Leo Laporte admits “the trolls win,” ends chatroom and livestream as we know it

UPDATE 3: Leo, unable to do The Tech Guy without a chat room to give him the answers, is walking it all back, unsurprisingly.
UPDATE 2: Gawker and Perez Hilton have now covered the story, in which Leo lies about what happened. (He claims the video and everything else including his “oooo” sound of regret he made is a “photoshop”.) TOMO News has spoofed it as well.
UPDATE 1: Leo said that the official #twitlive chatroom was “never of value” and that the chatters “have no lives.” Understandably this has caused concern in the chatroom. The video from today appears below. Click here to watch on YouTube if you like.

In a truly stunning announcement, Internet buffoon Leo Laporte said that “the trolls win” shortly before the start of “MacBreak Weekly” and then promptly dropped the devastating news that he’s shutting down his chat and behind-the-scenes livestream in one week.

Leo claims that it’s the work of “just one guy” but we know the real reason: Leo posted a picture of his penis.

The result of this rash decision means that the current shows will just air simply as shows—with pre-taped bits or reruns inbetween. So there goes the fun atmosphere that he initially tried to setup when he spent over $1 million on the Brickhouse.

Leo failed to mention, however, that it’s his behavior over the years that really put the final nail in the coffin. His consistent sexism and disgusting anti-family-friendly nature is the real reason why he is shutting down the livestream and chat, so as to ensure that his disastrous flubs and fuck-ups won’t be caught by loyal TotalDrama watchers.

The official chatroom is going crazy with all sorts of questions and comments:

<Web8249> question: if i go to the twit live show can I still see leo laportes weewee or do the strip teases end with the streaming? asking for a friend.
Losing the chat is disappointing but losing the livestream is devastating
<Web2385> Good point BillHicks, every week the chat room has to correct him numerous times while he's on air.
<gardner> im confused how endling live twit affects trolls? 

<Web5209> Good move kill off your most passionate Fans. Yikes
<NLind2400_Air2> How is Lep going to get suggestions on TTG now?


We want to wish all the Twitlive chatroom mods a healthy and hearty FUCK YOU: &Dan and ScooterX.

348 thoughts on “Leo Laporte admits “the trolls win,” ends chatroom and livestream as we know it”

  1. We are not trolls, we just have differance of opinions ,
    Watching the live weekend radio show without Leo’s chatroom Tech support there to help him should be fun to watch!!!!

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    1. This is bullshit. Leo loves talking off-show and droning on and on. He thinks people are glued to the network to keep track of his every thought, like Mohammed.

      He also uses this blabbing as some sort of therapy. He’s a psycho. You watch him renege on this “promise.”

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  2. Good job assholes, you ruined it for everyone else. If you don’t like TWiT, It’s as simple as not listening or watching TWiT, but instead you choose to ruin the community.

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      1. Hmm, got to say that Leo ruined it by showing an image of his little pudger on air live.

        His Mod’s ruined it when they go on blocking fests when people are complimentary to Leo or a guest. They drove people away from watching TWiT production live when you are blocked from interacting.

        Leo is blaming trolls when most of the trolls that he has ever blocked have been people that have had opposing views to the Horrendous monster that thinks it is okay to be lewd and disgusting on air.

        The delay is just so that it can be censored like any good fascist likes to do.

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    1. I stopped consuming the product entirely back in January, and it was certainly not because of anything TD said or did. It’s because I dislike watching major trainwrecks, complete with fatalities.

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    2. i didn’t make Leo show his dick on stream. Or his sex chat with his mistress. Or his creepy wife’s incest pics. Shit. Don’t even watch twit and haven’t in years. Don’t be retarded. Nobody is a troll. Leo just uses that to scapegoat his decision.

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    3. This sense of community exists only in the mind of Mr. Laporte’s admirers. Mr. Laporte is too disingenuous and too narcissistic ever to participate in any real community with his audience. Community is an illusion; cult is the reality.

      Just sayin’ and best regards

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  3. Besides what does shutting down the chatroom have to do with with Leo’s stupidity showing his personal XXX pictures on a live podcast?

