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Love is in the air when this airs!
Love is in the air when this show hits the airwaves!

There are a few news outlets that give respectable journalism institutions like #TotalDrama a bad name. Take TWiG, never has there been a more biased editorial(?) news(?) or reporting(?) program on any screen. A show fraught with love for a company that is in dire need of coverage by real journalists. Google is a powerhouse with a mighty hand in modern society that needs to be scrutinized. Instead the gang at TWiG drools over the company and its employees. They swallow the stories of Google Glass saving lives in surgery and self driving cars making the world a better place like [redacted] swallowing [redacted.]They literally apologize for putting Google multimillionaire Matt Cutts on the spot with questions.

Stunning look!

Corporate shill and purple faced kook Jarvis continues to press for a job, at the Goog, but continues to be denied. Google PR has decided that unbiased love of Google will be more effective coming from an outsider. A decision was made to keep him off payroll but attached to the Goog’s nipple via lucrative speaking engagements, unparalleled access, and business trips across the world to the finest hotels.

Something you wont find at TWiT
You wont find  this on the TWiT mantle!

#TotalDrama has standards. One standard is verifying leads. We have a pair of stories that our audience would be extremely interested in but we have been unable to corroborate with two independent sources. Our board met and decided the best way to move forward is to present the stories as what they are at this time, speculation.

Story 1

Something is awry with the #twitlive IRC. It is a fact that the longtime head poobah of the chat-room seems to be out. What we don’t know is why. That guy would never give the position up voluntarily. Additionally, the mods have been biting their acid tongues on kicks in recent weeks. Have they been given a stern lecture by the real boss?  Keep your eyes open for what went on behind the scenes.

Story 2

It appears that TWiT sponsor (spelled with a “Y”) may have had something to do with the new format of the travesty of a show called Coding 101. Did they have an issue with a how-to-show being on TWiT which competes with their core business? A long standing promise by TWiT is that sponsors will never dictate content. But we know about TWiT and its promises. [emoji]Winkyface[/emoji]

*Note If anyone has a lead, the email address will forward to someone on our team. Thanks to our fans, we could not do it without you!

**Note If you want to try they are sponsored by the 5by5 network. If they sponsor a Sarah Lane program this will be updated

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  1. Its known knowledge that Leo Laporte is a troll, a sexist and a misogynist but never before has there be a compilation of his creepiness towards women.

    It took us about 5 hours to research and compile this data but we are still looking for more raw unedited video of him telling Kim Shafer that he likes it when she wears low cut tops, Sarah Lane that he has a crush on her and Heather Hamann that he loves her “slave sandals” and that he just wanted to get her to put her legs up on the table.

    The whole purpose of what we’re trying to do is expose this predator and creep for what he is and also put the companies who willingly fund and sponsor this behavior on notice that sexual harassment in the workplace is no laughing matter.

    This include YOU Gina Trapani who claims to be a champion for women’s rights and a self proclaimed feminist but continues to turn a blind eye to how Leo Laporte treats women.

    So to everyone at TD, if you have more clips, please post them here, make your own compilation or download and re-edit mine. The whole point is to get the word out.

    You can view our compilation here, we also included the unedited sources in the description so check those out too:


    0:00 “…Maybe we can get over there with a camera crew and get pictures of you sliding down his pole”

    0:27 “…Just talk into Morgan (Webb)’s chest”

    0:51 “…Just take off your top and everything will be fine”

    1:11 “…You know that’s why women should always wear dresses. So they can shake their muff out”

    2:14 “…I have gotten in trouble for sexual harassment many times”

    2:48 “…I remember at Tech TV I got in trouble”

    5:12 “…It’s not for you to choose” (Leo excoriates Sarah Lane)

    6:08 Leo Laporte takes a photo of Sarah Lane’s lips with his cellphone then kisses image.

    6:46 “…Cross your legs”

    7:13 “…Don’t be self conscious. You can’t see anything except just a dark triangle”

    8:52 “…You are a smart, intelligent, powerful woman, don’t let that Leo guy bring you down” (Leo mocks viewers)

    9:21 Leo Laporte verbally abuses Tech Guy call screener Heather Hamann

    I want to think the great people at TD who have worked tirelessly to expose this sexual predator and his unscrupulous business practices.

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      1. oh yes “her Wife!”
        “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!” “My Wife!”………

        Yes! we know, your Gay!

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        1. She said in an interview once she does it intentionally to “disarm” people and make them uncomfortable. Thank you Gina for assuming the entire world is homophobic. She’s a real piece of work.

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          1. I liked her at first but this ‘My Wife’ mantra just became boring, she’s happily married I guess and has a kid (I’m pleased for her), but this has nothing to do with tech journalism or her coding prowess. It just makes her sound defensive and at the same time aggressive.

            Unlike Sarah Lane, Gina is not liked amongst my geeky gay friends, she’s an in your face gay person, gay at all costs, never let the enemy forget it.

            She slaps the viewer/listener around the face with ‘My Wife’ every time she’s online.

            Get over yourself Gina!

