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Petaluma Psycho

I have been writing for this site since mid-October 2014 and I seem to have gained a reputation as the Pro-Leo guy or TWiT apologist. This is simply not true and I think this article will support my stance. Ya’ll seem to think #soupguzzler is some sort of “liar.” Well, fine, he does lie a bit to fans about some stuff. Yea, I’d Fund That, Game of Geeks, twelve meet ups a year world-wide, in just eight months Mikes turned into a real pro, great friends with Kevin Spacey, not letting advertisers dictate content, a fresh Breaking News Division, cancelling shows, offering Amber a goodbye episode, money invested in TWiT, flying people in for the NYE show, sending Elgum to Thailand to cover stories and a few other minor untruths but big deal.

However, I think the way he treats people is a little cold. In this video we see an oral reunion with Ray Maxwell. A former TWiT host and friend.

  • The poor guy has to call in to talk to Leo
  • Leo couldn’t call the guy when he was diagnosed with cancer?
  • He will hook him up with the Know-How show, sure
  • I just miss you so much”
  • He doesn’t even save the guys contact info
  • They are going to visit him in Vancouver

10929654_800I couldn’t place what #soup’s condition was until I remembered a line from American Psycho. A great novel/movie everyone should watch about Patrick Bateman, a self-centered psychopath who basically hates everyone. Here are some quotes.
Do they ring any bells?

Patrick Bateman: I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust

That’s your job

Image006There was a recent tweet, pictured below, that brought to light another example of the mismanagement of TWiT. When you see Laporte telling the host of a show (Sarah Lane) how much money he sinks into her show it is wrong on so many levels. TWiT is not “old media” it is actually worse than old media. By the way, this maniac attributes the money spent on iPad Today  to Sarah and the money earned to himself….And Laporte claims that two people at #TotalDrama are mentally ill?

The way a network should be run is a host/producer should have one job only. To make a good show. There are other people in charge of selling ads who are under Lisa, (albeit someone with zero sales experience.) They also should have one person responsible for media, social media, maybe placing an ad, maybe making sure they book hosts to appear on other podcasts, radio shows etc.

Instead, the duo that is incapable of taking any blame puts everything on the host. Why da heck should a host be responsible or even know what the rent is. If TWiT ran 60 shows a week the allocated rent to (ie) OMGCraft would obviously be less than it is if they run 25 shows a week. That is totally outside his realm and his show’s “cost” should have NOTHING to do with how many shows TWiT does. Instead, they make that a burden on hosts.

This image is not relevant to story
This image is not relevant to story

The sales department is grossly negligent as are other departments. If the Sopranos aired on TWiT it would have been cancelled. They really need some talented management there, this boat is sinking fast and more and more talent is leaving. Chad, if you make a good show and it gets tons of downloads on YouTube and does not get downloads from TWiT or have ads sold that is not your failing. That is management’s fault.

Leo also claims all the income from the website ads, the merchandise etc, that all goes in Leos column. Conversely, they meticulously attribute every cost to the shows. Why do they not do likewise with revenue.

All the shows that will live forever and earn money on YouTube, guess who gets that? YouTube revenue is miniscule, but they will end up with thousands and thousands of shows, a nice annuity to subsidize future soup purchases without giving a dime to the hosts. Nice scam soup, I think the cast of Giligan’s Island got a more talent friendly deal in 1964.

The network effect is a great thing and something Diamond Club needs to learn fast. There is a lot of benefit to everyone gained by teaming up. Hopefully <> will not suffer the same fate as one bone-idle-glutton.

Leo, Padre and Gum Offend Every Broadcaster

We have recently seen some of the most influential broadcasters of our time come out against the new TWiT. On a recent episode of Night Attack, internet megastars Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood seemed disturbed that Father Robert Ballecer of the Society of Jesuits, purposefully aired his show in their traditional Tuesday night time-slot. The 7:30PM time was open on every weekday on TWiT’s schedule. He chose Tuesday to defecate his show on the public as  a clear proclamation of where his allegiance lies.  He forsook his friends to please Leo n’ Lisa.

Sad but true.
The pious charlatan was trying to poach as many listeners away from the hilarious Night Attack duo as he could. Pilfering  an audience by putting his show directly up against the talented NSFW team proved a colossal error as the latest number shows his downloads to be in the single digits. The egomania of this man is eclipsed by only one other, Laporte  himself.

In that same week, Gitmo Nations’ media assassin  Adam Curry called out Elgum as a hack. Curry is a hero of many at #TotalDrama, and there was no mistaking that pronunciation. [El-Gûm]
What an honor. Press play below.

All were unavailable for comment, but sources close to the entertainers explained why the Elgum/Padre model is so offensive. It seems that every person who ever called himself a professional entertainer is visibly upset at both; the man who speaks in one monotonous tone, as well as the man whose voice rises and falls more times in a sentence than the CEHo’s undergarments in an afternoon.

When the #soupguzzler tells Lgum he can keep his writing gigs as long as he does a half hour daily show on his network for a whopping 20K a year, he offends every broadcaster. When #soupguzzler inserts the cost-free priest into the time slot of Brian and Justin he offends again. #Soup is essentially spitting in the face of everyone who ever held a microphone. He is telling every broadcaster that anyone can do your job. Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young, you have no talent in Leo’s eyes. He can replace you with a writer and a man whose main talent is taking the vow of poverty.

And you fans; the bare-ass of Leo is pointed directly at your face when you accept this garbage.

Gum Sinks Lower

The ratings continue to slide with TNT looking to fall out of the top 100 for the  first time in three and a half years. Expect some major begging during the outros this week fans!

How low can you go? We will find out.
How low can you go? We will find out.

When asked for comment, the #soupguzzler had this to say:

“We could not be happier with the job Lgum has done. He has really raised the tenor of journalism here. TNT is a deep dive into the day’s news and not that fast-paced nonsense like the old TNT. Gum has become a real professional broadcaster and I am really very, very happy.”

The interviewer then realized that soup was actually asleep and repeating these words in his nightmare.
When asked for comment the Gum said the following:

“It’s astonishing how awesome TNT is. It is really, really super good. In a sec I’ll tell you why, but first I wanna give Chickenhead a waddup. You can reach me for more comments at my favorite technology company, Starbucks, where I will drink coffee from a cup with a sensor in it. Hey, waittaminute, you’re a troll and I am out of here.”

Gum ran away fast as heck but we caught up with the CEHo who was forthright as always:

“Ratings are way up [sic] and we expect to cut some costs anyways. Look for a few editors and hosts to be on the street this holiday season. [wink] Gotta get back to spreadsheets, the board in my office with shows on it and  meetings with interns. You know I have to be out of the office today by 4:45, CEO work is hard.”