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Original art from ‘Feedback & Tips’ now available for your eyeballs

An original piece of artwork was left in the TotalDrama “Feedback & Tips” box the other week. After retrieving the jpeg from the bin, the editorial board quickly called an emergency session. It was then unanimously agreed that this masterpiece had to be published as soon as our team of consultants and art historians could ascertain its provenance. So it is with great pride that we unveil to you for the first time ever, “Leo Eats on ‘Windows Weekly.'”

"Leo Eats During 'Security Now'"
“Leo Eats During ‘Windows Weekly'”

We are thrilled to have this worldwide exclusive on the blog and thank the artist (who wishes to remain anonymous) for his contribution.

If any other budding Gaugins would like to contribute, just hit the “Feedback & Tips” button on the right side of this webpage. 

The Depravity

Always Lovely & Always Talented

Is there no end to the torturous abuse leveled against Sarah Lane? Recently she went away on vacation with a new beau* and came back fully relaxed. She sat down at her set to work on iFive (Thanks Dropcam) and in walks the megalomaniac.  He comes up behind her to say hello and starts to lecherously rub her shoulders. Like a mongrel beast he marks his territory. Sarah buries the outrage deep within, but it emerged the next day on The Social Hour. Her co-host mentions “an airplane” and Sarah’s unconscious wish to cry out is misdirected at people who touch her on a plane, but we know it was meant for Laporte.

Folks, I have been in prison, I have seen disgusting things: men humping the floor of a cell in a drunken stupor and men having heroin induced diarrhea on themselves, but never have I been so repulsed as when that ogre put his hands on her soft, slight, and pale as the moonlight loving shoulders. (O.k. I was a drop jealous too) But NO, this is not the depravity I speak of here today. The constant sexual harassment is part of the game at TWiT. He fosters an environment where his victims are tricked into believing it is the weak women who ‘cry abuse’ and the strong women who ‘can handle it.’  Oh Leo, you fool no one. We know how you laughed off the harassment course you took at Tech TV.

Deliver us
Deliver us

So what is the latest depravity? What do we speak of today? As the lovely and talented Sarah Lane mucks her way through TWiT she is granted one yearly wish, one perk, one gleaming ray of sunlight fighting through the rain. A gold iPhone. Alas, not this year. This year the horror leveled on her is a boring white iPhone. How dare you Laporte, how dare you. He sent out twenty interns to make sure his friends and family got what they wanted but once again not Sarah. How long? How long must we sing this song?

Hello Sarah, way to make up a fake email so you could say hy in a clever way, and butt out #soupguzzler, the grown ups are talking.

*He scored 0 touchdowns in his college football career, I scored 2 and played defense.
**A $3,842 bounty is being offered by #TotalDrama for the spreadsheet that calculated the cost of iPad Today at $400,000 a year.

Lisa Kentzell eyes the competition with angry eyes

Lisa "Ug" Kentzell
Lisa “Ug” Kentzell

Human barfbag and TWiT “CEO” Lisa Kentzell is rumored to have it out for every woman at TWiT that rates higher than a 3 on the internationally-recognized “Hottie” scale. She has subsequently put the kibosh on at least four potential female hires because they were considered too good looking and a real threat to Lisa’s grip on Leo.

Many in the know are relieved that Sarah Lane’s tenure at TWiT has not been cut short by Lisa’s vicious evil eye. For starters, Leo would be foolish not to recognize Sarah’s extraordinary talent; but more simply, Sarah was simply there before Lisa’s unfortunate arrival.

So watch your back, Tonya.
Girl, don’t get any plastic surgery or a new hairdo without Lisa’s approval. Because if you get even a hair’s breadth away from jazzing up your style, Lisa will axe your ass faster than Leo lickin’ up his liquid lunch.