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I'm an old has been who sits on his ass and lies to callers. But it's a job, someone has to do it. Oh sorry. That's our hero, Leo, not me. Mostly

BREAKING NEWS! Leo Laporte, purported ‘Tech Guy’, is butchering a PC build

Live now. Video to follow once we stop laughing.

UPDATE 2016-03-31 – Leo has finally gotten the NVME m.2 ssd recognized.

<~Leo> I was fooled by all the people who were complaining about issues with the m2 and the z170
<~Leo> turned out it was just that the ssd wasn’t completely in
<~Leo> I installed it wrong

Tension builds as Leo, Karsten Jerry and the hated chatroom attempt the impossible.  Something that 12-year-olds 9-year-olds do every day.

“Can we use either USB connector?”


“What is the LITTLE ONE for?”

“It sucked it right in” Leo referring to a cable? Or a hard drive? Or maybe a close personal friend.

“Which one is the boot drive?”

“How tight do I need to make this” Leo says as he reefs down the cpu cooler screws.

“The Arctic Silver is already on it”  No it’s not Arctic Silver. Conductive pad.  But that’s only tech talk.

“It’s loose”
“Is there a hole?” Leo looking for standoff hole.
“Is it spinning?” Leo stripping threads in case

“Is it important to glue fans to the hard drives” Leo feeling that renowned system builder Steve Gibson is one-upping him.

There was much discussion about how to connect fan connectors to the motherboard. The verbatim will have to wait.

“Time for the cooker”   Leo trying to confuse us.

“I guess they didn’t think I would try to put such a big thing in there” Leo talking about what we know not. And as we have photographic evidence that it’s not very big we are really confused.

“Not as good as the 69 club”  We all want in to that club.

“You can see the hole. And you can see all the metal filings” Leo wondering why cross threaded screws are bad.

“A massively flatulent GUI” Leo Laporte referring to Windows. Poor Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

“I forgot there’s USB on the front to. That should work.”

Tension builds as the moment approaches. BOOT TIME!


“00 means it’s not getting power”
“Where is that cable?”
“There’s two connectors for the cpu?”

Ok, power now connected to motherboard. One more time!


Installing Windows on the Samsung NVME drive will be left as an exercise for the reader.  Or a future call for help?

Mike Elgan Trashes TWiT Sponsor On-Air, Again

Village Idiot
Village Idiot
During Tech News Today Mike Elgan stated he would not renew his PayPal account in protest over Paypal’s change to their Terms of Service.

Gum had this to say:

“Well, um, I guess, everybody who’s listening to this and watching this show uh has a choice to either uh-uh agree to the user agreement thuh. This’ll be the uh yuh-you’ll be uh asked very soon to uh renew your agreement uh with the new agreement. Uh I personally am not going to. I’m gonna cancel my PayPal account over this, and I suspect that some people will.”

PayPay subsidiary and TNT sponsor Braintree Payments could not be reached for comment. TWiT hosts have previously trashed sponsors on-air:

The Video


It’s not what you think.

It may be the Leo Laporte is obsessed with totaldrama or just not operating normally but right now domains are hot.

Which one really angers you? Probably none of them. Leo however hates at least two. (He has admitted that is pretty awesome).

Leo does not like someone, AKA the one ass, is registering domains that his elite staff didn’t. He has determined that there is an enemy and it is I.

Carly and Hilary are approaching the same jokers with more equanimity, using the publicity to promote their individual campaigns. I get threats. Doesn’t really seem fair. But I have big shoulders and can carry the weight and responsibility. I also have a crew of bikers (mountain) who will surround me on my jaunts from the basement.

No videos from me today. Boring, booooo!. I know. But editing takes time, just ask Lisa. Leo has reported that she spent most of the night trying to craft the last disaster known as TheNewScreenSavers into a masterpiece. Adobe Premier is not her friend. Look forward to more off-site editors as Lisa decides that this editing thing is greatly overrated. Will the great Jason Howell be the next to hit the bricks? We pray no as he is one of the last guiding lights at TWiT.

There are no other trolls here. Keep moving along, nothing to see. But if you have some complaints send them in. We promise to read them all and make smart comments. Down!

Broken News: The web empire of has been taken offline.

Update: The rumour being spread that a team of hackers, based in Vatican City, have taken offline is false. At least that’s what this reporter can glean from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Meerkat videos.   None of which has shown the purported hacker team (dressed in cassocks) actually hacking.  Fr. Robert Ballecer has been asked his opinion and we will relay it when received.

Further details coming.

TubCasts You Trust, From Naked Hosts You Don’t


TotalDrama is putting a pin in this idea.

You heard it here first:
Tubcasting is the new podcasting.

Here’s the original post. But now that Leo has expanded his studio to include a tax-deductible vat of slimy water in his backyard, the editorial board at TotalDrama is committed to the idea of spreading the word “tubcast” to describe the lazy type of broadcasting that Leo Laporte engages in. He’s a tubcaster now.

Dogs? We looooove doggies

SuperDog by totaldramatist

Now there have been complaints that TotalDrama has ceased to produce original content, that we are content to post dog videos and scarves walking around…

Where are the wonderful videos of Leo and Lisa? Why can’t anyone spend hours and hours looking through saved videos for those magic moments that will make everyone laugh?

Because nobody has the time. No one cares that much. Leo doesn’t care; neither do we.

Personally I don’t want to make TWiT look better than it is. I don’t want to take a Mike Elgan random walk and make it look interesting. Let the crap fall where it may and stay there.

I found a dog jumping after a ball video. Here it is. Yell at me.

The neverending saga of TWiT’s Mobile World Congress 2015 coverage

Mobile-World-Congress-20151We at Totaldrama are fair—truly. We watch TWIT and comment. So to that end I set my alarm for 6 a.m. PST to participate in Mike’s live broadcast from MWC.

A disaster. Truly. A clueless mumbling Gumbot cabled to a camera. Were wireless mics not in the budget? Showing the audience reams of fitness bands and smart watches. Talking to some toothbrush manufacturer about their smart brush. Eventually telling the spokesman, “Enough of that!”

Quote of the day: “This appears to be um, ah, err…a wearable shirt”

So no discussion about the Intel press conference going on at the same time. Nothing about Google becoming a MVNO. No hands on with anything that anyone would actually buy.

And it ended with a stumbling ad read.

Good luck, editors! Your work awaits you.

Again for real coverage check out Android Central (Phil Nickinson is a good friend, of someone at least), The Verge (we love them, they might not like us much), Engadget, PC Perspective (Ryan Shrout, you’re too good to be on TWICH) and almost any other technology site on the internet.

UPDATE: A irate commenter reported that our close personal friend Phil Nickinson is a douche. Ouch.  So try Android Police instead.

Breaking News: Mobile World Congress 2015 is go

It’s Sunday March 1, 2015 and Mobile World Congress press conferences are live around the internet.

HTC announced a flurry of strange products, Huawei unveiled an attractive watch and MIke Elgan tours Barcelona bakeries.


Yes, actual tech journalists are live tweeting, producing videos, interviewing executives.

The new HTC One M9 has been put in journalist hands for reviews and comments.

TWiT and Mike Elgan are doing the job of checking out the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.


Thanks TWiT and Leo for sending Mike and Amira on an awesome super vacation.

Today’s News Bytes

“All the news without the ads”

Leo does a fine translation of the entire “Security Now” show:

<~Leo> translation: it’s faster

Is Sarah Lane married?