Leo Laporte Gets Called Out on Triangulation for Knowing Nothing About the Guest

The video has been updated due to the great tip from commenter “Me”. Thanks to all our great community members. Be sure to give the video another watch if you watched before the update.

It’s well known that #soup no longer prepares for any show and can’t be bothered to show up on time for any of them anymore either, but he’s usually not called out on it. His obese antics caught Megan Prelinger off guard on Triangulation, however, and she expressed her surprise on the live stream.

He really doesn't give a shit.
He really doesn’t give a shit.
We really can’t believe we’re advising you to do this, but the editorial board at Total Drama encourages you to download or watch the latest Triangulation episode 214. Leo Laporte flips through the author’s book and comments on the pictures, all the way through to the works cited.

Leo “ads will never exceed one per 30 minutes” Laporte slams in three ads into a less than 51 minute episode, all the while knowing nothing about the guest or the subject and reading through the book like a young child would view a Dr. Seuss book. That’s an ad every 17 minutes (including the time it takes to read the ad). It’s a sight to behold and we encourage you watch it; the episode is more ad than content.

Unfortunately, our video content at the top of this post didn’t make it into the published episode, but we archived it for you, dear reader.

And, for what it’s worth, Megan Prelinger had no idea what she was in for and had no clue where she was. She thought she was on This Week in Science, as evidenced in now-deleted tweets.

Poor woman. Tweets have since been deleted by Megan.
Poor woman. Tweets have since been deleted by Megan.

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54 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Gets Called Out on Triangulation for Knowing Nothing About the Guest”

  1. Would TWIT ever retire Triangulation or claim to bring it out only for “special occasions”…I bet they’re using it as another 1 hour show to sell ads on.

    I’m still not convinced there’s not some funny business going on with the download numbers Leo occasionally blurts out.

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    1. The numbers could be accurate. The thing is it wouldn’t be difficult to script constant and multiple episode downloads to boost numbers. A three second download counts just as much as a whole episode. Get a few shady cheap VPS accounts and let them run until the provider shuts it down or the bandwidth is exceeded.

      Then again the morons at TWiT probably couldn’t figure out how to do it. Minus Jason of course.

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    1. I had it running in the background. The clip doesn’t show the part where she asks if he read it, then he points out that he couldn’t find the book and then says the producers couldn’t find it either. I like Triangulation, but ended up turning it off because it was like watching someone failing an exam.

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  3. Unless you’re a complete fuck up, the one show where you want to do some rudimentary research on your guest would be Triangulation, right Tubby?

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  4. This is the typical MO of Leo these days. Because he’s in the “I just show up” and everything is prepared for me mode. Like Leo recently said himself. Sometimes when you treat people like adults and don’t give them any rules, they act like babies.

    Well this is Leo. He doesn’t want to do his homework, like a little school boy. So he shows up at the last minute not knowing anything about the guest, or the book.

    Infact, because some shlock is in charge of comming up with a guest, they don’t even ever do any editing of the process. Just “Hey we got a guest” is good enough. There not a list of five possible guests, and a sitdown in the back room, going through them. Okay, will that guest be best for our audience? Will it be interesting? Which one is the best possible guest? Is this guest in line with our mission to deliver compelling content? No, none of this elbow work is done. AT ALL! EVER. it’s just “my job is to get a guest. , I must get a guest, any guest” I GOT A GUEST!

    Leo wakes up at 11:00 am, takes a shit, walks on the treadmill at 2mph while surfing the net on his iPad. Takes a shower, puts on his suit, get’s in his Audi A8, and drives to the studio.

    Walks in a wings it. Someone else did everything else. The list of ads are on a clip board. Leo knows as long as he reads those ads, mission accomplished.

    Meantime Leo is more interested in if his package came today, and making plans for his NY trip coming up.

    Never in any of this process is ANYONE at the wheel, thinking of the content, or the audience.

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  5. Great assessment again Jizz.
    “An Honest Assessment From the Lips of Jizz”

    3 ads in 51 mins is pretty close to last weekends TTG radio show where he was pumping ads out back to back

    What a joke, promote ChromeBooks to every caller and get a cut from Google, then promote the hell out of the new Sony camera and get another cut under the table, trash Apple Music and secure your investment with Spotify, push the Note5 and S6 along with “Smart Things ” and have something coming in from Samsung,
    and the latest bullshit money con is the new “intel ” sponsored ad that has fat fuck cunt Leo jizzing in his pants while he’s reading it,
    what a fucking liar ” I’ll never have a computer company or product sponsor us, it would cause a conflict of interest”

    Guess what fatfuck Leo, Samsung sponsors you!!! It builds computers & gadgets , It owns & runs Smart Things, FYI your smartphone is a computer !!! Guess who built it asshole?? Yup .. Samsung does,
    Fucking liar , I don’t give a fuck what product you use or buy or get sponsored by , but don’t lie to your “TWIT Sheep” leading them to think you buy all your gadgets & phones outright without and hidden sponsorship .


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  6. Extreme disrispect to his guests by being late, fumbling around with his lavalier mic, his belly getting in the way messing up his shirt, suspenders about to bust LMAO! His operation just seems shady to me guess it’s a matter of time before his “sponsors” realized their getting fleeced. Oh and it’s great to see LL just take a wild guess of what the subject matter at hand is hoping he gets something right, not even bothering to prepare even a little bit. AMAZING!

