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Alex Lindsay provides much-needed relief from Leo Laporte’s bragfest

TWiT Eastside Prison, Petaluma, CA.

While Leo and Lisa Laporte continue to traipse around the Middle East taking terrible pictures with expensive cameras, employees back at the Eastside Studio are dreading their return.

And it’s not because this means they will have to raise their level of performance once the bosses are back. We know for a fact that employee performance never improves at TWiT, as evidenced by watching any TWiT podcast. What employees ultimately dread is the inevitable bragfest that ensues once the world travelers return from their much-deserved vacations™.

TWiT employee referenced in adjacent paragraph

As viewers we can choose to look away or hit the mute button when Leo Laporte decides to spend 10 minutes recounting the amazing lobster dinner he had in Egypt, but if you’re dumb enough to move your family across the country to work at the pleasure of a racist, pervert and con man, your options are more limited.

TotalDrama employee “Steve” says he now feels differently about Alex Lindsay

But what this TotalDrama writer easily discovered is that people who work for TWiT can be just as braggadocios as Leo Laporte, and this is greatly troubling. Perhaps the bloviated aura from Leo’s decomposing asshole jumps from his chair into the next overweight host who sits in it, we’re not sure. Video is above.

Note: If you clicked on the video expecting to see iJustine smiling into the camera and making some aporophobic statement about how scared she is of homeless people in Los Angeles, I apologize in advance for this deception.

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Leo Laporte is a Braggadocious Asshole

William Shakespeare said it best when he quipped “Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass.”

Leo Laporte shown here at his emotional age

We don’t believe Leo Laporte ever got the memo because his fat mouth spews more braggadocios garbage than any reasonable person can handle.

If you’ve watched any Leo Laporte show in 2017 chances are you’ve heard him bragging endlessly about some stupid cell phone, computer or vacation he took or is about to take.

All we know for sure is that Leo Laporte uses these vacations and materialistic possessions to define his success. Maintaining the illusion of success is paramount even if that means firing employees to free up money.

But clearly TWiT isn’t a success in any sense of the word. It’s been a complete personal failure, financial failure, cultural tolerance failure, and the company doesn’t have the ability to hire and retain talent ( . )( . )

You don’t have to look far and wide to uncover the undeniable proof that Leo Laporte and TWiT have become a complete laughing stock and they are living on borrowed time. We look forward to watching this oversized asshole completely disappear like an loose turd circling the toilet bowl. Bon Voyage asshole.