I Say Spit… You Say Semen

Leo Laporte apologizes again

Megan Morrone continues to be on the receiving end of Leo Laporte’s sick perverted mind. From the time he offered to smear shit on her face  — to the time he suggested her underage daughter should practice milking cows because it will be a “very useful skill” going forward. There was also the time he ridiculed her in front of others by commanding her to speak.

Lisa Laporte’s blind eye

We’re completely dumbfounded how this continues to happen at a company which is run by a woman who regularly champions her female employees — but then turns a blind eye to this sort of disgusting behavior.

Original working title of Russ Pitt’s e-book

The latest incident happened on last Saturday’s The New Screensavers. TechTV employee #1 (and major creeper) Russ Pitts skyped in to plug his new e-book Eagle Semen. The title must have sent Leo Laporte’s mind into a perverted spit-swallow frenzy because he proceeded to dish out more improper sexual innuendo at Megan Morrone.

Artist rendering of #twitlive coward Mike_B

Even Leo Laporte’s chief sycophant and Tech Guy chatroom braintrust Mike_B was quick to speak out saying “Leo: People record these and put them on bad web sites”.  Amazing… Mike_B chose not to admonish the behavior but instead to warn him. This guy deserves cancer.

Part of me wants to remain sympathetic to Megan Morrone. But why this woman has not consulted with an employment lawyer or simply found another job is baffling. There is literally an employment lawyer within a 3-minute walk from the shoebox studios. I hate to be the one that says this but maybe the mortgage has nothing to do with this… Megan Morrone secretly wants this to continue.

33 thoughts on “I Say Spit… You Say Semen”

  1. So Leo likes a raunchy jab. So do I. Whats wrong with orgasm jokes anyway? Sadly I’ve never has one myself but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny does it? Leo can do no wrong and your artists rendering of Mike_b looks suspiciously like my retarded son who just had a baby.
    I thought retards weren’t allowed to reproduce. I mean, yeah I know they like to fuck inanimate objects and all but really who knew a tard load could get a guy pregnant?
    Shalom Bitches! Granny Out!

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  2. The thing that has gotten me for a while now is he KNOWS people are watching for this behavior. He KNOWS the behavior will be clipped and hosted here. His own chatroom knows and is now actively warning him.

    And he still can’t help himself.

    The only semi-rational explanation I can think of is his extensive history with Megan. He feels like she will never turn on him because she never has. He’s been messing with her for so long that he just doesn’t even care anymore. Megan’s ‘one of the boys’, so it will be tolerated indefinitely. He’s never had consequences outside of a wrist slap from HR in the TechTV days. So he doesn’t give a shit.

    I’ll give this to him, he’s consistent. A reasonable person would have separated their personal stuff from their work computers after the x-rated Lisa texting incident. Did he have a reality check and make new work accounts for the products to be used on TWiT? Did he separate the hardware he uses personally from what he uses in the show. Did he even add a new user login to these devices, and use that live?!! HELL NO! Then we were gifted with #dickgate, #pussygate and the time he installed some searchware on his computer and we got to see his porn history. FFS!!!!

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  3. I just stopped watching or listening or any enabling of his behaviour. Too bad there are suckers (advertisers and some twit listeners) they still pay for this to contInue.

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  4. Megan should sue. She ain’t gonna have a job in a year from now anyway after SS Twitanic finally sinks. Might as well get some money out of the fat slob now.

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    1. Abby Laporte:
      Megan should sue. She ain’t gonna have a job in a year from now anyway after SS Twitanic finally sinks. Might as well get some money out of the fat slob now.

      This site has been saying that twit will be gone in a year since it started

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      1. Joel osteen: This site has been saying that twit will be gone in a year since it started

        C’mon, even a casual viewer can see the whole thing is on life support. No one there gives a shit anymore. I used to listen to Macbreak and This Week pretty regularly. The shows are so boring and devoid of quality now it’s laughable. I think you have to be a Laporte taint licker to not see the steep drop off in quality in the last 6 months.

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  5. I just haven’t watched anything on twit since Leo went all crazy for Hillary and joined the Trump Derangement movement. He wants his cheap Mexican labor more than he wants a country that actually works. At this point he’s just another commie muslim sympathizer hell bent in his desire to destroy the American legacy that was responsible for his limited success.
    Fuck you Leo.