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    1. He clearly didn’t prepare for this. You can always tell when someone is bullshitting their way through it.

      Who has time to read when there are Nature Boxes ™ to inhale.

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  7. Just want to add something. More of a dream than anything. I would LOVE to see Soup ripped apart on No Agenda. It would never happen but it pops into an idle mind every so often.

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    1. Look at the Dick Pic fiasco and surmise what happened. NA knew about it, but didn’t cover it. The speculation that Dvorak vetoed the topic makes the most sense. On top of everything else, Chief blubber butt owes JCD (and Curry) BIG TIME for that bit of charity. It was really a tipping point moment, which Leo confirmed during a rare moment when he wasn’t face first in a feed bag.

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    2. Why? The NA guys have more class than to publicly rip a common acquaintance for some amusement.

      Plus the little random tidbits that pop into NA are better, like the Leo clips (“I’m a rule follower!) or Adam comment in passing about a certain film girl.

      It’s more Leo’s thing to shit on his ‘friends’ in public anyway.

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    1. According to Leo Laporte himself, audible, BlueApron, Braintree, Carbonite, Casper, FreshBooks, gazelle, Citrix, Harrys.com, iFixit, IGLOO, Intel, ITProTV, LegalZoom, lynda.com, NatureBox ™, Prosper, Squarespace, Stamps.com, Warby Parker, and ZipRecruiter (et al.) were 100% supportive, on board and perfectly fine with Leo Laporte and his nasty dick pic. Leo pulled it out, and no one pulled advertising. So really, these savages probably don’t give a shit about where their advertising money is going.

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  8. I’m done with Liar LeWhore. Today on MBW, he droned on and on about how much Apple Music sucks, after not even bothering to learn how to use it.

    He went on for 15 minutes on a MAC SHOW about jamming his stylus in his Android phone.

    He droned on for 10 minutes about how he can’t be bother to do his shows in early September because he’s trying to sell advertising in New York.

    WTF? Shouldn’t Lisa or someone in advertising go? Your job is on-air, Fat Fuck.

    My point is: he can’t be bothered to prepare for any show, and he really should be preparing for every show. Otherwise, what’s the point of his being there? He doesn’t know anything!

    Such a lazy piece of shit.

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  9. I saw Leo’s complaining on twitter today about his stylus being stuck in his new phone…He jammed that in there and it stuck, right? We’ve all seen how little he pays attention with phones he probably wasn’t paying attention!

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  10. Larry King is famous for never reading an author’s book before an interview. Letting the guest describe their topic rather than the host interpreting it for the audience.

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    1. Unlike Mr King, whatever you may think of him, Mr. Laporte rarely lets his guests or his fellow panelists have their say without incessantly interrupting them. He interrupts everyone, all the time, about anything. He even occasionally interrupts himself. Mr. Laporte could be the Phil Hendrie of tech: he might use a Skype connection to voice the parts of guests, with his childish and overly-broad accents. Think of the cost savings.

      I am undecided as to whether Mr. Laporte’s propensity to interrupt is more narcissistic or megalomaniacal : does he do it in an attempt to prove to everyone that his considered opinions are superior to those of others, or does he do it simply to crush others into quiet submission by making them silently acknowledge that Mr. Laporte controls the microphone and, ultimately, the gateway to celebrity?

      Just wonderin’ and best regards

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  11. I’m surprised Leo didn’t use his famous “dark triangle” pick up line. He’s like a 13 year. He just does not care. If it were not for a couple of good people propping him up he would already be done.
    After Lisa robs him, he can move in with Elgan and his princess bride. Free pizza.

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      1. Cohosts? They’re toys for him to play with and discard when he’s done. Especially the women. Snubs didn’t accept his nasty personality and was gone ASAP. Leo didn’t have the job to hold over her head to keep her.

        It makes me wonder about Ms. Lane. How much did he beat her down? He would know every button to push to keep her down. She seemed so sickly at TWiT and now she seems like she’s so much better.

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  12. People should really watch that episode. It was the crescendo of disrespect to the guest and more importantly the audience. Cancel if you can’t prepare and don’t make up lies about losing the book.

    It was embarrassing. PadreSJ says that TD clips are unfair and out of context and I agree here, watch the episode, it’s worse than the clip.

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  13. Megan Prelinger should have just walked out of the studio the moment she realized how much of a douche-bag Leo was. He seems to be getting more twisted and psychopathic everyday.

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  14. Larry King had a very long career interviewing thousands of authors and celebrities with no preparation. He felt like if he would genuinely interested he would just ask questions and have a conversation like you would have when meeting someone at a cocktail party. He was pretty successful at it. I’m sure he had a few bad interviews. Leo is entitled to a flop once in a while, but he’s no Larry King, a little prep might help a lot. Just a little.

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    1. The thing is the guest is clearly put off that he wasn’t prepared, and more importantly he chose to put on a charade about how he had intended to prepare and even gave pathetic excuses about why he hadn’t. Also, I would say that Leo doesn’t have nearly the skill (or staff) to do a worthwhile interview cold.

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