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Gum Loves G+

Editor’s Post

Gum can write article after article about how great G+ is, but all he does is mock himself when he does this. Personally, I hate Facebook and think G+ is a very attractive platform. But, and this is a big but, like Kim Kadashian big, no one is on G+. Only Gum can miss the point that people are kind of important to a social network. Google hyped up charlatans like Gum himself and ruined the network.

The guy has almost four million followers and posts his shows on G+ and TNT ratings dropped when he took over?
Explain that someone.

Sick Maniac
Sick Maniac, is that Chickenhead21????????????

There’s not a single thing featurewise that I can think of that’s better on Facebook than it is on Google+. (Facebook has everybody, but that’s not a feature. It’s a catastrophic accident of history.) The Gum

Gumbot, people are kind of an important part of a social network. Take that sentence out of the parenthesis and think about it a bit longer.

Native Advertising

I don’t know, maybe it’s me?
It just seems like the personal testaments and promises are all lies. Mike is not making money with his android watch and El Padre doesn’t have people coming up to him needing ITCproTc or whatever that thing is. If you do a live-ad then just do an ad read. It is fine, we get it. But don’t make up stories to make it not an ad, just do the damn ad read.