Leo Laporte Humiliates Virginia Heffernan After Her Interview

Leo Laporte interviewed Virginia Heffernan on Triangulation last week about her new book that he hasn’t read. He made the usual excuses about how he didn’t get the book, and then it was revealed again that he did have the book and he just didn’t read it. No surprises.

Virginia was warned this was exactly how it would go down, and she in turn warned Leo not to exhibit any of his normal misogynistic tendencies against her, so the interview went better than most Triangulation interviews. This week, Leo interviewed a white man, so no racism or sexual harassment was present.

What was a surprise is that Karsten Bondy — unlike EffenDumb — doesn’t warn guests that they’re live. Virginia — unaware she was being recorded and unaware she was being live-streamed — had a candid conversation with Leo.

Leo and Karsten later conspired to use their entire pre-show conversation as a second show. Leo said he wants to get “everything but the squeal” from his guests. In other words, he will milk them for all their free labor is worth. Virginia is now helping Leo to sell ads for 2 shows while receiving no compensation, other than mentioning her book which none of his audience of twits will buy.

What came next was really surprising. Leo discussed with Megan, after the show — but before he made a handjob joke about Megan’s 13 year old daughter — Megan’s ability to get a guest when Leo was gone.

This is an actual transcript from the video above.

Leo: You know, get Terry Gross or somebody, ya know. Some, some chick.

Megan: Maybe a woman over 40.

Leo: Virginia was 46, so don't knock at that.

Megan: Maybe a woman who looks over 40.

Leo: I know... Well, you should see. Because she has the publicity photos are clearly a few years... a few years ago *knowing laugh*. She looks... a little younger! *asshole laugh* No. You know what? She was greaaaat. I really liked her. We're gonna try to get her on TWiT or TWiG or something. She's probably way too smart to do that, but maybe we can trick her.

You decide.

Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia's current age. Rude.
Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia’s current age. Rude.

In any case, it’s not nearly as egregious as Tonya Hall’s lie of a Twitter profile picture. (Archive link for when she changes it.)

Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality
Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality

Megan Morrone — the possibly racist, definitely not a monkey co-host of iOS Today — looks suspiciously like Mr. Potato Head at the exact moment Leo suggested her 13 year old daughter could learn how to give a satisfying handjob to a young man by learning to milk a cow.

Megan Morrone's face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead
Megan Morrone’s face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead

30 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Humiliates Virginia Heffernan After Her Interview”

    1. …we see Leo was lying when he told his TWiG audience that Dan Lyons was booked to be on.

      Please amend to read “that Dan Lyons was hired to be a host of TWiG.”

      I will get the time stamp for you from youtube.

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  1. I can’t believe she fell for the fake “charm” he uses with every guest. He really knows how to manipulate people and get them to believe anything he says. I hope the money she got in exchange for the interview was fucking worth it. What do I know anyway, I’m just one guy writing tens of thousands of comments because I clearly have a problem. Or maybe it is more likely than there are tens of thousands of people who have taken offense to his perverted behavior? Virginia Heffernan is simply the latest in a long list of enablers. Thanks for setting women’s rights back 100 years and not calling him out even though you had seen the videos.

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  2. It appears the word is getting out how much of the narcissist pig Leo is. What he did her is appalling. What the hell happened to Tonya Hall? My god! I’m not even giving a damn about so much her looks but her health. Put down the Cheetos and take a walk.

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  3. From the Amazon reviews of her book Virginia Heffernan just sounds like another middle class media airhead who has latched onto tech to make a living .

    Knows nothing about designing electronics or writing code(and would never choose to do that given free choice, as a career) but actually did upgrade iOS on her iPhone, and has used Google Glass, so now she’s a tech expert we absolutely must read about. And of course not just tech but any general non-tech connection she can make like “culture” because then she can also blather on in general terms about pointless things that generalist, word rich-technical knowledge shallow, commentators like to fill column inches with.

    Look at her Wikipedia page, she’s a talking head generalist with no doubt good connections with the right people in the media. Her total career will be summed up with “scribble, scribble, scribble” and her tangible effect on society will be zero. She will be paid well for it.

    Of course there are many like her, unfortunately.

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    1. We have a local weather girl who tried to become the resident “tech expert” after holding some YouTube chats and buying Google Glass, etc. – even going so far as to wear them while doing her weather reports (lasted about a day!) She got away with it for a while (as the “tech and social media expert”), but she really didn’t know anything, and now is strictly back to weather…where she doesn’t know much, either!

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  4. Just more proof that Leo is the Biggest troll. And complete downfall Twit shithouse. Why Meagan still there and taking Leo bs abuse each week.

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  5. I find myself looking forward to the day the bottom falls out of the industry and all these self appointed “Tech Experts” have to find real jobs.

    Commoditization Is coming fast and people will no longer want or need to hear analysis of the lastest smartphone or laptop. Same as any-other household appliance .

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  6. #1 He is extremely sexist and a pig.
    #2 The conversation herein the comments is interesting and I agree. Tech hit a celebrity status recently with the amazing iPhone and created a celebrity status for Zuckerberg types. Pretty soon their comments will be as newsworthy as the CEO of Wallmarts and to a very select few. The tech news is dead. JCD is right again.

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  7. “Humiliates Virginia Heffernan”…

    You mean like how you’re deliberately humiliating Tonya and Meagan in this post?

    So tired of you sexist trolls shaming women.

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    1. So tired of you sexist trolls shaming men. More women deserve to be shamed because they’re generally the ones who get lazy, eat too much get fat and become unattractive. These types should stay behind closed doors and only venture out at night while us “normals” are home doing god’s work.

      Fuck you. How do ya like that?

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    2. Good point.

      This site is so full of double-standards and hate it’s amusing to read. There are some very jealous and bitter people out there (or at least in their mothers’ basements). Let’s see if this comment is posted, I’m currently at ~50% moderated out. More hypocrisy there too regarding the TWiT chat room. …

      Have a lovely Monday.


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  8. Crikey, she’s just another snowflake, seems she blocked people that referred her to this video.

    Oh those delicate little snowflakes. Sadly this is one time I will refrain from pitying her.

    Meanwhile, is the real reason that Leo Laporte hit a car in front not because of a bug in the software of his Tesla car but because he saw a Pokémon, came in his pants and stamped the accelerator?

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  9. You cringing little pussies are such fucking ass clowns.

    No way you’d say any of this if you were hiding like pussies behind anonymity.

    What a bunch of dickless pussies.

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  10. And you guys lied about the bricks Leo announced on TWIT they found an safe way to salvage them and will be installing them in the new twit.tv building. Leo is an living god who gave us Kevin Rose.

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    1. the new jeff Jarvis said:
      And you guys lied about the bricks Leo announced on TWIT they found an safe way to salvage them and will be installing them in the new twit.tv building.Leo is an living god who gave us Kevin Rose.

      Amen Brother…Kevin Rose had to suck my dick to get where he is today…I am a God and impervious to any attacks fabricated by this piece of shit website called Total Drama. I WIN. YOU LOOSE.

      Fuck you. How do ya like that?

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        1. really said:
          wow just stupid and lame ass comment

          The fact that you commented on my stupid and lame ass comment makes your comment even more stupid and lame ass. If fact your very existence is pretty much that.

          And now your’e supposed to chime in and say something to the effect of “Whatever”…. and the game continues.

          Fuck you. How do ya like that?

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