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    1. Exactly.

      A better announcement would have been that Leo will stop using his personal account on-air. It’s trivial to set up a test account, throw in some dummy email, texts, and photos, and use that account to demonstrate features and answer questions during the show.

      The chat room had nothing to do with Leo’s narcissistic behavior. Anyone remember the “wanna fuck” emails?

      Malignant Narcissists always believe they’ll never get caught, that the rules don’t apply to them.

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  4. Leo has no self control, so instead he wants to control the audience.

    Leo, we’ve seen every dirtbag move you have made, from the way you treated Erik, to the way you treated Dicky D. You are a user of people, a pathetic degenerate, you talk behind everyones back, you have no values, and no integrity. We are not trolls, we just see you for what you are, a shitty human being.

    Fuck off asshole.

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      1. This was Laporte’s niche. Why do you think he turned on the cameras in the first place? He’s a grandstander that eventually evolved into the lowlife degenerate he is today.

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  5. Well, I think killing the live stream and the behind the scenes is or the live recording will be the downfall. I’m a twit fan and I like the idle banter that’s edited out later.

    And really, who cares about a body part. Half of humanity has a penis but when we see one we’re all “ERMERGHERD A PENIS!” and completely freak out. Completely stupid.

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      1. Unless it does. Indirectly. He’s cutting off his biggest fans. Maybe we’ll continue to tell others about it. Maybe we won’t. But I’m not sure I want to watch someone seems to have forgotten that the way to fight speech. Is with more speech.

        But the biggest problem for TTG will be the lack of chat to help Leo answer questions. It’s the secret sauce for that show. Other shows won’t miss it. But the TTG or any Q and A show will suffer.

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        1. HTG? That’s another show that depends highly on the chatroom.

          Live was never their cash cow but it was their best audience. Without it TWiT is just another podcast network, and one that’s past it’s prime. There’s no point in the Brickhouse now, as predicted on this site it will be next to go. But they will spin the shit out of it… for the few who still eat up his lies.

          Dicky D. can and should just do a weekly Hangout out on YouTube instead of waiting around to see when they can fit in Giz Fiz. TWiT is just unnecessary bureaucracy with 2015 tech if you look at what Chad and Dicky D. have done by themselves.

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    1. Most of the pre and post show for a lot of shows is better than the show. I’ve already read what they are talking about. TWICH is a perfect example, I know and love Ryan and Patrick, because of those aspects, otherwise I would have no idea who they really are.

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  6. Leo since your reading this ( your stepson didn’t find this you did ) All your ex loyal Twit followers from the chatroom and your podcasts are here at TotalDrama , we wouldn’t have had to come here if your “SS chat mods ” weren’t assholes, we all wouldn’t be here because we didn’t change, you (Leo) changed from being
    a helpful/knowledgable /funny etc TechGuy years ago into today’s shell of your former shelf , you now are uninformed/bias/creepy /perverted/disgrace to the IT world/money hungry /disrespectful/idiot and so on

    So you sir have changed , so we found a new home, TD,
    call us TROLLS all you want but we are right you are wrong and washed up..

    Calling us Trolls is laughable , if you type Leo Laporte into YouTube there’s plenty of videos of you Trolling everyone from Kim Kimando to Apple to Mark Cuban on air
    So you sir are number 1 Troll

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    1. You have said that perfectly. Leo is the king of the trolls with his creep sidekicks Mike Elgan and Jeff Jarvis. The three of them have trolled more people than the whole of Total Drama has ever trolled.

      Leo released pictures of his wife fondling her child provocatively in a hot tub, Leo released an image of him jumping up and down jangling his junk and Leo released an image of his body part that was certainly not Family Friendly but it is Total Drama’s fault that he has been required by to stop the live streaming.

      Maybe it is because his Advertisers are threatening to pull out because of the risk of being connected to a man that has screwed up so many times that they fear their products and services will be tarnished.

      Similarly it was Leo and his Pedarist Friar that doxed a total drama contributor and has done this multiple times. It is Leo’s cultish followers that have made threats to people that have commented about Leo’s past mistakes on Twitter etc that have made TWiT what it is today. A fascist dumphole of butt licking shitheads and censors.

