Exposing the Mods

There were times I thought people were too hard on the mods. Not often, but there were such times. Then, this newest Cap’n Juno video emerged. I see now that there is no end to the disease we call TWiT chat mods.

We call on all decent human beings to urge the #soupguzzler to get a new IRC room and exonerate himself from the crimes that these beasts of humanity commit daily.

6 thoughts on “Exposing the Mods”

  1. Are these moderators getting their sexual kicks out of kicking and banning people from the IRC??

    Are they masturbating while they do it. Somehow I think that they have to be because they kick people for comments that are not against the rules it is just because they feel like kicking someone.

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    1. Ya, I get really sick and tired of the couple (they dont ALL do it) mods and Dan, the Admin, wiil, when arguing their point about some subject – whther show oriented or offtopic – if you dont agree with their assertions, they kick you! Uh, when a mod decides to jump in to achatroom convo, they should de-mod themselves, so that other mods can have a go if needed. And it’s needed.

      Basically, a chatroom mods duty is to keep the peace, make sure chatters arent breaking the rules, and not start up with their own shit.

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  2. Actually, we kicked him for breaking the rules. He was promoting a fundraising campaign to raise money to support his disabled children after he passed away. Me and Dan don’t care. : )

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    1. Well Duh! Don’t take a scientist to work that one out!

      We know, ScooterX, that all that you and Dan think about is sitting at school gates and watching the kiddies!

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    2. Have to agree with that one, the better course would be to just talk about it duirng the celb chat, like he started out to – I was into it, but then when he said “I’m not a spammer”, well, he was spamming his own agenda.

      If it shouldnt be a rule to not spam worthy causes, then sned tweets and emails to Leo putting that idea forward (personally, I see no issue with that. Although one could argue, well if we let one charity do it, they’ll all want to. Really? Seriously, how many charities are there that hang in a tech chat? a dozen at most – that is NO big hassle for any mod – it shouldnt be, just becuase your job becomes harder .

      Well, I have to add soap to my box.

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