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  2. ok my bad I posted this before thinking it was the most current post, so what I was saying that that I think you should watch Security Now because at some point after the show Steve and Leo are talking about Sarah and Leo’s like “we’ve been friends for a long time and we never ruined it by entering into a relationship we both knew that” and so on and so forth. He is way into Sarah but it’s not as if she wanted a relationship and he didn’t, Leo is just full of himself.

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  3. The amount of c*ck goggling done on TWIG by the panel is sickening. That show is a giant google circle jerk. Strangely windows weekly and to a lesser extent Macbreak actually call out microsoft and apple – and often even make assumptions to the negative based on no facts at all…but TWIG? I am surprised someone isn’t carrying the google baby at this point. The ass kissing continues.

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  4. It is sad but TWIG is purely used by Jeff Jarvis to promote Google’s agenda. He protects their agenda and in return they pay for his travel and have him go to give ‘lectures’ to the world about how great Google Are. All the time claiming that he is ‘neutral’ in his bias.

    Gina Trapani cannot go without blame. She openly promotes Google and Leo Laporte certainly makes a point of promoting not only Google but his personal Agenda.

    I’ve come to the opinion after the last 3 months of TWIG that it is titled incorrectly. It seems that TWIG is merely called TWIG because it is impossible for them to operate a second TWiT titled shows because it is obvious to all but the most fervent cult member that it is really a show about trolling. In the past 13 weeks, ever since the loss of Robin Williams that they have spent more time discussing ‘Trolls’ and ‘Trolling’ than they have discussing anything else. I’m am sad that Zelda Williams was maltreated on Twitter but she really was trolled by the worst type of Troll, those with a religious opinion and and agenda.

    Jarvis, Trapani and Laporte have chosen from that day when they discussed it to weekly use the show as a method of accusing those that are critical of them or their opinion of being Trolls. Rather than accept that they may be massively wrong.

    In fact out of the last 13 weeks 10 of them have featured 1/3 of the show or more whining about Trolls. It is funny that the show that started it all commenced with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis Trolling John C Dvorak with Leo making a sarcastic statement and Jarvis heartily laughing and getting much fun out of what was a statement made in an insulting tone.

    This has not been the only Trolling that Jarvis and Laporte have done during their show they have mocked a video of a young woman making abusive statements and other instances of Trolling.

    It seems that TWiT.TV is full of double standards, Racism and Sexism and Native Advertising.

    Aaah yes! Native Advertising! Leo’s incessant claims about Native Advertising and how they have not, do not and never will participate in Native Advertising. Trouble is…

    …Citrix products. Laporte claims he uses then and then says how great it is to use them even demonstrating one of the products regularly.

    …Lynda, he claimed he used them all the time (trouble was he never knew the password when he was supposed to log in on air to it).

    …Harry’s, Wow, he not only claims to use it, he and his Friar both shave to promote how wonderful the shave is and don’t understand that it’s not that you shave with it but that Leo does it live on air making it a native advertisement and the Padre chose to lather up his whole face and forehead and shaved everything. I wish I had kept that footage instead of being so discussed. They should do a tasteful B-Roll and use that.

    …Naturebox, talk about lying and not grasping that claiming it is healthier is only true if you do as he does compare their products to a bar of chocolate or bag of chips and not like for like comparisons.

    …Barkbox where the dog was made sick by BarkBox as the Padre stated when the dog was chucking up shortly after being given Barkbox products. Using the Dog and saying that the dog has a bark box account just proves that they utilize even a poor defenseless (especially so now they have had 1/3 of it’s teeth removed) animal to get people to sign up using the TWiT name.

    and the list just rolls on and on.

    They make even the most biased news networks seem totally neutral! Shame on Leo Lapork and Shame on Jeff Jarpiss and ‘Gina Crapani and even shame on Father Ballsucker.

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    1. do not fail to see that trolling techniques are used everywhere these days. The trade unions in Los Angeles just trolled to death the superintendent of schools. when unions combined with their other trade unions, trolling even its own members is becoming embedded within every aspect of the unions control. It is huge. and effective. and painful, what trolls do.

      Who replaced that guy the unions kicked out? A person with sexual harassment charges on own employees, so, yes, it happens and is allowed, even in the school system, the guy got hired back, does not matter about sexual harassment charges. Just the way things are.

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  5. With regards to Story 2.

    My independent source who knows someone close to the matter has confirmed that is not worried about (I quote) “the laughable Coding 101 podcast” competing with their core business. “ are in the education and self learning sector and not into misleading it’s students with false hope and gibberish.”

    They continued by saying “ has withdrawn their advertising as they don’t want to be associated with such ghastly dribble spewed out by programming illiterate PadreSJ and some of his guests.”

    My source proceeded to say that “it is felt that Coding 101 has bought this new medium of quality online learning into disrepute with its poor preparation and lack of focus and structure. Needless to say, the board and management team at have therefore decided to distance themselves from this woeful TWiT show.”

    I too am awaiting corroboration from two other independent sources with regards to the above statement; but this does shed some light into why Lynda’s advertising has stopped.

