TWiT’s Sponsor List Absolutely Gutted for 2019

Problems are ramping up for everyone’s favorite tech network. We recently covered the story of three more TWiT shows being cancelled, and now it appears that TWiT has lost nearly 40% of its sponsors going into 2019.

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey chimes in

A comparison of the Google cache from December 2018 to the current list for January 2019 shows that even more sponsors have decided to bail on the “netcast network“. We have been tracking sponsor exits for some time using the informative website, but this month the net losses are extremely troubling. Even Kevin Spacey (Leo Laporte’s good friend) was overheard saying (in Frank’s voice) “I thought I was fucked, but TWiT is royally fucked!“. Spacey then lifted a chalice and symbolically toasted Leo Laporte.

Henry Laporte settles into his new career

We at TotalDrama had high hopes that Hank Laporte’s nepotistic placement into the sales team would put TWiT on a better path, but not even the profound philosopher himself is going to be enough to save TWiT. The best he can do to secure his financial future is to begin taking hardware home at night and hope nobody notices.

So for now the 24/7 tech network pipe dream will continue. The past failures of ZDTV, TechTV and G4 will not deter Leo and Lisa Laporte. They are positive they can succeed where three other corporations have failed… three corporations that had access to unlimited capital at the time. We at TotalDrama don’t take pleasure in TWiT’s imminent demise. Most news agencies that only cover one company would have packed up half their shit by now, but we remain committed to seeing this out until the last employee is fired and the locks on the front door are changed.

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21 thoughts on “TWiT’s Sponsor List Absolutely Gutted for 2019”

    1. It’s true the Totaldrama team are doing the lord’s work here. But I would add that it’s not his wife that is the problem, the root cause, the cancer if you will, is Leo himself with his nasty personality and colossal unjustified ego. It’s just one poor choice after another with this guy, the CEHO was just one step in his journey to oblivion.

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      1. Yes, and while you’re at it, please remind us constantly that you are a game developer even though you barely managed to put out one craptacular game (late).

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  1. Ever since Erik Lanigan got fired…That was the turning point. ONE BAD DECISION AFTER ANOTHER! Each year another piece falling one by one till there is nothing left. Then Lisa will divorce and have a BIG pay day!

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  2. “We’ve only been able to support one show”
    At it’s height with Tom at the helm, TNT was turning down ads because it could only do 3 spots per episode. It was single-handedly supporting the network. The Erik Lanigan thing was poorly handle, but Leo and Lisa dropping Tom was the nail in the coffin. At that point they only had Padre as a likable host, and he was starting to get political on Twitter. I loved the idea of TWiT damnit.

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    1. TNT tanked losing Tom. Replacing him with the wandering foodie, who also got dropped, just buried the show in a shallow grave. Lanigan was a huge talent in need of some polish and guidance. That’s all. Not unlike a lot of radio talent. He could have been great. But a guy at the top of the top of the food chain in radio used to tell me when you are the top talent, you never ever have talented people filling in for you. No, you bring in the C-grade talent so they’ll make you look good. Lanigan made Leo look bad. And so he had to go. Same with Merritt.

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  3. I think the major problem with twit is that tech is boring again. From 2007, with the introduction with the iphone, till recently (I dunno when, let’s say 2017, just so that it’s a full 10 years) tech was really, really exciting. Lots of new phones, new tech, new players, etc. But Microsoft is out of the phone game, and windows is a service now, so there’s no new version of windows to look forward too. Android and iOS are mature oses, and the phones are become commodities with nothing new to wow people, except the prices. Apple doesn’t put out many Macs anymore, and no one cares about pc hardware. Google isn’t do anything distruptive anymore, because they’re at the top of the heap instead of MS or Apple. It’s just dull. How often do you check tech sites anymore? I used to all the time, but not so much anymore. Nothing exciting happens. And so people are moving away from twit. Leo rested on his laurels, fired his actual talent, and pissed away his chance to build up his network into something that could survive once tech got boring again.

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    1. The major problem with twit is that it’s 2019, and nobody needs a twit. Information is so readily available, why would you ever go to twit that doesn’t report or research anything, but instead just steals content from other websites like TheVerge etc. Why wouldn’t you just go to TheVerge.

      Leo is a nobody, nobody cares for ‘Leo’s take’ on anything, so there’s no point to anything on Twit.

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  4. It’s good to see that Mark Plugner has made his return to Twit. If we can really only afford to do one show… Hold on everyone for the painful journey to zero shows, where Leo ends up just doing shows from his permanent vacation from his Jacuzzi in the back yard or in a far off land.

    Larry King will surely outlive this network.

    As ad spend shrinks I give them another year, but at the current show cut rate the network will probably be around till 2025, and be back to were they started two decades earlier.

    Twit: Boring as tech!
    Maybe they will be bought by the Boring company?
    Elon needs a hype machine that is cheaper than buying a real news property.

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  5. Leo WILL NOT fire anyone: He will keep their heads in a jar of formaldehyde and just get stupid round robin of personal opinions, no new insight or information that is useful…

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