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Leo Laporte’s Most Fervent Fans Rejoice When He’s Gone

I need more soup for my jowls, please.
I need more soup for my jowls, please.
When Jason Calacanis (who doesn’t hold a candle to Becky Worley as a TWiT host) apologized for not being Leo to a fan who traveled to the Shithouse for a live show, the fan replied: “This is better.”

We aren’t sure if this man of courage is a reader of Total Drama. He may or may not be part of #OneAss. Whoever he is, he is our hero for speaking the truth on the live stream, and we wholeheartedly concur with his opinion. He truly embodies our founding fathers’ independent spirit.

E pluribus unum. In other words: One Ass.

Video of The Hero

The gloves come off

Leo went too far.

Fact: If you are in the public eye you have to deal with critics.
True: Haters can go too far and warrant a  reaction……

In communist Russia we kill anyone who speaks against regime.
In communist Russia we kill anyone who speaks against regime.

However, I have not seen Skieast cross any lines. I have seen him point out that the host of a show can’t host. He may have even committed the crime of saying a show sucks. Does this give Leo permission to dox him and threaten that he is coming “up North” to see him? And must his rabid dog rush to his aid?

Should I be afraid to say that the guy playing Kingpin on Daredevil is doing a terrible job because the actor may come after me? They are breaking social etiquette and protocol. This is not the first time. Someone contacted my office via fax and set me on my #drama path. I was also the recipient of &Dan giving out my name in his chat to remind me who-is -boss. Did Leo intimidate Skieast? No, all he probably did was encourage him and others to do more.

P C is for cookie and if Leo goes after a critic so does effen

No one sees themselves as the bad guy, not Attila the Hun, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden. We all must occasionally look at ourselves. Has Drama gone too far? Yes, and I have to look at myself for that. Do you think the Petalumaites ever introspect? Have you ever heard an apology uttered from Keller street?

So don’t lump Skieast in with anyone else, we are all responsible for our own actions. I ask again, what did Skieast do? What if Skieast was a 14 year old kid and actually felt threatened? Doesn’t TWiT champion shutting down Twitter because* someone tweeted a gamer girl that they want to kill her?

Critics are important. If TWiT does not have a woman on after rotating through 15 guests or if TWiT has 70 hosts/independent contractors and not one is black maybe they should be called out. If they destroy peoples hard work (Framerate, NSFW) maybe fans have a right to know. The reason they get mad is because the illusion they built is coming down. That is it.
An AMA is supposed to be a love fest, no critics (trolls) allowed.

Does anyone want to play a game with no rules? It would get out of hand.

*I do not actually follow the gamergirl story so my details are probably wrong.

Original art from ‘Feedback & Tips’ now available for your eyeballs

An original piece of artwork was left in the TotalDrama “Feedback & Tips” box the other week. After retrieving the jpeg from the bin, the editorial board quickly called an emergency session. It was then unanimously agreed that this masterpiece had to be published as soon as our team of consultants and art historians could ascertain its provenance. So it is with great pride that we unveil to you for the first time ever, “Leo Eats on ‘Windows Weekly.'”

"Leo Eats During 'Security Now'"
“Leo Eats During ‘Windows Weekly'”

We are thrilled to have this worldwide exclusive on the blog and thank the artist (who wishes to remain anonymous) for his contribution.

If any other budding Gaugins would like to contribute, just hit the “Feedback & Tips” button on the right side of this webpage. 

Public Private Parts

Why oh why would anyone want a public hangout – private? This is odd, next we will have to have our privates out in public when doing our private business.

A take-down notice? Pretty serious for an innocuous speech he was trying to make public via a public Google hangout. This sure is a heck of a puzzle. What, by George, is he trying to hide? This was a completely (mostly) unedited and in context video, an anomaly for this site. Why would someone want to hide what they said under no duress? Quite a conundrum.

I said don't look
I said don’t look

Seems to me the public has a right to know why the  beloved Shannon Morse was removed from a program. Seems to me that Father Robert explained eloquently that there was a meeting of the top people at TWiT, probably Padre, Leo, Lisa, and Jeff_N to decide Shannon’s fate. They didn’t think she should be at the meeting which makes total sense; why include her when they had experts at the meeting.

“We sat down and realized we were misusing her.” Uh huh, sure. So they all sat on a couch somewhere and realized they were misusing her. What does that even mean? I reckon they were saving money by firing her and just having a Priest who works free host. A pattern of cost saving that goes back to firing a real editor and replacing him with whoever was around. They wanted her on a show that “specifically fits her talents and her passions.” I guess she is passionate about reviewing Asus keyboards. Great Job with that!

Padre explains why Shannon Morse is No Longer hosting Coding101

By the way, we learned in a previous post, when the eyeballs do a left eye roll a person is accessing his front brain creative lobe. The creative lobe used in lying and not memory recall.

This site is hosted in Europe, or somewhere crazy like that, and if our host makes us take down the video below, we will but we think we have a case why it should stay up. I guess we may as well mention Shannon’s Patreon again. Looks like it will be a success and should close out at a respectable per-show amount.

Now Padre has something to do this weekend. Get that keyboard out and start typing in Scandinavian.

Standards & Practices

Love is in the air when this airs!
Love is in the air when this show hits the airwaves!

There are a few news outlets that give respectable journalism institutions like #TotalDrama a bad name. Take TWiG, never has there been a more biased editorial(?) news(?) or reporting(?) program on any screen. A show fraught with love for a company that is in dire need of coverage by real journalists. Google is a powerhouse with a mighty hand in modern society that needs to be scrutinized. Instead the gang at TWiG drools over the company and its employees. They swallow the stories of Google Glass saving lives in surgery and self driving cars making the world a better place like [redacted] swallowing [redacted.]They literally apologize for putting Google multimillionaire Matt Cutts on the spot with questions.

