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Spy pic of Leo Laporte reveals possible tumor in belly

Leo Laporte is fatter than ever following a three-week European vacation.
Leo Laporte is fatter than ever following a three-week European vacation.

Leo Laporte—fresh off a three-week European vacation where he floated and Segwayed his way across the Continent—is fatter than ever.

In a recently-obtained spy photo, Leo appears to either be on the verge of death because of a belly that refuses to shrink, or is possibly even suffering from a rare stomach tumor that only affects obese men who marry whores.

Our prayers are with the Laporte family during this difficult time. Father Robert Ballecer would also be praying for them, but he’s too busy flying quadcopters over kindergarten playgrounds.

Leo Laporte, lazier than ever

Leo Laporte is now eating so much and has gotten so fat that he can’t sit up anymore. Here he is on “Before You Buy.”


Fatso in repose
Fatso in repose

Advanced image analysis has been performed on this screen grab and troubling new information has come to light. Apparently, the Shit Twithouse is just a flophouse for the lazy owner, his dog and his girlfriend/wife/CEHo. There are wires and papers all over the floor, Leo has his feet on the couch and the employees are cowering in the corner—so the place is basically a dump.

If you’re in the Petaluma area be sure to drop in soon before the joint appears on “Hoarders.”

Sequel Released to Blockbuster Documentary

This video premiered early this morning. I did not have a chance to view it, in its entirety, but it seems to be what was heralded from the get-go. If you do not have time to sit through the entire two hours of uncut lies, this is a highlight reel

Brony Con 2015 should be better than last year, hit me up if you need tix.

Never a Fear the Threat of Roberto Whilst you are a here

I admit, I was afraid when I saw the threat, but once again the Captain has released a new video and inspired me to fear not!


I counted zero spelling errors in this video so he seems to be doubling down. I say again, I still fear the man coming after us, he is wicked good with computers but I must be brave for the #cause.

Analyzing TWiT Lgum Style

Lgum Style Analysis

I have looked at the TWiT hosts and noticed a striking difference between TWiT hosts and the hosts of Fox news. Now, we are not saying they should hire models, but we do ask that they have some pride in their appearance. Go on a diet, work out, you’re on my TV,  you work in media, be presentable. You don’t need a flat stomach like Sarah, but please, show some restraint when they serve dessert.

See the evidence for yourself and decide..

TWiT Hosts



FoX News


This is scientific unbiased research, draw your own conclusions.

Thank god for Sarah Lane.