      Don’t blame Total drama or anyone here for the screw ups that you lot have made and prove that you are a bunch of inbred cocksuckers when you come on here and blame everyone here because you think it will make the fat fuck change his direction.

      Well boo hoo hoo, it’s his fault and your fault and directing the blame at anyone on Total Drama is just another misdirection. Leo has never taken the responsibility for his actions and blamed others including ex-hosts.

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  7. So Leo and his “new media” network will soon devolve into a typical, sanitized old media presentation (edited shows, no chat room, no live stream, no behind-the-scenes)…eventually the Brickhouse will be no more and it will all vanish and shrink into nothing…and Leo will come full circle, doing his radio show and one or two TWiT shows out of his bedroom.

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      1. The cottage was pretty cool, actually. Just felt like a bunch of hosts that loved doing tech shows, and not caring about having a big fancy studio.

        Once he moved to the Brickhouse – and when Lisa took over – it all started to go downhill. It’s a shame. I would NEVER miss an episode of TSS or Call For Help in my younger years. Once I stumbled on TWiT I was thrilled. Plus, Tom Merritt!

        It’s just a disaster now though. The hosts are awful and the Brickhouse / Lisa seemed to change Leo. I went from subscribing to almost every show on the network to only subscribing to The Tech Guy. And even then I’m 5-6 shows behind atm. Fortunately, Tom Merritt does a great Daily Tech News Show that I never miss. (Plus Current Geek, Cord Killers, etc.)

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  8. How the fuck do you kill the chatroom and the livestream for doing something that was his own fault. No one hacked his phone no one hacked his itunes he showed it on air by no one else fault but his own. There is no one to blame for this but Leo and he can’t even admit he screwed up.

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    1. He probably has to do this to keep his advertisers. If he doesn’t blame it on the trolls, they will know it’s all him and leave him. So he is doing something drastic in order to make it seem like it’s not him.

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        1. I’m not sure what kind of sales work they’re actually doing, they seem to for the most part tap the same pool of advertisers as EVERY OTHER podcast out there. It seems like “sales” amounts to coming up with a viewer count for some advertisement broker.

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  9. The only reason he’s running scared, like a scaulded dog now is because he doesn’t want to be canned from Premiere Radio Networks and/or lose advertisers on the network.

    Killing the chatroom and the live feed is just an excuse. The chatters will keep the IRC going somewhere else, TWiT just provides the server.

    This website didn’t screw TWiT, Leo screwed TWiT when he decided to show private photos in the Photos application.

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    1. Are you sure that he is not already in trouble at Premiere Networks. They get the fallout of this shit and maybe his ratings have been flagging somewhat.

      Maybe this weekend is his last weekend at Premiere Networks?

      either way, as far as I am concerned it is a case of


      Leo is an abomination, he is a bigger troll than anyone he refers to as a troll.

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        1. lol, Yeah, he STILL thinks it’s one disgruntled person behind this website, and that it all has started from the chatroom.

          He just can’t or refuses to admit to the other hosts on the network he showed a penis picture. So he comes up with the lame excuses post, and pre shows now.

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  10. Phase 2 complete. Shortly this pervert will be gone for good as his audience realizes how gross, predatory and useless he really is.

    Tech guy is going to be hilarious to listen to when he has no answers other than to reformat and reinstall from a known good source as his only answer.

    The only thing entertaining about Leo is the drama of his undoing. Gross pig.

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  11. From what I understand, he’s not just eliminating the pre and post behind-the-scenes shows on the live stream. His goal is to only air produced shows on live.twit.tv. He used as an example a show that starts at 2 PM PT now, that show would not air live on the stream. It would be recorded off-air, edited, posted as a podcast and put in the queue to air at a new scheduled time of, for example, 4 PM PT. Of course, with Leo always starting his shows late, running way too long, and needing to clean-up all the nudity, that’s a completely unrealistic turnover, but I think that’s what he used as an example.

