TotalDrama is a Global Site

When was christened we really hoped it would grow to be a global website. Too much of the internet is U.S. centric like Tom Merritt’s shows. We wanted to be global in the vain of eLgum. If there is a flood in Thailand, #TotalDrama is going to report from Thailand.

Here now is a little progress report on the reach of #truth, A.K.A. our website, courtesy of Google-analytics. The growth in just a few short months is off-the-hook. The #drama movement is shaking our planet like the floor of the SHiThouse when Padre walks through.

Welcome Mother Russia  *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data
Welcome Mother Russia! *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data

And it looks like most of the cowboys in the USA are on board except for three of the stupidest states that no one ever heard of, looking at you Indiana or Montana, or whatever is out there. Dearest Alaska; snow is no excuse to hide from the #truth.

Better late than never Louisiana
Better late than never Louisiana!

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