Leo Laporte Continues to Lie With Impunity

It goes without saying that Leo Laporte has made a career out of lying to people. Every day he makes completely fraudulent statements to unsuspecting companies promising them a great return on investment. Most of them eventually realize they’ve been conned and stop advertising but only after incurring substantial losses. This “fuck you, you are just a means to an end” mentality even makes it way into guest interviews.

Yan Zhu, aka “bcrypt” is the latest to be deceived by the shyster Leo Laporte

The latest victim of Leo Laporte’s disgusting superiority complex is Yan Zhu, CISO of Brave Software. Despite numerous tweets directed at Brave Software, it looks like a few Twitter heroes were unable to stop this interview from happening.

Brave is a web browser which runs on Chromium and is deeply centered on privacy. But times must be tough for Brave Software, Inc. because they continue to be completely insignificant in terms of market share even after 4 years in the game. So with their initial capital investment running out, it looks they are desperate to get more users. Brave’s CEO is disgraced Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich, who also created the much-maligned programming language JavaScript.

The video above demonstrates the deceitful Leo Laporte at his finest. We also received other evidence (thank you readers) that suggests Leo Laporte doesn’t even have the Brave browser installed. Furthermore, the confusion that ensued from the shutins because of these contradictory statements is absolutely hilarious.

<TokyoTony> Leo: Why did you switch from Brave?
<TwistedMister> cailloux: Ting. They start at $6 for 500Mb and you pay for what you use. They used to be Sprint (which minimized usage due to no coverage) but now use T-Mo.
<Mike_B> leo: Does the Nest doorbell have a decent MacOS app?
<PcGuy8088_lt> I had tried Idrive backup for a year. I did not renew
<cailloux> thanks, twistedmister
<TokyoTony> Leo: I switched TO Brave and then next thing I know is you went to FireFox.
<TokyoTony> Mike_B: You use a web browser for Mac

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29 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Continues to Lie With Impunity”

    1. Best part is, when he was pimping SquareSpace he was also trashing WordPress simultaneously during the ads.

      Brave is failing because low budget projects can only attract low quality low wage quota-based SJW “talent”. No one with a promising tech career would work there, they would go to 1 of the tech giants.

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  1. Leo’s weaner photo showed he has BRAVE tattooed on the member, but he could only fit the B, the R and the A. Did he harass Yan Zhu by asking her to wear the Snubs school girl outfit? Or, was it her idea to wear those fucking ridiculous glasses and a nose ring? Hot look! or not at all. Look at me, I have BRAVE installed on my pith helmet and my giant tortoise.

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  2. To give Leo some credit for consistency, he has always said since the Win7 days that Windows Defender is sufficient for anti-malware protection, and that third party clients aren’t necessary and often even a detriment.

    Except when ESET was a sponsor. During that time he always recommended ESET instead and even badmouthed Defender on occasion.

    But before and after the ESET money he has always been consistent about Defender.

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  3. There’s a far funnier problem here. Leo in his infinite wisdom does not use Brave, and he happened to be right. Would you use Brave? Letting a whack job like Yan Zhu on TWiT is far more goofy… these people are Con Artists taking money taking any publicity possible.

    TotalDrama should do a follow up quickly.

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  4. Thanks for keeping on TD. Though content is sparse these days, I appreciate your commitment to the cause and relish every post. In a strange way it leads me to lament hate-watching TWIT’s demise with like minded basement dwellers in TD irc. I hope they are all well. We are all #oneass.

    Fuck Leo.

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  5. Mikah Sargent is launching his new show “Smart Tech Today” as an audio only TWiT podcast, a direction the company plans to move into more.

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    1. Sponge Bob Triangle Pants:
      Mikah Sargent is launching his new show “Smart Tech Today” as an audio only TWiT podcast, a direction the company plans to move into more.

      Well hopefully Leo won’t diminish this show’s audio-only direction. Even though he’s stated multiple times over the years that TWIT audio broadcasts are the majority over video broadcasts by an overwhelming margin, Leo is not able to distinguish that his fixation with watching so much streaming video content in his shows is problematic for his audio-only listeners.

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      1. Since the early days Leo has thought of himself as a TV star and by gum, he is going to put himself on video if that’s what it takes.

        When he has a genuine radio show (Tech Guy) he puts it on video. He restarted ScreenSavers with the sincere belief that it would get syndicated as a TV show, but no sydicator would touch it and he did not have the brains to syndicate it himself and his genius bean-counter wife would not know where to start. So instead of getting a pro onboard to actually make it a decent real TV show he went cheap and let it slide into hopeless oblivion via amateurism. Kind of pathetic. In the end all he had was a rinky-dink show that might be good for one local and nearby TV station. But it didn’t even get that far.

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    2. wind up then wind down, audio only is the next to last step before going down the remote broadcasting route.

      I used to work for a company that was in decline, good lord it was awful. Everybody knew it was happening, deep down everybody always knows. I can’t imagine how those sad sacks Mikah & Ant feel, coming into a company that is a shell of itself. Knowing Leo only considers them 3/5 of a person. Saving every penny in his JewBag for his soon-to-be retirement.

      What’s even sadder is the longtime cohosts that are still around, they cant afford to lose the weekly income they have become used to. I have so much more respect for those that left years ago.

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      1. I’m sure Ant is a nice guy ‘n all, but I can’t imagine why they hired him as a permanent (ish) host. He seems to have the opposite personality of a vibrant lively presenter and appears to have no tech credentials or opinions.

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        1. Same reason white men have been hiring brown/black people for centuries, to take advantage of them for cheap labor. It is absolutely disgusting, especially for liberals like Leo who are constantly touting their moral superiority.

          Among all the signals, don’t forget Leo’s near constant “vacations”. He is missing shows much more frequently these last couple of months, I bet he doesn’t even last a year.

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  6. Wandered over to the TWIT website for the first time in a couple of years. I see they’ve changed their tag line, and no longer call podcasts ‘netcasts’.

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  7. Twit this weekend wow, a strange frenchman constantly playing with his ears (look like white ear gauges) talking out his ass about crypro, wu is useless and still running for congress?!?, even Leo had to cut her off. Good Lord! Some mute 3rd person, forget.

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  8. I hope Dr. Mom and that fucking attention whore, fat, Cheetos eating sloth Loqacuis1 in the chatroom where her ass roots are embedded (google her name), its that fat rino with the head set in chat rooms – dies a slow misery of Mad Cow Disease, Ebloa and SARS.

    Fat fucking swine.
    “Hi everyone!”
    “Hi New Member! Looksie at me!”
    Fuck you cunt

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