Ant Pruitt’s Employment Will Save TWiT Thousands of Dollars

Ant Pruitt, “Former Technology Professional”

Note: This is an update to the story posted yesterday when we broke the news hours ahead of the official announcement. Thank you to our investigative journalist in the chatroom who provided the scoop.

If there’s one thing Leo and Lisa Laporte know how to do, it is how to hire people down on their luck.

Mikah Sargent coming to you from his “office”

Last month they hired Mikah Sargent, a struggling podcaster/tech reporter from St. Joseph, Missouri, who like many millennials, simply worked from their bedrooms hoping to land a real job some day. Mikah took over for the outgoing/incompetent Megan Morrone, who we reported on last month.

However, the great philanthropists Leo and Lisa Laporte weren’t done yet. The next person to be “gifted” a job at TWiT was none other than Anthony “Ant” Pruitt, literally the guy who was on call if another Skype guest canceled. He met all the prerequisites for working at TWiT: a struggling YouTuber and Patreon beggar, ineffectual, desperate, and easily exploitable on salary.

Ant seemed to be playing along because he did his best to suck up to TWiT whenever possible. He was regularly on Lisa Laporte’s social media, liking every post, and constantly stroking her ego by leaving a comment. Perhaps in Lisa’s mind he had already proven his loyalty/worthiness?

“You opened the Louis XIII for who?”

Anyway, in an event that can only be described as a miserable spectacle, the entire Pruitt family was flown in on Sunday so it could be announced live “on air” that Ant Pruitt would be joining the TWiT family. They even brought out the bottle of Louis XIII, normally reserved for luminaries such as John C. Dvorak. The post-show was filled with Lisa Laporte’s grandstanding — literally asking each family member “has it sunk in yet?” making it sound like they just won the fucking lottery.

We scoped out Ant’s YouTube channel and found the video above for your consideration. It looks like TWiT snagged a good one this time!

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31 thoughts on “Ant Pruitt’s Employment Will Save TWiT Thousands of Dollars”

  1. TWiT going full “Diversity is our strength, no nations no borders” before it finally shutters with their most recent hires.

    These poor SOB’s bring nothing to the table. No audience, no new perspectives. What’s the point of hiring them? Leo needs to fold up shop and do the core shows out of his home office.

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      1. MGTOW:
        Get woke go broke

        That’s clearly what this is. Now when Lisa goes on a marketing push she can tout how “diverse” and “inclusive” TWiT is. This is one of what will be many futile attempts to save the business before it succumbs and Leo is working from home.

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  2. With these hires Leo finally reacts to his “white privilege”. The privilege to hang the sex swing and reveal iphone shots of Mr. Wangerdoodle. John C Dvorak mentioned that stuffed Ozzie the dog was giving off formaldehyde fumes. It’s why he couldn’t be on TWIT anymore.

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    1. You are all sad:
      What a sad bunch of cunts you all are.What time does momma call you for dinner in between masturbation and lame trolling?

      Congrats on the new job Ant! Has it sunk in yet? (the realization that your career has come to this sad destination?)

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    2. Welcome, welcome.

      It takes courage for a man to uproot his family across country in the hope of a new start.

      It takes diligence for a man to investigate a prospective employer to see if there really is a viable offer presented.

      It takes experience to recognize a charlatan offering snake-oil, and a succubus draining an old vain man dry.

      But it only takes low self-esteem to disregard all these and the treatment of employees past, to conclude “I want to work here”.

      ..and by the way, Momma don’t flick the bean no more what with her arthritic hands, and she’s not trolled cripples in years.

      See you next Tuesday.

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      1. Monsieur BT Laporke,

        I think I speak for all of us when I say you have bestowed upon us many great words of wisdom. These will permeate our society until we are satiated with your sageness. We will pass these sayings on to future generations, to future civilizations, and most importantly, into the vast region of space known as Tonya’s belt.

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  3. Patrick Norton sings…..

    There once was a Netcast you love.
    Who’s female hosts Leo was unworthy of.
    He stared at their tits.
    Showed pics of his bits.
    Now there’s no advertisers left to speak of.

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  4. I would bet my life that Leo & his white trash wife are paying these irrelevant token black hires less than their previous white counterparts. All while preaching their “progressive” values.

    Imagine the conversations they have at night in their bedroom, all around screwing over everyone 1 of their past employee’s to keep more money for themselves. Then they wonder why Leo is washed up & the company is failing.

    Yet another reason why liberal whites are the most disgusting group of charlatans in this country.

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      1. Racism, anti-semitism and right wing delusion in one go! Good job shitheads.

        It’s ironic that this site pretends to be so “outraged” over Leo’s “racism and sexism” given it’s filled with basement dwelling, micro pud pulling, mass shooting planning, MAGA hat felating, impotent right wing white assholes.

        TWIT may have become a joke, but this site, the human refuse that infects it, and the societal cancer it represents is a bigger one.

        Keep circle jerking you drooling fox-o-verse morons. Here’s hoping your conditions are all pre-existing 😉

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    1. They even brought out the bottle of Louis XIII, normally reserved for luminaries such as John C. Dvorak… literally asking each family member “has it sunk in yet?” making it sound like they just won the fucking lottery.

      Too awesome if true. Please post link or actual video. Must see TV!

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  5. This is a TECH Network!!! So, in the lobby of TWIT, why isn’t stuffed Ozzie the dog converted to animatronic like Disney’s “It’s a Small World” ride? While guests wait in the tiny TWIT reception, Stuffed Ozzie could turn his head and move his paws to some kind of children’s song. Why Patrick Norton could rig it with some robotics and a 486 chip. I think both tech and imagineering is lacking at the TWIT Eastside Plunderdome.

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  6. Honestly, I really like Leo. But holy hell this guy is an energy suck. He’s on this weeks Twig and I had to tap out. I was really excited that Stacey “I thought about becoming a model” Higgenbothom was gone, but this fucking dunce is even more of a fun-killer.

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