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Public Private Parts

Why oh why would anyone want a public hangout – private? This is odd, next we will have to have our privates out in public when doing our private business.

A take-down notice? Pretty serious for an innocuous speech he was trying to make public via a public Google hangout. This sure is a heck of a puzzle. What, by George, is he trying to hide? This was a completely (mostly) unedited and in context video, an anomaly for this site. Why would someone want to hide what they said under no duress? Quite a conundrum.

I said don't look
I said don’t look

Seems to me the public has a right to know why the  beloved Shannon Morse was removed from a program. Seems to me that Father Robert explained eloquently that there was a meeting of the top people at TWiT, probably Padre, Leo, Lisa, and Jeff_N to decide Shannon’s fate. They didn’t think she should be at the meeting which makes total sense; why include her when they had experts at the meeting.

“We sat down and realized we were misusing her.” Uh huh, sure. So they all sat on a couch somewhere and realized they were misusing her. What does that even mean? I reckon they were saving money by firing her and just having a Priest who works free host. A pattern of cost saving that goes back to firing a real editor and replacing him with whoever was around. They wanted her on a show that “specifically fits her talents and her passions.” I guess she is passionate about reviewing Asus keyboards. Great Job with that!

Padre explains why Shannon Morse is No Longer hosting Coding101

By the way, we learned in a previous post, when the eyeballs do a left eye roll a person is accessing his front brain creative lobe. The creative lobe used in lying and not memory recall.

This site is hosted in Europe, or somewhere crazy like that, and if our host makes us take down the video below, we will but we think we have a case why it should stay up. I guess we may as well mention Shannon’s Patreon again. Looks like it will be a success and should close out at a respectable per-show amount.

Now Padre has something to do this weekend. Get that keyboard out and start typing in Scandinavian.