Leo, Padre and Gum Offend Every Broadcaster

We have recently seen some of the most influential broadcasters of our time come out against the new TWiT. On a recent episode of Night Attack, internet megastars Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood seemed disturbed that Father Robert Ballecer of the Society of Jesuits, purposefully aired his show in their traditional Tuesday night time-slot. The 7:30PM time was open on every weekday on TWiT’s schedule. He chose Tuesday to defecate his show on the public as  a clear proclamation of where his allegiance lies.  He forsook his friends to please Leo n’ Lisa.

Sad but true.
The pious charlatan was trying to poach as many listeners away from the hilarious Night Attack duo as he could. Pilfering  an audience by putting his show directly up against the talented NSFW team proved a colossal error as the latest number shows his downloads to be in the single digits. The egomania of this man is eclipsed by only one other, Laporte  himself.

In that same week, Gitmo Nations’ media assassin  Adam Curry called out Elgum as a hack. Curry is a hero of many at #TotalDrama, and there was no mistaking that pronunciation. [El-Gûm]
What an honor. Press play below.

All were unavailable for comment, but sources close to the entertainers explained why the Elgum/Padre model is so offensive. It seems that every person who ever called himself a professional entertainer is visibly upset at both; the man who speaks in one monotonous tone, as well as the man whose voice rises and falls more times in a sentence than the CEHo’s undergarments in an afternoon.

When the #soupguzzler tells Lgum he can keep his writing gigs as long as he does a half hour daily show on his network for a whopping 20K a year, he offends every broadcaster. When #soupguzzler inserts the cost-free priest into the time slot of Brian and Justin he offends again. #Soup is essentially spitting in the face of everyone who ever held a microphone. He is telling every broadcaster that anyone can do your job. Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, you have no talent in Leo’s eyes. He can replace you with a writer and a man whose main talent is taking the vow of poverty.

And you fans; the bare-ass of Leo is pointed directly at your face when you accept this garbage.

10 thoughts on “Leo, Padre and Gum Offend Every Broadcaster”

    1. Real talent that worked their asses off to get their audience and success. Bitch slapped by a fat glountinous perverted fuck with no talent. Daddy Roberto Ballbouncer’s only redeeming quality for twit is that he is free.

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      1. I bet that if anyone went in and offered to work for free Soup Guzzler would show $ signs in his eyes and have them sign up.

        How anyone can turn his back and shit on the people that supported him so much but then when you think about the Movie Draft! He blamed his failure on his game partner and threw him under the bus. Mmmmm sounds quite Leoish.

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  1. It is so true. There is no reason why that timeslot was taken by Friar Tuck except to split the people that would watch AAA and then jump over to Nightattck.tv to watch Brian and Justin.

    In fact a few times I have heard the foul mouth rants of a ‘man of god’ because AAA was late ending but they were late ending because of Laportes piddling around and forced Sarah Lane to show what an asset she is by completing TN2 in record time to catch up but it still leave Jason & Co rushing to get ready and just finish a few minutes late leaves them subject to the tantrums of the ‘padre’.

    Elgum is a true hack! If you go to his google+ page and read some of the postings, nobody in their right mind would complain about battery use when they have spent the whole day doing Slo-Mo video at 240 fps sucking the battery dry.

    I pointed out with a comment that when you come from the Moto-X with a broken screen and crappy camera and a phone is new you use the crap out of it and only a hack would post a statement complaining of battery life when they are screwing around with the device taking slo-mo and many many pictures as well as connecting it through bluetooth to his Google Glass is an indication that Mike Elgan is not a competent reporter, does not show balance and should not be reporting any news at all.

    Someone went on the defensive saying that the Moto-X was an award winning phone according the several reporters. I suggested that it was only award winning because of the number of sales and that everyone agreed the camera was a bag of crap!

    I suggested that Mike Elgan and Leo Laporte should be locked in the TWiT Rape Room.

    Shortly my comments were removed by Elgan who had, when I had previously asked, said “I do not delete people’s post, everyone has a right to their point of view and that is what makes the discussion ‘balanced’!”

    So it proves that Elgum is also a liar. Just like Leo Laporte who boasted today that he doesn’t care about the people that call in and that they are only there for ‘entertainment value’ and he is not there to ‘help them’.

    I certainly hope that Elgum in his upcoming vacation gets lost in the Syrian Desert or gets kidnapped (maybe someone should suggest to ISIS that there is an American journalist floating around Syria) and put us all out of our misery.

    Leo Laporte and his Gold-digging CE-HO are deliberately going out to screw those that have had the sense to quit the TWiT Shit house and start earning real money instead of a stipend to give the minimum payment for the services that they give him.

    I am sure that he is starting to be derailed by his own antics with the interval between his rants and abuse becoming more and more shorter.

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    1. Diego, Gold Digging Whore. Sorry but she would demand an intern to do the digging for her. As for the word Whore, that is an insult to the oldest profession! She is far worse than a whore. A succubus maybe?

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  2. “A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.”

    Yep. That’s her. So Leo is an incubus.

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