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More TWiT Employees Side With #Drama and Sarah against #Soup

In a shocking shift of allegiances, long time technician Alex Gumpel has freed himself from the lapdog allegations with mucho gusto. In a recent seemingly benign post, the long coated youngster clearly stated his allegiance with the slim half of the iPad Today twosome. Asked for comment, he may have posed this question, “Have you seen the first three letters of my last name?”

Welcome to the revolution!

The Soup has come home to roost!
The Soup has come home to roost! This #soupyscoup reported by SRubber

Mike Elgum infected with drama, walks off the set

In a shocking display and breach of journalistic tradition, “Tech News Today” anchor Mike Elgum walked off the set after coming down with what some TWiT watchers are calling a case of the “dramas.” Later, heartless jerks Leo ’n’ Lisa laugh at Elgum’s predicament and show absolutely zero compassion for their stricken employee.