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Goodbye, Megan

Update: Megan tweeted she landed a job at Medium starting next week. If you’re not familiar with Medium they suffered massive layoffs 2 years ago because they couldn’t pay their writers. A quick look at the Medium job board shows they currently have dozens of positions still available. Maybe there is still hope for Jason Howell?
Feel free to watch the video fullscreen (at your own risk).
Leo Laporte will be sad to see Megan go, but will love to watch her leave

We honestly never thought this day would come…. Megan Morrone is finally gone, stating she was tired of being in front of the camera. We were tired too, Megan. TotalDrama sincerely apologizes there hasn’t been more site updates but TWiT has taken its toll on this editorial team. And it appears we weren’t the only ones.

Following a fairly uneventful few months at TWiT we learned that another employee decided to pack up his things and leave the TWiT Eastside Studios, otherwise known as the Shoebox of Despair.

Alex Gumpel wasted 8 years of his life

In early-June, 70’s-time traveler Alex Gumpel finally called it quits after surviving 8 years of listening to Leo Laporte drone on about vacations and material possessions, while at the same time listening to him sexually harass anyone without a penis. We wish Alex all the best at his new job at KOMO-TV. He will finally get to flex his “engineering” muscles at a real TV station.

But what can we say about Megan Morrone that hasn’t been already editorialized ad nauseam? The people who love her will say it was her time to move on to greener pastures. Others will say she spent 4 long years meticulously planning her escape from TWiT. But who are we kidding? She was fucking retarded and knew absolutely nothing about technology.

Goodbye, Megan… the only thing we’ll miss are your gigantic mammaries. Video tribute is at the top for all you assholes who still enjoy real content.

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In Memoriam: The TWiT Departed Remembered

God’s little miracles will all be dearly missed at TWiT in the coming year; as their contributions have been legendary. Some of them will appear on “Before You Buy,” but most will find places as outside producers. Here they are: the Roll Call of TWiT’s finest. They have all gone on to a better place:

  • Brian Brushwood
  • Lamarr Wilson
  • Justin Robert Young
  • Amber MacArthur
  • Iyaz Akhtar
  • Tom Merritt
  • Sarah Lane
  • Shannon “Snubs” Morse
  • Chad Johnson “OMGChad”
  • Gina Trapani

Not included in the “In Memorium” video due to space reasons:

  • Don Reisinger (Edie Reingold)
  • Treadmill Guy
  • Jeff Stewart

Thanks for all the laughs, the tears, the joy, the pain, the sorrow, the late nights, the early mornings, the hair in a bun, the hair over your shoulder, pretending you liked Leo, faking a smile when he harassed you…for everything you’ve ever done and everything you’ll ever be, do, think, taste, smell, eat and drink. Our hats are off to you, the TWiT Departed. You are the gems in the crown of the tech world. The shining beacons of truth and creativity. Oh. Wait. They already hired your replacements? Well that was fast.

Editor’s note: richardya contributed to this post—without his support and encouragement, this endeavor might not have been possible.

One last look at the mental disaster that was Gina Trapani

Google Wave fan and bumbling genius Gina Trapani is going to be alone with her thoughts soon—and that’s a good thing. Perhaps she can take some time to organize her brain. Gina recently announced that she’s shuffling off “This Week in Google” to focus on running her useless Twitter business. Jeff Jarvis of course groaned like a jilted grandmother and Leo said that Gina is going to be missed because he loooooooooves her so much.

In honor of Gina’s tenure on TWiG, here’s one last look ’n’ listen at her groundbreaking Google insights. She’s quite a keeper—too bad Leo didn’t pay her enough to have her stick around.

I think in 10-15 years we really could have maybe learned a thing or two from her. Or not…I can’t decide. Uh…Well, I guess. Maybe not. Or…