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Original art from ‘Feedback & Tips’ now available for your eyeballs

An original piece of artwork was left in the TotalDrama “Feedback & Tips” box the other week. After retrieving the jpeg from the bin, the editorial board quickly called an emergency session. It was then unanimously agreed that this masterpiece had to be published as soon as our team of consultants and art historians could ascertain its provenance. So it is with great pride that we unveil to you for the first time ever, “Leo Eats on ‘Windows Weekly.'”

"Leo Eats During 'Security Now'"
“Leo Eats During ‘Windows Weekly'”

We are thrilled to have this worldwide exclusive on the blog and thank the artist (who wishes to remain anonymous) for his contribution.

If any other budding Gaugins would like to contribute, just hit the “Feedback & Tips” button on the right side of this webpage.