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  12. If Leo is IN FACT, shutting down the chat room, then The Giz-Fiz will have to be shut down too on TWiT.
    It will mark the beginning of the end of TWiT, and the ‘TWiT Army’ has effectively been told to go F*ck themselves.

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      1. It was originally three people in an interview. Tom Merrit, Leo Laporte , and the guest.

        Later when Tom found it too much to continue. Leo continued the show and retconed the title to replace Tom with the chat.

        So I get your point and intention even if a little misinformed.

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        1. Triangulation was conceptualized as a show with Laporte, John C. Dvorak, and a guest. This never materialized for months (years?) until the show with Tom.

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  13. Leo should have done this years ago. It may have been a good idea to have transparency in the beginning but he has changed for the worse and the transparency at twit alienated many of his loyal viewers once he started flaunting his sex life, trash talking other media personalities and revealing too much regarding the less than admirable firings of twit show hosts. The people who watch the behind the scenes stuff and chatroom are a really vocal minority and this shouldn’t affect advertising numbers, I think this was a logical and good move on Leo’s part. I am going to miss all the juicy total drama gossip that will be lost due to this. Dickhead leo.

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  14. Seems like he thinks with the new Spotify launch partner thing
    there is no need for a community anymore with all those new millions of listeners. The community is just needed at the beginning for help with various problems and a pool for buying bricks to fund his business. The commercials on the shows have change quite a bit from the type of products to the more and more repelling fake presentation.

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  15. OMG , look what I found on Leo’s Twitter board

    “@aus83m: @leolaporte The trolls are claiming victory for killing the main chat room and driving your chatters to their troll chat room…..”

    part 2

    “@aus83m: @leolaporte I think you should get a unofficial chat room started somewhere, and assign some trust worthy mods, TBC”

    OMFG that’s funny, start a new chat and get TrustWorthy mods …

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    1. “Leo, please let us keep our golden epaulettes of power in your domains of far off lands that we may rule as your ever humble servants”. Pathetic.

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  16. Anyone else notice that while announcing the demise of the live stream and chat he kept saying “small”?

    That’s because he knew his penis caused this. It’s a sub conscious thing.

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  17. Hey Anon

    Elaborate on your “think” comment ??

    “Anon:> I don’t know how to say this…


    What are all the other pictures in that import of?”

    Ok you have my attention Anon, what am I missing???????

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  18. I think what Annon is hinting at is..

    CEHO + the kid + a penis (may or may not be Leo’s) = ?

    Am I right Annon?

    (This is just a guess at his hint I hope to God this is wrong.)

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  19. I mentioned this to a friend, and she thought this was PR damage control. While the chat room is criticizing Leo for this decision, the story continues, but shut down the chat room and Leo regains control by preventing new viewers and listeners from learning of The Penising.

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  20. I wonder if this isn’t a good thing for TWiT. I mean, there’s a certain novelty to the live steam. I was never part of the chatroom, but I thought the one-on-one chatroom interaction was pretty neat. And seeing the behind the scenes production was really cool — especially back in the day when it was all new. Now, it’s really pretty boring. It’s just dead air. You’re watching the minions twist the control board. Nothing much to look at.

    I think most of the criticism of Leo and TWiT — even from this site — has come from the pre/post-show comments. Without all of that, maybe the focus can be back on the content.

    The only shows I watch on TWiT are TWiT, The Tech Guy, and Windows Weekly (mostly just WW, if I’m honest. I watch the others maybe once or twice a month). And they honestly aren’t bad shows. What kind of ruins it is Leo’s between segments comments on TTG where he makes fun of callers or crunches his nature box snacks right into the mic.

    I think I’ll start enjoying the shows a lot more once there isn’t so much behind the scenes controversy.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s enlightening to know what kind of people run twit. But like Leo said when he announced the demise of the chatroom/live stream, there’s a reason professional networks don’t show the guts of the operation. I’m sure the folks who run CNN and CNBC and MSNBC are terrible people, too, but that doesn’t mean that their content is bad. Maybe after a while of not seeing the sausage being made, we can look at the TWiT content more objectively and see if it’s really bad or if we only thought it was bad because of the behind the scenes stuff.

