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“I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours” H.S. Thompson

October eighth will be a day which will live in infamy. After a longer hiatus than TWiF, the eagerly anticipated Inside TWiT returns. Laporte is scheduled to talk lie about the recent show cancellations, his treatment of Amber MacArthur, the masked host who betrays him, the troll problem and of course the N.A. banning.


The NA banning seems to be the most anticipated nugget. Will Laporte speak true? Unlikely. But how does he respond? In my mentally ill head and based on my knowledge of the sociopath, he has two options:

1) Laugh it off and say ‘of course Brian is not banned I love Brian’ but never invite him on again.
2) Shit all over Brian for being a troll and say he is banned, until he needs him (alla Dvorak banning) and then have him back on TWiT.

Let us know what you think:

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Sarah’s noise-cancelling headset will be off for this can’t-miss-TV.