TWiT Breaks California Labor Laws By Forcing Ant Pruitt To Work For Free

Picture of man enslaved in chains – © 2019 Misaka/TWiT Social Media

On December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States — but it appears that Leo and Lisa Laporte didn’t get the memo because slavery appears to be alive and thriving in modern-day Petaluma.

“You guys want me back yet?” – TWiT ex-employee Megan Morrone trolling us hard

We  recently reported on the purchase of Anthony “Ant” Pruitt for the eastside plantation. Ant was acquired to bring new and amazing content to the TWiT network, but judging from his recent show performances, the only thing he will be bringing to TWiT is Megan Morrone’s robotic head nod.

TWiT’s legal counsel Denise Howell could not be reached for comment

Under California labor law it is illegal to make an employee work off-the-clock, even if that work is voluntary. Furthermore it is illegal to not pay prospective employees for time spent in a new hire orientation. Here at TotalDrama we have no confidence that Ant Pruitt will ever pursue this with the California Labor Board because anyone who would move their family across the country to work at TWiT has to be absolutely retarded to begin with.

Thank you to the eagle-eyed viewer in the chatroom who provided this scoop. We appreciate your unhealthy obsession with TWiT and its collection of misfits. The editorial team at TotalDrama would like to take you out for a beer the next time you are in town.

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29 thoughts on “TWiT Breaks California Labor Laws By Forcing Ant Pruitt To Work For Free”

  1. If Ant doesn’t do anything about it other than bow down and kiss the dirty, cheese smelling, disfigured and infected feet of Leo and Lisa – CA state will be notified.

    Yeah I saw the first known speak about Ant moving is entire life and family across the US. These new hires may be in for a surprise. Leo the leper and dirty knees Lisa wont be able to coddle “newbies” and say – ‘just ignore what you read.’ Every sponsor left that’s listed here (after the 40-60% cut) will be let known about not just this, but a a little more. In an professional, clear and well spoken manner.

    FUCK You Leo and Lisa.

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  2. Megan ‘remember my brows’ Morrone will be back hosting This Week in something or other tomorrow. 8/13.

    So yeah. She’s back. Already.

    Which is worse, that she came back or that they let her? Somebody could have said waitaminute but nooooo

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  3. I’ve read this article a few times.

    Does he work for free or not? What evidence is given? From who? Is it just a joke? I don’t get it.

    The link to the chat room is like portal to 1990 with nowhere to go. What did the “eagle eyed viewer” catch?

    Oh, well.

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  4. Megmom was so brave to stick her neck out, risk everything, to almost kinda sorta maybe hint at what everyone has seen and heard for years. Just after she left and received her full and final remuneration, and the Chief TWaT and his latest wife were far away.

    I think her new found courage deserves the netcasting equivalent of the Medal of Valor: The Black -Faced Crest of Cowardice, maybe presented by it’s first inaugural recipient Sarah Silverman.

    We could not ask for a more illuminating role-model to show future pre- and post-motherhood journalists, of what to avoid, when attempting to build a career in the Petaluma East Side Netcast milieu.


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    1. That is the most deranged thing I have ever read, either on twit or total drama. That woman is clinically disturbed. She is not living in reality. She is not hallucinating but she has a very distorted view of reality.

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    2. “We won’t be missing anyone when we move, but now that I know lying trashy neighbors live in our court I won’t be leaving anything unlocked – ever. ”

      Too bad she left her vag unlocked, look what it did to leo.

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  5. Leo The Land Owner probably thinks that it’s okay to pay him in chicken & watermelon.

    and the other guy with dildo’s…

    What do you wanna bet Leo pimps out his trans “wife” Lisa to Antwan for some of that sweet BBC? Leo looks like the cucky cleanup type.

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    1. Only LeoVotes:
      Leo The Land Owner probably thinks that it’s okay to pay him in chicken & watermelon.

      and the other guy with dildo’s…

      What do you wanna bet Leo pimps out his trans “wife” Lisa to Antwan for some of that sweet BBC? Leo looks like the cucky cleanup type.

      I see the Leo >< Lisa couple in the exact opposite way. She's the dominatrix and he's just the boot-licker who gets a boner every time he hears the snap of her whip. So basically, Ant is just there to be her personal 'Mandingo' man-slave/sex toy while Leo just watches slurping up soup and fapping away.

