8 thoughts on “A Troll’s Rules on Trolling”

  1. Wow… Unable to take criticism via Twitter and Facebook? I’m amazed, I’m really amazed. Since you deleted those NSFW episodes and lied about it, I guess you don’t want the easiest way to get criticism huh?

    Enjoy your TrollFree+ social network. I’m sure you’ll be happy living in your own bubble until the day you die.

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  2. That was heartless. That poor girl. Wow, I hope Leo and Jeff and Gina had a good laugh.
    But yea, twitter should be shut down because three people are mean to a celebrity with a million followers, what an idiot. Yale should refund his money.
    And it’s really hard to make a new account in G+. Is he really so dumb he doesn’t realize there are less trolls on G+ because there are less people on G+?

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  3. I tried to ignore the first statement that Soup made where he called on people to abandon to Twitter and the ‘trolls’, when it repeated the stand the second time that day I tweeted @Twitter and advised them that Leo Laporte was urging people to not use Twitter because of people that do not agree with him.

    Nobody can argue that he is trying to direct his cult members to abandon Twitter and nor can anyone argue that @leolaporte classes anyone that has an opinion that differs from him or alerts him that he is ‘wrong’ about something is a TROLL. Himself and the TWiTLive moderators have made this point very very clear!

    Later that evening I received a response from my tweet from one of Leo’s Trolls, er Cult Members, @brettschulte telling me that I was wrong that he is merely telling everyone that these people are RUDE and I am wrong. I noticed that he removed @Twitter from the reply.

    I did a little research and found reviews of him on Yelp. It was interesting they were all five star apart from two, but those two sounded real while the others sounded quite ‘paid for’.

    One of them literally accused him of being a Troll, the words were;

    “Brett is well-known as a poser, a wannabee, and an Internet troll – he’s been banned from several online discussion groups because of his anti-social behavior such as e-mail bombing people after being repeatedly told to stop. The fact that he’s now trying to pass himself off as some sort of “computer consultant” is laughable. Hire him at your own risk, or do yourself a favor and just avoid him altogether.”

    There was another that really let rip but you can do a search and see that one.

    It did make me laugh, that while Laporte was lamenting about trolling, HE TROLLS, HIS FAN’S TROLL, HIS CO-HOSTS TROLL.

    Yet That fat ignorant pile of vehement poisonous puss Leo Laporte is all upset because “People are Rude” and people don’t say nice things about him or to him on Twitter!

    He is not a Pundit, HE IS A TROLL. The opinions that he keeps giving are not asked for and opinions about companies and people that were never requested by anyone he just realized that after he got fired for Sexual Harassment (ahem, let go) from TechTV that the world was quickly passing him by and nobody was asking him onto shows to give his opinion because after you sexually harass ‘on air’ a coworker you become a PARIAH! You become Toxic more toxic than nuclear waste!

    He slowly built up his following but in the last 12-24 months he has now started to poison TWiT with his toxic opinions and comments, his on-screen lewd comments, the on-screen harassment of employee’s, his on-air sexual flirtations and also comments.

    Some time back in January he even stated on air that Him and his Gold Digger were almost caught in the server room having sex by an employee giving a tour!

    Leo Laporte needs to come clean and point that finger about ‘Trolling’ right at himself instead of pointing it towards anyone that has a different view or calls him out for making a statement that is factually incorrect.

    In fact when it comes to factually incorrect statements or mistruths he win’s hands down. Like the Apple password hack. He quoted Christina Warren and how software she bought got her Apple password in seconds. He left out the BIG IMPORTANT PART that she had changed her password to Passw0rd and she actually said that she used that because it would no longer allow the password ‘password’. It was not a true test and how he inflated to back up his hatred of Apple because Steve Jobs glared at him because he was breaching the ‘non-transmission’ of a presentation using his laptop to transmit.

    Leo Laporte is a hypocrite, a buffoon, an idiot and an arsehole! Need I say more?

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  4. The Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwoiZ-XitJI

    11:01 – Leo kisses photo he took of Sarah’s lips with his smartphone

    21:30 – “Cross your legs” – Leo

    21:31 – “No” – Sarah

    25:30 – “If I cross them it’s actually worse” – Sarah

    25:40 – “You can’t see anything except a dark triangle” “…A triangle of darkness” – Leo

    25:56 – “I just want to say for the record that’s underwear you’re seeing” – Sarah

    26:01 – “I am not looking (laughing)” – Leo

    26:11 – “Its my fault, I should not wear skirts” – Sarah

    26:50 – “You look really good today” – Leo

    28:41 – “You are a smart, intelligent, powerful woman, don’t let that Leo guy bring you down” – Leo

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