    Just my $.02.

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    1. All that being said, I’m going to very interested in seeing how TTG does without Leo’s “external brain” giving him 90% of the answers to the questions.

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  21. I have zero sympathy for this man. His mods dox people and he allows it. All his mods allow it.

    I still do not understand his rationale. The mods are working too hard? Did they ask to shut it down? No
    How are trolls making him shut down the live stream.

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    1. Right now the Pederist Padre is trying to claim that they didn’t dox him because they never published anything…

      …he’s so full of shit that if he was squeezed he would explode like a massive pimple.

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  22. Richard Yes
    It’s impossible for Leo to say “I showed a personal photo that was inappropriate and I’m sorry”. So instead he makes his real fans suffer. He is morally bankrupt. He has to know the downturn of his life was a bad decision to cheat on his wife and destroy his family. Good job Leo.

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  23. Trolls didn’t kill the chat room and behind the scenes, Leo did.

    He said that a moderator was doxxed. That was in a chat room. Leo doxxed someone live on the stream. Fucking hypocrite.

    And of course a huge amount of blame goes to the moderators, who using Nazi-like tactics, infuriated the base. Have a different opinion than Leo? You’re booted. Ask if an employee was let go? Booted. God Forbid you criticize surpler. You moderators will have to fine a new god to jerk off to. Fuck you, moderators.

    TTG will be quite enjoyable now, since without the chat room, he must furiously google the question and pray that he gives the right response. I’m never missing the show now.

    And regarding the behind the scenes, let’s catalog what we saw: Leo sexually harassing young female staffers (remember Leo kissing a photo of Sarah on his phone) and looking down Jolie O’Dell’s blouse while massaging her shoulders.

    And the cherry on the top: a dick pic during TTG. And this is the icon whose dick the moderator’s suck? This idiot is their hero?

    So a toast to my fellow TD peeps! By pointing out the hypocrisy , lewdness, homophobia and other disgusting behavior, we’ve bettered society by lowering the mallet on his misonigistic homophobic and sexually harassing behavior!

    Power to the People!

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    1. I’ve been a customer of a few of the sponsors for years now, and it’s money well-spent.

      I won’t stop listening or supporting sponsors of MBW or SN, but that’s primarily due to what the other hosts bring to those shows, not Leo’s uneven attempts at comedy relief.

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  24. Steve Gibson is on now and seems upset about the change. Leo just said they’re not going to do New Year’s celebrations anymore. He said that was canceled long ago. He said the livestream is “unimportant,” and that asking the chat for answers is “of no value.”

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    1. Way to treat one of your longest-running, loyal, and popular cohosts. I bet Leo talked to exactly one person about this bombshell – I’ll give you three guesses who. The way he treats these hosts – unbelievable.

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    2. Yeah and that will last until fatboy is sitting on the radio flustering for answers or will he make his interns sit in the next room looking up stuff and messaging him with it to get answers for the Red Neck truckers and senile old cat ladies.

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      1. I was going to call him and ask about my daughter’s Note 3 battery drain after it upgraded to Lollipop and say, I see you’re searching Google. I guess I can’t do that now.

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  25. @Hannibal – A narcissist like Leo will never say “I’m sorry.” Instead, he essentially shoots the messengers.

    Both in the recent and far past, he tore about Cali Lewis or whatever the fuck her name is, Dvorak and Jason Calacanus. Now they’re all invited back to the show.

    As the dick pic makes it rounds on the Net, it’ll be interesting what commentators bag out. I say Christina Warren, for sure.

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  26. And the winner in “Who will Leo fire for showing his dick?” contest is Dan! No chat room, no Dan. Really, keeping the mods for a special chat room with “trusted” people? If you trust them so much you wouldn’t need mods.

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  27. Like all bullies, they always ruin and destroy everything for everyone else.
    That’s the way of bullies, they don’t stop until it is all dumbed down to their level.
    Leo gave it 10 years, braver than you anonymous guys hiding behind anonyms

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  28. At 2:26, Leo denies that TWiT is over, then immediately covers his mouth and touches his nose. Pretty telling body language. The man is trying to deceive the listeners. If body language lore is credible, the ear rubbing later seems to send a “hear no evil” message.