Stunning look!

Corporate shill and purple faced kook Jarvis continues to press for a job, at the Goog, but continues to be denied. Google PR has decided that unbiased love of Google will be more effective coming from an outsider. A decision was made to keep him off payroll but attached to the Goog’s nipple via lucrative speaking engagements, unparalleled access, and business trips across the world to the finest hotels.

Something you wont find at TWiT
You wont find  this on the TWiT mantle!

#TotalDrama has standards. One standard is verifying leads. We have a pair of stories that our audience would be extremely interested in but we have been unable to corroborate with two independent sources. Our board met and decided the best way to move forward is to present the stories as what they are at this time, speculation.

Story 1

Something is awry with the #twitlive IRC. It is a fact that the longtime head poobah of the chat-room seems to be out. What we don’t know is why. That guy would never give the position up voluntarily. Additionally, the mods have been biting their acid tongues on kicks in recent weeks. Have they been given a stern lecture by the real boss?  Keep your eyes open for what went on behind the scenes.

Story 2

It appears that TWiT sponsor Lynda.com (spelled with a “Y”) may have had something to do with the new format of the travesty of a show called Coding 101. Did they have an issue with a how-to-show being on TWiT which competes with their core business? A long standing promise by TWiT is that sponsors will never dictate content. But we know about TWiT and its promises. [emoji]Winkyface[/emoji]

*Note If anyone has a lead, the email address totaldramaorg@gmail.com will forward to someone on our team. Thanks to our fans, we could not do it without you!

**Note If you want to try Lynda.com they are sponsored by the 5by5 network. If they sponsor a Sarah Lane program this will be updated

Leo, Padre and Gum Offend Every Broadcaster

We have recently seen some of the most influential broadcasters of our time come out against the new TWiT. On a recent episode of Night Attack, internet megastars Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood seemed disturbed that Father Robert Ballecer of the Society of Jesuits, purposefully aired his show in their traditional Tuesday night time-slot. The 7:30PM time was open on every weekday on TWiT’s schedule. He chose Tuesday to defecate his show on the public as  a clear proclamation of where his allegiance lies.  He forsook his friends to please Leo n’ Lisa.

Sad but true.
The pious charlatan was trying to poach as many listeners away from the hilarious Night Attack duo as he could. Pilfering  an audience by putting his show directly up against the talented NSFW team proved a colossal error as the latest number shows his downloads to be in the single digits. The egomania of this man is eclipsed by only one other, Laporte  himself.

In that same week, Gitmo Nations’ media assassin  Adam Curry called out Elgum as a hack. Curry is a hero of many at #TotalDrama, and there was no mistaking that pronunciation. [El-Gûm]
What an honor. Press play below.

All were unavailable for comment, but sources close to the entertainers explained why the Elgum/Padre model is so offensive. It seems that every person who ever called himself a professional entertainer is visibly upset at both; the man who speaks in one monotonous tone, as well as the man whose voice rises and falls more times in a sentence than the CEHo’s undergarments in an afternoon.

When the #soupguzzler tells Lgum he can keep his writing gigs as long as he does a half hour daily show on his network for a whopping 20K a year, he offends every broadcaster. When #soupguzzler inserts the cost-free priest into the time slot of Brian and Justin he offends again. #Soup is essentially spitting in the face of everyone who ever held a microphone. He is telling every broadcaster that anyone can do your job. Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, you have no talent in Leo’s eyes. He can replace you with a writer and a man whose main talent is taking the vow of poverty.

And you fans; the bare-ass of Leo is pointed directly at your face when you accept this garbage.

TotalDrama is a Global Site

When #TotalDrama.org was christened we really hoped it would grow to be a global website. Too much of the internet is U.S. centric like Tom Merritt’s shows. We wanted to be global in the vain of eLgum. If there is a flood in Thailand, #TotalDrama is going to report from Thailand.

Here now is a little progress report on the reach of #truth, A.K.A. our website, courtesy of Google-analytics. The growth in just a few short months is off-the-hook. The #drama movement is shaking our planet like the floor of the SHiThouse when Padre walks through.

Welcome Mother Russia  *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data
Welcome Mother Russia! *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data

And it looks like most of the cowboys in the USA are on board except for three of the stupidest states that no one ever heard of, looking at you Indiana or Montana, or whatever is out there. Dearest Alaska; snow is no excuse to hide from the #truth.

Better late than never Louisiana
Better late than never Louisiana!

Father Robert At It Again

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. Once again, our favorite Father has attempted to stir up drama and get the few remaining fans in an uproar by teasing his precarious future at TWiT. The outpouring of concern did not come, as no one either noticed or cared.

Premium Content
Premium Content

How will losing the  inexpensive host affect TWiT? The preacher hosts four shows and is #soup’s vacation replacement. Hiring a full time employee with benefits will certainly be more expensive than the $5,000 – $10,000 annual donation made by TWiT LLC, to procure the full time services of the amateur impersonator of a 1920’s radio announcer. A solution was quickly devised by the finance committee at TWiT:

TWiET Make co-hosts the hosts: Cost $0
Coding 101: Replace with full-time engineer Patrick: Cost: $0
Know How: Host with full-timers OMGchad & Brian: Cost $0
Padre’s Corner: Cancel, no ratings or sponsors: Cost $0
#Soup replacement: Mike Elgum: Cost $0

Total net cost of replacing padre-$0
Chance of paying money to hire someone- 0%