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  6. Leo did a radio show back in the 90’s with a woman. The computer info was interesting. But he made you cringe with constant sex comments. If the woman told a caller “the serial cable is too long” Leo would say “some people like it long ha hah ha hah ha ha.” It was really noticeable for being 10th grade crap and totally out of place.

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  7. Leo loves his image of weird, creepy old uncle. More disturbing is that he obviously thinks people love it to.

    Besides that, what puzzles me most about TWiT is the amount of people and infrastructure they need for those few shows? Many podcasts and youtube channels have similar or better quality and content, but are run by one or a few people? Often even besides their day-job.

    Many renown managers often say that the secret of their success is their willingness to hire people that might be better than they are. All in order to make the company better and grow.

    Leo doesn’t want fresh talent, new ideas or a creative working space. He’s way too comfortable with his aging audience and thinks he can ride out his journey this way. My bet that he’s coming in short a couple years. His future doesn’t seem so bright. And all his arrogance and nastiness will eventually bite him in his ass. No doubt Lisa will leave him soon afterwards.

    The big remaining question will be: who will be left to offer Leo a job and is Leo able to be a sidekick instead of the main eventer?

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  8. Good to hear in Security Now Episode 673 https://youtu.be/UqFCF5X4h4M?t=805 Leo talks about the same password breach scam that Adam does on the latest NA episode. Difference @ 15:40 https://youtu.be/UqFCF5X4h4M?t=935 Leo says, “If you get a video just ignore it, will yah?”

    Keeping in character this Leo LaPorke is. Most of these micro episodes into the psyche of Leo should be edited into a “Fire me please for the love of God, Montage”

    Adams story of the same email NA 1054 – 1:47:00: https://youtu.be/OIHlauXqMbI?t=6423

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  9. Long time Ladies…
    You gals been bitchen when off work and drunk again huh?
    Bout’ as long as Ive been banned thanks to Beatmaster*
    (yet he did unban me in 24hrs)
    If ya watch only for good edits you hate your Uncle.
    If you watch cause U h8te you are a Stern Listener
    I watch for laughs and callers and my friends in IRC
    Like all of you… except here I can call ya’ll CockSuCKerZ!
    Someone nailed the and failed content.
    I got banned for calling out good ole Bobby Wu on his BS about gamergate and the fact nobody brings up the fact of his past of being a complete deuchebag tool jerk to everyone.
    I call out Gum for his lack of research on what he writes.
    (Lazy bastard just re quotes news from followers and such)
    Leo hasnt changed much except for those that want to see a change.
    Yippie Kay Yay!

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  10. Haven’t listened or watched in months.

    Thought I’d take a look at their sponsors list because we have got Harry’s in the UK now – not that I’d even bother using their code at Harry’s. I was just seeing if said company is still on their books, and nope.

    In fact, a lot of the companies I don’t recognise. Simplebelt, what, or who is the fuck that?

    I’m surprised a lot of the listeners haven’t just gone off and started their own podcasts. That normally happens in communities like these. But then again a lot of the listeners (especially the The Tech Guy ones) are sheep.

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    1. Gene:
      I must say that Megan looks great in that outfit.

      No she doesn’t but she knows to dress down otherwise Leo the perv will spew out his perverted cum on’s

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  11. The webmasters/authors of this site seem to have a borderline unhealthy obsession with me. If you guys really had lives worth living, you’d be out doing things with friends. Oh, that’s right, the webmasters of this site live with their parents because they are emotionally and intellectually impaired and only get a feeling of superiority by belittling others due to their own inadequacies.

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  12. Lapork can’t even get any calls on the weekend show anymore. Notice how he rambles the first 20 or 30 minutes of the show while waiting for calls.

    Just for fun I called in while the show was on and asked how long a wait I might have. The girl said not to long, two people in front of me. I commented on how quick it was and she said they don’t get that many calls… hmmm.

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  13. This is a somewhat surreal segment since while Leo seems to have a hindsight anti-TechTV perspective, at this time it was clear he was a key pillar of the organization being called out in Russ Pitts’ Eagle-themed email. On my reading, I’d have to think he was a direct target. At the very least, Leo has definately had “associates” on TWiT who had to have been the target of that attack.

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