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TWiT Breaks California Labor Laws By Forcing Ant Pruitt To Work For Free

Picture of man enslaved in chains – © 2019 Misaka/TWiT Social Media

On December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States — but it appears that Leo and Lisa Laporte didn’t get the memo because slavery appears to be alive and thriving in modern-day Petaluma.

“You guys want me back yet?” – TWiT ex-employee Megan Morrone trolling us hard

We  recently reported on the purchase of Anthony “Ant” Pruitt for the eastside plantation. Ant was acquired to bring new and amazing content to the TWiT network, but judging from his recent show performances, the only thing he will be bringing to TWiT is Megan Morrone’s robotic head nod.

TWiT’s legal counsel Denise Howell could not be reached for comment

Under California labor law it is illegal to make an employee work off-the-clock, even if that work is voluntary. Furthermore it is illegal to not pay prospective employees for time spent in a new hire orientation. Here at TotalDrama we have no confidence that Ant Pruitt will ever pursue this with the California Labor Board because anyone who would move their family across the country to work at TWiT has to be absolutely retarded to begin with.

Thank you to the eagle-eyed viewer in the chatroom who provided this scoop. We appreciate your unhealthy obsession with TWiT and its collection of misfits. The editorial team at TotalDrama would like to take you out for a beer the next time you are in town.

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TWiT Solicits Strip Mall Studio Logo

Update 2: TYFYC Mike for posting it to TWiT’s Facebook page where it remains days later, unnoticed by TWiT’s crack social media team (Lisa).
Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to view Total Drama reader submissions!
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama (click for larger version)

Leo Laporte and Lisa Kentzell Laporte have always made their living on the back of free labor, services, etc. Today’s example is no different.

Poor Anthony Nielsen had to make two example logos — at least it’s not a genital-distracting sizzle reel right Anthony? — for their Facebook post requesting that a fan make them a free logo. If your logo is selected, they will pay you an exclusive license fee of $500 plus a $0.50 royalty on each T-Shirt sold with your logo.

Haha. Just kidding. You don’t get jack shit.

Our contribution — seen above — will be hard to beat. It has all the important elements and milestones TWiT and Leo Laporte are now known for. It’s got his dick pic, cunt pic, and most importantly, Leo’s prized possession lease, the Tesla Model X. Is he compensating for something? Yes.

Be sure to put your suggestions in the comments and tweet @leolaporte, @lisadlaporte, and @artisanalllc. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, post your suggestions on that Facebook post!

Here’s what Anthony made.

twit eastside logos

Reader Submissions


drama6108's TWiT Eastside Logo Submission
drama6108’s TWiT Eastside Logo Submission


Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page
Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page