an extremely crude and offensive joke and he just goes on and on. I would guess that the laughter comes more from nervous embarrassment than anything else. (Dear God, please let this stop! must have been going through their minds.)

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘what is wrong with this man?’ I mean this in as a very serious psychological question. Maybe his previous wife was as much his keeper as his wife.

      Now, there are a lot of posts & comments on this site that range from the clearly influenced by rabid 3rd wave feminism (i.e., crybaby feminism as I call it) to just out right abuse. To these 2 extremes, I say the following:


      You’re not doing yourself any favors in the long run. I’m sure that women (such as me) are rare because I haven’t been brain damaged by the current feminist theory. I’m not a doormat, nor am I man neuterer. And I can certainly see why MGTOW is becoming a thing now, because if I were a man I’d be right there with them.

      I think that this site serves a very important purpose. Clearly there is a lot of satire, and also good info, but unfortunately, you just go too far sometimes, in fact many times. And when it comes to women, both the posts & comments go way too far, and far too often.

      For example, both my husband and I laughed about MaryJo Foley, Paul Thurrott and that other guy all having the same hair on one show (shortly before your post) and I may have even been the one to point it out. But then you just kept going on about MJF, and the funny stopped.
      Like with all art, you have to know when to stop.

      Let the nasty replies begin…

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    1. Alcohol is a hell of a drug!

      I’m so sick of this millennial shit. You’re not a millennial if you were in freaking middle school when the 21st century came around.

      I guess in this instance millennial is just a byword for a vapid, social media obsessed turd…

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  10. Anyone notice the hypocrisy of hello eagerly joining (when it suits his purposes to do so) the humorless, radical feminists in misinterpreting an innocent song but (in last weeks’s post) displaying faux-outrage at the same humorless radical feminists for being critical of a funny harmless SNL sketch about a dopey female tech journo?

    You can’t have it both ways unless your agenda is irresponsible character assasination of anyone on TWiT or who appears on TWiT (Film_Girl) and you assume that few will notice the smoke and mirrors.

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  11. Leo’s audience is the RIPOFF crowd. RIPOFF stands for Rich idiots over fifty five. To the industry he is nothing more than a phone peddler. He is also not as famous as he would like to believe himself to be. Ask any person that doesn’t hover over a computer or phone because they actually work for a living and they say “Who the heck is Leo Laporte?” Leo is a nobody, that’s why after 30 years in the business he finds himself jealous of others. He is jealous of others because after 30 years in the business he is still nothing more than a product peddler.

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    1. He isn’t a nobody in the tech world. He is a nobody outside of the tech world. He is a peddler of phones. He used to be jealous of Kevin Rose’s success and others 1/2 his age when I first saw Leo in the old cottage. It was pathetic.

      But now he is rich. He came up with his own Digg that got him on a level, more or less, with Kevin. He feels like he is sitting on top of the world with his new wife, big new internet connected house, extravagent cruises. Now it’s TD people who are jealous. Of Leo. But of course they won’t admit it. I do feel, though, for those who tipped his tip jar, donated a ridiculous brick or otherwise subsidized his life of conspicuous consumption. THEY have a right to be upset. Thank God I never gave him a penny or bought monthly underpants by mail or any of the other absurd shit he hawks.

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      1. Or the stupid bricks. Why does ANYONE give him ANY money as a donation? He hawks crap and gets paid by the advertisers to hawk their shit no matter how bad. Has anyone even tried that Nature Box garbage?

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      2. We’re not jealous. We admire his scam he’s running on morons — selling bed sheets and meditation apps while doing zero actual work. Does that mean we shouldn’t cover the meltdown? Eat a dick.

        It does show you can make money by being a terrible person. That doesn’t mean we want to be in his medical equipment beetus shoes.

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    1. But that’s the whole idea. Denigrate by false description with racist or misogynist innuendo and w. unsubstantiated accusations and then shed crocodile tears of outrage when others do the same thing. A small group of lamers fall for it. Who are these lamers? Ones who think it’s cool to reply with “Eat a dick.”

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      FAT because he’s size 3xl and counting.

      MEXICAN because he looks and acts and pretends to be from south of the US border.

      CLOWN because he is a”fake” and everything he does is for spectacle.

      PRIEST because of his “vocation”.

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