Leo Laporte Slams Adam Curry, Kim Komando, and Woz on This Week in Tech

#Soup throws insults around freely, as we all know, but the Editorial Board here at Total Drama was entirely surprised how effectively Leo Laporte was able to fit in some huge slams during the “This Week in Tech: 497” pre-show and show intro this past Sunday.

Partial list of insults with time codes in the video below

  • 0:00: Leo insults Kim Komando for a really long time when a studio guest brings her up (the insults go on and on, and we had to edit them down quite a bit)
  • 3:45: Leo says Steve Wozniak (Woz) “talks a lot… never really says anything”
  • 3:54: Leo calls John’s No Agenda Show “that crackpot podcast where anything goes” and says “I’ve never listened to it”. John begs Leo to say something good about it so that people will actually listen to the show, but we elected to leave this out of the video since it was left in the downloadable show, unlike the other clips. You can watch that portion yourself in its entirety.
  • 4:08: Leo says he questions Adam Curry’s mental facilities and then recounts why he won’t ever talk to him again.
  • 4:36: Bonus Content: Leo explains the root problem of the TWiT network now
  • 4:58: Bonus Content: Leo’s belly causes technical problems


Not voting

I am tired of celebrities telling me to vote. Butt out of my life, I got shit to do. On the other hand, Sarah probably votes.

Why oh why does Leo have so much trouble getting guests on TWiT? That program does 65K downloads with four ads at 70 CPM, that is quite a lot of moola. If that show dies his network is in serious trouble. Well maybe blaming Chad for no one wanting to be on TWiT will work. Let’s watch a short video together, shall we?

Maybe pissing off Tom, Brian, Justin, Shannon, Chad, iYaz and losing their friends Molly, Veronica, Scott Johnson etc etc is starting to have an effect? Maybe insulting people on your stream like you did to John dVorak, Jolie O’dell, Chris Prillo etc etc is starting to have an effect? Yea, that could be it. Maybe

Exposing the Mods

There were times I thought people were too hard on the mods. Not often, but there were such times. Then, this newest Cap’n Juno video emerged. I see now that there is no end to the disease we call TWiT chat mods.

We call on all decent human beings to urge the #soupguzzler to get a new IRC room and exonerate himself from the crimes that these beasts of humanity commit daily.

Sequel Released to Blockbuster Documentary

This video premiered early this morning. I did not have a chance to view it, in its entirety, but it seems to be what was heralded from the get-go. If you do not have time to sit through the entire two hours of uncut lies, this is a highlight reel

Brony Con 2015 should be better than last year, hit me up if you need tix.

In Anticipation of Captain Juno, Here we present The Giz Wiz and Leo

While we wait for Captain Juno to chop and channel the words of Leo we should take some time to watch the original.

To bookmark special moments, to share amongst soup lovers everywhere.

Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte talk TWiT, grudges and suing everyone.