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  6. How come this site never wrote an article about Leo & Paul’s best buddy Dr. Pizza getting busted on pedo charges for trying to bang 7yo & 9yo children?

    Seems very relevant to me. I can only figure that the admins are either part of the Pedo-elite class or simply pro-pedo in general. Just the fact Leo/Paul & pretty much the entire tech media decided to ignore his arrest absolutely proves which side they are on (and want to protect). TD doing the samething makes them complicit.

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    1. Great catch!

      The onus is on a journalist covering tech to bring down Leo. I’m sure he/she could get the Sarah Lane’s and Shannon Morse’s of the world to come clean under conditions of anonymity.

      Maybe Leo and Lisa got wind of something so they decided to hire two “people of color” stooges like Ant and Mikah so that when shit hits the fan they can say, “But see! We’re good guys!”

      TWiT is in trouble. It’s a matter of when, not if it folds.

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      1. Thurrott Legend: TWiT is in trouble. It’s a matter of when, not if it folds.

        You know, I’m not so sure anymore. I haven’t watched anything on twit in probably a year or two. But the fall of TWiT has been predicted by some as far back as the Erik Lanigan incident in 2011 and really picked up steam with Tom’s departure in 2013 and Leo’s subsequent treatment of Sarah Lane during the Mike Elgan era. That’s anywhere from 6 to 8 years at this point.

        Look at the turnover they’ve had. Mismangement, bad behavior, and scandals involving sex swings, dick pics, and horrifying vaginas has cost them pretty much everything from talented hosts like Tom, Sarah, Iyaz, Dvorak, Snubs, etc. to their multi-million dollar studio to any semblance of relevance in the field of technology media and journalism (remember that event where Tonya Hall tried to impress everyone by namedropping Leo and no one knew who he was?).

        And in spite of it all, they’re still going. I’m beginning to think Leo has 9 lives. His podcasts have enough zombie listeners – who haven’t actually listened to his shows in years but never unsubbed and their programs still download every episode, which is why he strongly opposes new technology that attempts to tell advertisers whether or not people are actually listening and how much – to keep his core shows profitable. But all the other shows fail. Even the name recognition and nostalgia of The Screen Savers couldn’t save it because it wasn’t a legacy show with hundreds of thousands of subscribers from before Leo totally failed.

        Though I’d love nothing more than to see TWiT fold and Leo get the Harvey Weinstein treatment, I don’t see that happening. He’s not relevant enough for it to happen anymore. Eventually, he’ll move his radio show and the legacy shows to his house where they’ll continue until collect ever-diminishing ad revenue as advertisers become aware of more sophisticated ad tech for podcasts. But unfortunately, I don’t see twit imploding. It’ll just slowly fade from existence. The staff will continue to shrink until it’s just Leo and one or two folks to handle engineering, editing, etc. until there’s just nothing left to milk from the corpse of the network. And I predict that none of us will be around to see the end because we’ll have forgotten all about Leo by that time, just like all of his former listeners. Except maybe DrMom.

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  7. I like the above comment. Have not seen any Leo since late 2016. Only the short snippets here. Yes twit is alive due to the zombies sucking down the casts. Any actual metro would show the lack of engagement.

    I am surprised when I here someone say they listen to Gibson or thurrott. There are so many better people and podcasts to listen to.

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  8. This could also be the holy bobblehead HoneyPot (say this in an elitist condescending tone)) site as mentioned on the failed podcast, Shady enough to do it (maybe I *am* the bobblehead)… woooooo! He’s so crafty (more an enterprise slow as molasses oh so smart overpaid, or tax free, security tool, haha) Buncha monkeys I swear. Good Lord

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  9. Lisa may be reaching out to other pod casters that produce clean content and have a non ad revenue model. It looks like she ordered Ant to leave audio feedback on the APG podcast #387. It’ll open the door for her to sell Jeff her crackerjack ad revenue services , artisAnal , A huge mistake if he flys his podcast onto the TWiT sinking ship

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  10. So, normally I’m right there with y’all, but this one is a stretch. I mean, he’s worked as a 1099 for TWiT before, which means they have every document necessary to pay him for appearing on TWiG. Leo didn’t say that weren’t paying him to be there, he said “he’s not even technically an employee yet”. Like I said, y’all stretching here.

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