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I am tired of celebrities telling me to vote. Butt out of my life, I got shit to do. On the other hand, Sarah probably votes.

Why oh why does Leo have so much trouble getting guests on TWiT? That program does 65K downloads with four ads at 70 CPM, that is quite a lot of moola. If that show dies his network is in serious trouble. Well maybe blaming Chad for no one wanting to be on TWiT will work. Let’s watch a short video together, shall we?

Maybe pissing off Tom, Brian, Justin, Shannon, Chad, iYaz and losing their friends Molly, Veronica, Scott Johnson etc etc is starting to have an effect? Maybe insulting people on your stream like you did to John dVorak, Jolie O’dell, Chris Prillo etc etc is starting to have an effect? Yea, that could be it. Maybe

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  1. Can’t hear the vocal sounds of Leo Laturd but doesn’t change the message.

    Leo’s woes are because he does not make business decisions based on business he mades decisions based on his personal anger at people.

    He blames others for problems arising from his alienation of the field of guests. It does seems that there is a list of people that are not allowed to be guests at TWiT and that list seems to be growing. It also seems that guests for some shows seems to require approval by Ms Kentzell if the Friar’s comments are to have been believed.

    This is not a good way to work. It cutting off a supply of guests to spite a 3rd party that are totally unaffected by this action. In fact this ‘silent’ banning of people that used to be regular guests has a negative affect.

    In fact getting guests for a show is really the task of the producer and the TD is only interested in direction. The hunting of stories and subject matter should never be anyone else than the producer or the “Host”.

    Leo can sit at that table and complain about the low quality of guests but until he stops decided that people have slighted him because they have a differing opinion or because of the people they associate themselves with it will always mean a decline in Guests and eventually a collapse in viewers who tire of the same “D-List” Tech People.

    I don’t have ill will for Leo Laporte, I find him entertaining anymore, I find his statements to be crass, ill informed, misleading. I don’t find it entertaining when he chooses to Troll people or spend 48 minutes with his fellow Troll Jarvis making nasty statements and trolling other people followed by a tirade about how Trolls are the Scourge of Twitter!

    I’m sure his home based empire will probably flourish with his cult members viewing.

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    1. Firing Tom Merritt will ultimately their downfall. CEHo grossing underestimated Tom and his connections in the podcast world. Now that everyone is seeing Tom is thriving on Patreon, there is no need for that kind of abuse they get from Twit. As long as CEHo believes she can treat talented people like commodities, the business will fail.

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  2. The #soup really bears grudges doesn’t he? I started to notice this when he used to put on Jason Calacanis, Mike Arrington, then after a few disagreements, they never came on TWiT again.

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    1. As far as Calacanis is concerned, after being a regular guest he decided to start a rival podcast network called “” – so fairly obviously Leo is not going to promote another podcast network cheekily named “ThisWeekIn” on the TWiT network. Plus Calcanis is a self-promoting fathead who thinks he’s the 21st century reincarnation of Adam Smith.

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    1. Oh my god, that was so funny. Can you believe he told her to take her top off? And look! There were not just one, but three women on the show. Now he can’t get any. When did Lisa take over as CEO, or better yet, when did she take over TWiT? That would explain a lot of it.

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  3. I think firing Chad is gonna be the final nail in his coffin, believe it or not. Chad is the closest thing Brushwood has to a father-son relationship (watch last weeks’ Night a Attack and tell me I’m wrong) … Brushwood is business partners with Tom on Framerate. Any of Tom’s friends (IE: most of the tech/podcast world under 40 years old) are certainly never going to appear on TWiT again.

    Remember, Chad, as producer of TWiT was also in charge of booking guests. He was the final link of the chain.

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  4. Every decision that has been made by Leo and Lisa has been one with blinders on. They simply don’t get it that when you have talented people on your staff, things get done, and get done well. When you treat them like garbage and fire them, then your product suffers. I think Rob is right, with Chad no longer booking guests, they will literally be out on the sidewalk begging people to walk in to be on their show.

    I always had the impression that when Tom left, L&L assumed the content would keep people watching. Wrong, it’s the talent that keeps people watching, not the content. I REALLY miss the days when Tom, Sarah and Iyaz worked together. I loved that dynamic and chemistry they had going on.

    The content doesn’t mean squat. I can get the same content anywhere. I watched TWIT for the TALENT, and L&L simply refuse to believe this because the world seems to revolve around them and they can’t see that by removing the talented people around them, they have shot themselves in the foot, all for petty reasons.

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    1. +1

      TNT was about Tom and Sarah (and Iyaz, somewhat.) Same was true about Framerate, NSFW, OMGCraft and so on.

      Same is true for Windows Weekly, which would be nothing without Paul, Security Now (of course, slurps and empty chairs don’t make for 120mins of content), Giz Wiz, Twit, …

      It’s all about the people. It’s always been about the people.

      And the current cast is just plain worse than a year ago, and by a lot.

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  5. What I find funny is the duality of what has happened to Twit after the firing of Tom Merritt is exactly what happened to TechTV/G4 after the firing of Leo (& Patrick, etc); Wanting to prove his former employer was a fool for letting him go by turning his passion into starting a new media empire bigger and better than anything he did for them before.

    This is exactly what Leo did, and now after Leo screwing Tom, Brian, and every other former Twit/Host Staff Member, are doing to Leo.

    And sadly Leo doesn’t see any of it.

    As someone that has been to the Brickhouse numerous times from the begining and being a huge fan of Twit (notice I didn’t JUST say Leo, it was Tom, Sarah, Iyaz, et al) it is hugely disappointing to see what it’s become.

    The only show I still watch, begrudgingly, is MacBreak Weekly and that is because of Rene, Andy, & Alex. If the three of them (or just at least Rene and Andy) started their own Mac Podcast together (each has their own other endeavours) I would follow them in a heartbeat.

    Even right now I have yet to watch the latests MBW because of all of this (Total) Drama going on and Leo becoming a bigger (insert fat joke) villain. But alas as much as Leo is Darth Vader, we all know which Kunt is the Emperor in the BrickDeathstar. Hopefully those Podcast Rebels don’t find out about the Sex Dungeon.. I mean Basement Exhaust port.

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    1. René has good sources, but his invitations to Apple events come with a constant need to explain the perfectitude of everything Apple do, no matter how bad they fail, fumble, or fall.

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  6. On the subject of voting, how about a poll on #gummy’s future? Will he be unceremoniously disappeared soon (as many hope since his first, completely inept show), or will he be allowed to continue his mission to provide digital sleeping aids to his accidental audience?

    And lets make it a, because nothing says quality like being dropped like a hot potato by the sizeable human.

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  7. Watch Security Now at some point after the show I think Steve and Leo are talking about Sarah and Leo’s like “we’ve been friends for a long time and we never ruined it by entering into a relationship” What a demented fuck, like Sarah would be all over him, He is way into Sarah but it’s not as if she wanted a relationship and he didn’t, Leo is just full of himself

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  8. Found the episode, it was actually Security Now episode 480, it all starts after the 3 minute mark, and then less than 2 minutes later Leo mentions the Sarah relationship thing. lol

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