The gloves come off

Leo went too far.

Fact: If you are in the public eye you have to deal with critics.
True: Haters can go too far and warrant a  reaction……

In communist Russia we kill anyone who speaks against regime.
In communist Russia we kill anyone who speaks against regime.

However, I have not seen Skieast cross any lines. I have seen him point out that the host of a show can’t host. He may have even committed the crime of saying a show sucks. Does this give Leo permission to dox him and threaten that he is coming “up North” to see him? And must his rabid dog rush to his aid?

Should I be afraid to say that the guy playing Kingpin on Daredevil is doing a terrible job because the actor may come after me? They are breaking social etiquette and protocol. This is not the first time. Someone contacted my office via fax and set me on my #drama path. I was also the recipient of &Dan giving out my name in his chat to remind me who-is -boss. Did Leo intimidate Skieast? No, all he probably did was encourage him and others to do more.

P C is for cookie and if Leo goes after a critic so does effen

No one sees themselves as the bad guy, not Attila the Hun, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden. We all must occasionally look at ourselves. Has Drama gone too far? Yes, and I have to look at myself for that. Do you think the Petalumaites ever introspect? Have you ever heard an apology uttered from Keller street?

So don’t lump Skieast in with anyone else, we are all responsible for our own actions. I ask again, what did Skieast do? What if Skieast was a 14 year old kid and actually felt threatened? Doesn’t TWiT champion shutting down Twitter because* someone tweeted a gamer girl that they want to kill her?

Critics are important. If TWiT does not have a woman on after rotating through 15 guests or if TWiT has 70 hosts/independent contractors and not one is black maybe they should be called out. If they destroy peoples hard work (Framerate, NSFW) maybe fans have a right to know. The reason they get mad is because the illusion they built is coming down. That is it.
An AMA is supposed to be a love fest, no critics (trolls) allowed.

Does anyone want to play a game with no rules? It would get out of hand.

*I do not actually follow the gamergirl story so my details are probably wrong.

20 thoughts on “The gloves come off”

  1. Mother of God, you guys are losers. Reading, this, I am just amazed at what colossal jackasses you are.

    Maybe get lives, or something.

    Oh, and help. You losers need help.

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  2. Nice article. Totaldrama is getting better all the time. No sarcasm meant.

    Does anyone notice Leo seems to get better when he has someone from Microsoft or Google on live?

    Why can’t he always be alert and prepared?

    Seeing the good parts shows how bad the bad parts are getting.

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    1. Who can’t handle it? I discussed social norms. It is abnormal to go after critics but it is not abnormal to be a critic.

      Free speech applies even to hate speech but supporting free speech doesn’t mean you support what is said. I agree he has a right to say what he wants within the law.

      The points I made are valid, your idiom is not.

      It’s the same way I think it’s wrong to disrupt a chat room but if mods are out of control it is an obligation to disrupt it. If people cross lines so do other people. It’s pretty much how every war ever fought started.

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        1. Eat a dick. You’re incorrect. There is no hate speech exemption to the First Amendment, and the Supreme Court has ruled over and over that hate speech is allowed (other than face-to-face “fighting words” [personal invitation to brawl]). Hate speech is protected by the first amendment, but that’s not what this site is about anyway.

          Eat a dick.

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  3. Why is Sarah lanes left eye socket higher than her right? It is also pushed in further… Interesting.

    Oh yeah, Leo hurt my feelings when he berated Erik lanigan. He destroyed a poor kids heart and never once said sorry about it. That is just one major reason why Leo deserves to have the ground below him fall through…. It is happening now, and it is hilarious. That is the only entertaining thing about twit anymore, the implosion, the drama. The disgusting people that run twit and continue to support a immoral regime, well, that’s their problem. Insulting people who have a different opinion is exactly what Leo wants his minions to be like. I don’t once ever recall a total drama fan insulting a viewer of Leo. Funny how that is. Those are generally tell tale signs of people being led by a cult.

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  4. Please don’t tell Leo (and that soup guzzler priest) that their stupid overreaction to criticism just fuels the fire. It’s way too entertaining, and way better than TWiT’s boring content.

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  5. Surprised Leo takes it so bad. Maybe he should stop taking criticism to heart and actually listen to what’s being said. I saw the light about the real Leo over his treatment of Erik and once you see through his charade you can’t see him the same way again.

    The pervert and the dumbass won’t be so cocky when they fired. Can’t see EffinDumb lasting too long considering he can’t even spell common words. Padre the perv’s bosses wouldn’t be too impressed by his conduct either. He’s hardly turning the other cheek .

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  6. Putting on my attorney hat once again, if Leo actually threatened skieast that he is coming “up North” to see him, that can be considered a physical threat to his person and property. Also, that could be considered cyberstalking, a violation of state and federal law. All of these are felonies, punishing by fines and serious jail time. Serious jail time.

    Not one person on this site has ever wished physical harm on any TWIT employee or person. Unfortunately, idiot people like Molly think an ISP can shut us down because of our content. If an ISP did such a thing, that would be a serious restriction of our first amendment rights. Our speech is not criminally or civilly actionable.

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  7. Regarding Padre, I think it’s time I send an email to the Bishop of the Archdiocese that fat fuck is a member of, with a liberal amount of links such as the infamous “Suck It” YT video. I will detail what I, as a practicing Catholic, find so offensive. His lack of humility; his traveling to Vegas for Tech Shows, when he should be tending to SF’s poor, etc., etc.

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    1. That’s actually not a bad idea. He is clearly becoming more and more of a hypocrite everyday. Plus we should start sending Leo’s childish videos to the sponsors and show them the child they are dealing with.

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  8. Fuck the poor, they don’t have toys to play with. All his free time is spent serving the one true God, the #soupguzzler. He works for #soup and when he is off work he patrols YouTube and Twitter for negative comments towards twit. He does more work by prerecording annoying b-roll over and over and editing it together.

    He is so lost. As said in the article Al Qaeda and the crusades thought they were the good guys. Padre is the same. He spending years turning his back on the church so he can play with cool gadgets.

    He has an awful influence on his brothers who he makes jealous by showing off all his fancy friends and toys. Nothing good has come of his time at TWiT. He found the one man who despises religion more than Satan and that his lord now.

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    1. “All his free time is spent serving the one true God, the #soupguzzler.” Hope the priest reads this to get some perspective, and starts turning the other cheek (but not on young boys).

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