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Leo Laporte Would Like To Remind You That He Is Still Paying For Porn

Notice: Thanks to the government paycheck protection program we were able to upgrade our 286 processor to a blazing fast 486 CPU. Our videos can now be enjoyed in 1080p. Watch fullscreen for best quality.
Jeff Brockman, drummer extraordinaire

Hello, my name is Jeff Brockman and I am a progressive rock drummer for the band CAIRO. We rank right up there with other progressive rock bands like Genesis and Pink Floyd but without the success and never going on tour. But there was this one time Deen Castronovo let me touch his drums, and back in 1989 I walked past Axl Rose at the MTV Video Awards.

Kelly Madison, Porn actress and trustee of Leo Laporte’s credit card number could not be reached for comment.

Thanks to a user tip we were alerted to the fact that Leo Laporte is still paying for porn, still completely unaware that porn is free and available everywhere. We first learned of Leo Laporte’s sick fascination with paying for porn in a previous post where he was shelling out cash to a porn-star that didn’t look a day over 15. But we’re glad, and somewhat relieved, that Leo has finally decided to lust over a whore more close in age to the one he married.

So we applaud Leo Laporte on finally outgrowing his pedophilic tendencies. That being said he might want to browse in incognito mode if he insists on jerking it at the office on a production machine.

TWiT Sues Twitter After Falling Way Past Rock Bottom

Update 2: This is the audio that Leo thinks will win his case. Listen and tell us what you think.

Update 1: Linus Tech Tips addressed the conflict, saying “I don’t personally think most people even know what TWiT is.” (58:21)

Lisa Laporte reaching for that hopeful Twitter settlement money

When Leo Laporte showed his inbox Sunday, we wondered what a message from his lawyer stating “We will file the complaint Tuesday since the courts are closed on Monday” was about.

We started searching the Northern District of California Courts and the federal PACER system, but we found nothing.

Unfortunately, TechCrunch scouped us.

TWiT sued Twitter for trademark infringement.

The chat room was/is muted for hours, of course. Ycombinator discussions are happening — including saying TD is “made by a hateful obsessive” and “run by an ex-employee”.

Leo Laporte is alleging that some reasonable person would confuse Twitter for TWiT’s useless trademarks. Nobody knows what TWiT is!

As one Total Drama chat room member put it:

“One shows NFL games, one shows a fat man’s stubby pecker

Leo’s lawyers wrote, without irony:

“The TWIT mark is a strong, distinctive mark, in which substantial goodwill has developed to the benefit of plaintiffs Laporte and TWiT.”


Leo — probably Lisa — wants a settlement. That’s how desperate they are for money. They even enabled monetization on their YouTube videos recently. They want that Twitter money to keep going on cruises since their actual business is toast.

The embedded Scribd version is below, but here’s the PDF if you want to read the complaint at your leisure.

TWiT vs. Twitter on Scribd