    Lisa Kentzell (#CEHo of TWiT) has refused to respond to various request for a interview on this matter other than suggesting that this line of investigative journalism is not worthy of her extensive managemental and financial intellect.

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    1. Coding 101 was badly perceived from the inception. They started out with a language which is fairly rigid in rules and structure and then they skim over it then show people’s homework where it is clearly from people that have already a good knowledge of the language and deviated greatly from whole subject. Meanwhile they skimmed and showed the bare minimum.

      It actually became painful to watch the recap because they spent more time recapping and going back over everything. An hour a week is no good to anyone. I spotted multiple times where the ‘Friar’ and his ‘programmer’ buddy had screwed up. At least the Microsoft guy admitted his mistakes. The Friar just ignored that there was an error. Like his first sample that had a major bug that stopped it compiling.

      I am sure that the guys at Lynda watched in horror as the Padre turned education into a shambles. Similarly know how tends to brush over details when those details really matter and of course the Padre sits on his evening show one day and tells people that he steals (Hmmm…Though Shalt not Steal) location locked TV programming from the BBC in the UK by using a VPN. Setting a fine example of morality for viewers.

      There are multiple cancers within TWiT, one of them is the Friar, the other the Gold Digger and a Huge one called TWIG and it’s hosts and not to mention TNT which has gone from being an entertaining discussion of the news by a group of hosts into a festival of terrible Skype connections, self-promotion by Mike “Please follow me I beg you” Elgan for his Social Media, and poorly presented advertising. No wonder the advertisers are walking away. It’s embarrassing to be associated with TWiT and I would go as far as to say it’s hurting the message about their products!

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  6. Start at the 3 minute mark on the video:

    Steve said Sarah is “easy on the eyes” right after Leo says that he and Sarah have known each other for longer than Leo has known Steve.

    Then Steve keeps praising Sarah and Leo and Leo goes into saying that they decided NOT to ruin their friendship, this happens at the 4:50 mark and on.

    WTF Leo? LOL

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    1. That guy’s got serious issues that needs to be addressed. cnet, premier radio, lynda, naturepuke all need to do some real soul searching about who they’re funding and supporting.

      The sooner his company goes belly up and he goes away, the better off we’ll all be.

      If he’s that blatant on camera just imagine what he does off camera. The fact that he said on a Sunday TWIT preshow that he likes women who resist him should be telling enough.

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      1. Gibson IS creepy. Everytime he mentions his girlfriend Jenny (which is often) I picture this barely legal Asian girl he ordered by mail and now keeps enslaved in his server room.

        Or maybe they met when he was out doing research… you know, at Starbucks where GRC does their research.

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    2. What LL said was consistent w/ his usual prattle – I believe what Steve said may have been considered ‘sweet’ by SL, but as it is not fashionable she chose not to comment. She’s quite used to comments and knows it was probably well intended by the near 60 year old fella – Steve goes over the top & becomes ebullient – that’s SG & probably harmless – where LL usually borders on predatory. Another factor – they do have remarkable chemistry and that pre-show is priceless, additionally IPT needs a boost as LK has painted it as struggling similar to TSH and considers it bean-counter low hanging fruit.
      Obviously she just wants to diminish SL / I wouldn’t be shocked if the ‘compliments’ were staged – as LL looks foward to the banter & interaction her Sarah and wants her to stay w/ TWIT after her contract expires

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    1. IF Soup ever jumped and ended the misery he exudes you can be assured it would be a mess. I’ve never met a man that is so poisonous and being that full of poison it would be like lancing a boil, a big yellow pussy mess. It would require the Environmental Protection Agency to go in and clean up the mess wearing Biohazard suits. It could literally led to a catastrophe of epic proportions.

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  7. ” A show fraught with love for a company that is in dire need of coverage by real journalists.”

    You’re complaining that McDonald’s doesn’t sell filet mignon!

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  8. But wait!
    Sooooooo,Leo has had many hot chicks on before that all left the network.
    Things are so great Steve G. has to go on for 5 min. about the “pre-show” with Sara …….
    But worry not,things at twit are fine///

    Sad that creepy french man thinks he ever had a chance with Sara.

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  9. Lisa has been around since 2007 or so, well before the shithouse plans were proposed. I remember when Leo first talked about this building that was on the market and might make a good expanded studio for TWiT. Lisa was there all through this and has to be presumed to had her smelly taco bait hands all over the deal. She was presumed to have over seen the wildly over budget construction of the shit house. To invest over $1,000,000 in improvements on a structure you don’t own is madness, and to sign a 10 year lease that locks you in regardless if the business survives or not is living on a different planet. Notice how Calie Lewis bought her building, if things don’t work out, she has options. Soups only option is BK plain and simple. He’ll have a storage unit filled with aging production gear. He’ll be back in that apartment because The CoHo will have the mansion and curved OLED TV. I can’t imange how his kids (especially his daughter) reacts when their friends shy away from Soup and explain how creepy he is. Thank goodness for the live feed between shows and TTG, especially the weekend feed, where it all started with that little net cam balanced on Soups broadcast counter top.

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