There will be no police report because Father Robert Ballecer is a liar

Father Robert Ballecer is a liar. He lies about all sort of things.

Yesterday, Father Robert Ballecer, a Man of God, lied about his mother’s cellphone being stolen from a hospital. He even tweeted about it:

But we don’t have to even wonder for one second if Father Robert Ballecer is lying about this. We know he is. Do you want to know why we know that Father Robert Ballecer is lying about this? Here’s why: There will be no police report. Normally, a police report would be filed in such a case, a clear case of theft from a woman lying in a hospital. A clear cut case that would—as a matter of course—be both the domain of the hospital and local law enforcement. But instead of availing himself and his family of those services, Father Robert Ballecer chose to take to Twitter. He took to Twitter to lie; to lie about his mother’s “stolen” cellphone.

Father Robert Ballecer is a liar. There is no police report. There will never be a police report. Because at least Father Robert Ballecer knows enough to not lie to the police. But he will lie to Twitter.

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  1. This doesn’t make him a liar I know alot of cops won’t even waste their time with such a low value item. Hell my work was even broken into and a vending machine wash busted open and we got the guy on tap and got his license and cops didn’t bother to arrest because lack of resources. Cops ain’t going to bother with a cellphone they have no info on who even took it.

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    1. It’s still prudent to make a report so that if the item is recovered you can may be able to get your stolen property back. It also serves to provide data for crime statistics.

      So he is either stupid, lazy, or lying.

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    1. Less creepy than getting a former ‘student’ to give you a massage and trim your pubes?

      This guy is unbelievable, literally. I think much of his life is make believe.

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    2. Dude, “ultra-violent movies?” Are you for real?

      His organisation is embedded with actual, real-world, man-killing militaries around the world, providing emotional and spiritual support to people being paid to violate their oh-so sacred commandments on a daily basis.

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  2. So, Ballecer is a liar because there won’t be a police report because Ballecer is a liar? That’s some circular reasoning right there.

    The typical Christian passive aggressive holier-than-thou tone of the tweet is more amusing to me.

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    1. Dish: It’s totally fine if you don’t get the repetitive humor in this post. But we are so happy you are here reading and contributing. Please do NOT eat a dick. Everyone else, get your forks out.

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  3. I’m going to keep trying to convince myself Father R. is a good and pious man of God. It’s my belief that he is a changed soul — his virtuous morals and ethics are slowly fading away by his continued exposure to Leo and Lisa. The longer he stays there, the more he becomes like them.
    Having just watched ‘Jessica Jones’ on Netflix, the parallel is pretty clear. There’s a central character, a sociopath, who uses mind control to force others to do horrific things against their will. Then there’s TWIT, where we have the duo of Leo and Lisa, giggling in an office as they proudly use their own mind control technique to turn a man of God against what he believes in.

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    1. We all see how new employees at twit start out as normal people with some semblance of morals, then little by little the soup house mojo starts eroding at their inner soul turning them into mere yes men/women to the soupmeister lol. On another note yesterday’s twit was full of gems…

      1. LL said snoop dog rode a hover board into a late night show as a guest, then he said it was Jaime Fox wtf, no surprise here, he has said in the past “they all look the same”, thanks dude!
      2. After hearing one of the guests eating thru the mic, he said of he was bigoted he would guess that it was O doctah munching away, well it wasn’t, it was one of the other guests. Mind you this guys continually eats and shovels snacks down his gullet while conducting his shows, totally disrespecting his guests and audience. O doctah, why do you keep coming back to do twit, all you get is underhanded insults!
      3. Know it all LL basically was dismissive and downplayed our service men/women and veterans by saying that they are trained to die for each other and not their country, really? How can he speak for those who are willing to sacrifice so much, LL you’re a real piece of work.
      There are other gems but I’ll leave it to others to call him out on them if they wish to.

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      1. Around 25 minutes into TWIT he mentions that he has an app on his phone called IRC Chat that sends him notifications to his phone and watch each time his name is mentioned in the chat room. I don’t know how many notifications he would be getting on an average day but I don’t see the purpose of this unless he’s so paranoid of people bashing/trolling him that he needs to be in the know 24/7.

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      2. re:3

        There are mainly three types of individuals signing up for the military today:

        (1) Sociopaths who figure it’s great getting paid to do what they love.

        (2) Victims of brainwashing who think that flying half way around the world and killing the ‘evil’ guys of the week is in any way relevant to the lives of their fellow countrymen.

        (3) People whose economic means are so limited putting themselves into the danger of bodily harm seems like a reasonable trade off for a steady paycheck and/or higher education.

        I’m all for honouring people conscripted into service, but the reflexive thanking of volunteer service men and women is at least questionable if not downright offensive.

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  4. Thank you for honoring the Cease & Desist order that you will stop comparing the Pedo Priest of Petaluma with Ronald McDonald’s retarded cousin.

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  5. Some might have heard of very serious allegations happening recently, also on Twitter. Here’s a wild idea, how about calling the fucking police instead of tweeting? I mean, they’re probably on their phone already and everything.

    The only people who should fear the police are criminals and those that threaten them.

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  6. Goddammit HelloWorld. Do not allow these schmups cause you to lose your fucking balls. Let them hang and swing as the creator would have it.

    Please Edit.

    Thank You For Your Courage.

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  7. And this guy considers himself an “expert” of technology? Lie
    If someone steals my shit, I have “find my shit” active on said device. I will find them and make them disappear. FMCP is a lazy fuck who can’t spend another 5 minutes setting up his fat Mexican mothers phone? What a joke this idiot “expert” is.

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  8. “Filipino and yes I’ll keep saying it until you dumb asses get it right”

    Hey LOWKAYSHUS, I’ll keep mis-spelling your screen name until you pay attention to the repeated comments that explain the reason TD calls him “Mexican”.

    If you’d paid attention, you’d know that everyone is aware that he’s Filipino, and that regardless of his actual geographic heritage, we all still call him FCMP.

    Don’t call people “dumb asses” – you end up looking stupid. Like a dumb ass, I guess.

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    1. Question of the ages. My guess is it’s because he has been here so long and that “seniority” (more like senility) makes others afraid to cut off his access.

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    2. What started out as a blog and chat for a discussion of the tragic ruination of TWiT and Leo caused by the mind-boggingly horrendous Lisa soon degraded into a cesspool worse than the cesspool it set out to cover. HW is just a symptom of a site that long ago ran out of truthful and relevant material but has felt the need to publish new content anyway.

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