    The stagnation of technology is the main cause of TWiT’s decline. We’re not experiencing doubling of power or the excitement of real innovation. Machines and software are actually taking away control and becoming dumbed down and less powerful. Correctly written search text is routinely distorted on the condescending presumption that nobody can type or spell. The promising “revolutions” in publishing, education, and movie making haven’t panned out.

    Any “news” in this era consists of months of rumors followed by two days of first hand experience and a quick settling back into lazy dissatisfaction. The network’s creative retreat into doing The New Screen Savers is emblematic. It reveals the lack of change since the Windows 95 / first iMac era. It’s vanity to think the world really needs a sponsored TV show about technology. The audience can make their own content now and share it for free.

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  29. Hang on a minute. You mean to tell me Leo is shutting down the chatroom he’s had forever and ending ALL live streaming BECAUSE OF ONE GUY?

    Can you imagine what we could accomplish if there were TWO of us?

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  30. Ya, dick pics – sure – nothing about threatening his kids or anything. Speaking of cock, you’re about find some planted deep. Enjoy your DDoS.

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  31. Leo is making a big mistake. So what if there’s this website that criticizes every second of his stream? It only makes his shows more interesting. These guys here love/hate Leo so much that they can’t stop watching.
    What have you guys at totaldrama ever done for the community? Where’s your great podcast?

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      1. Fake Molly,I love Leo, because someone this defective needs someone to love him, probably why he married a transvestite. If you’re really a female I’ll show you my parts, but you can’t touch.

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    1. Why is today different from last week? Was it really because Leo showed his penis to thousands of people?

      I use to be a big fan of Twit like you. I had the stream on all day while I worked. I supported them, they were like a family. Then everything started to go down hill.

      I know there are lots of fans who ignore everything that has happened and just want to be there for their uncle Leo. Well there is a reason why so many awesome people who are no longer at Twit, that want nothing to do with Leo or Twit ever again.

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      1. I was looking at a list of episodes of Tom Merrit’s tech show and the guests he tends to have on. This guest list is quite telling in its relationship with TWIT’s past.

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        1. Yeah, there is a long list of former TWIT contributors that are on DTNS, and you never see any of those people on TWIT anymore. That is uncle Leo’s fault.

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          1. Skews a bit younger too. If Laporte should be worried about anything, it’s bleeding the younger audience. Telling dirty jokes with an 8-year-old at the live This Week in Tech isn’t what I have in mind.

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  32. Like I have posted before, Leos lack of control has sunk the ship. When you live in the public’s eye, you will be scrutinized for everything you do. That is a fact of life!

    Leo shutting down the live stream and chat will kill the “enthusiasm” of twit.
    The End is Near ^audio^ChopinsFuneralMarch.mp3^/audio^

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  33. @twitfan: you are okay with his streaming a dick pic? okay with his sexual harassment of Sarah and Jolie O’Dell? His homophobic comments regarding Dickie D? His Twit moderators who ban users for disagreeing with Leo?

    Assuming all answers to the above are yes, then you sir are the one who needs professional help.

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  34. It is not TD’s fault that Leo (who is supposed to be an expert on technology) lacks common sense to create a separate dummy account for work when attempting to professionally demonstrate things live on his network.

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    1. I suspect it’s not about common sense. It’s just laziness. He’s wants to use the devices in his day to day life. It does make for a better review. But if you have secrets you can’t live in public.

      He shoul have prepared any device that goes on screen.

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    1. She has really been running things for a long time. She threw up the wall. Leo cannot control himself. It’a great way to start a paid loyalty chat room. We will have a t shirt store, admission to chat and effendum selling popcorn at the door. Way to go Lisa, you work it girlfriend.

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      1. I think that is the one thing that could salvage this week for us in the TWiT Army, let’s hope Carly can get that store open. Keychairs! for everyone.

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    1. Geez! You people sure love to overuse that word “troll.”

      Here’s the thing: Leo does and says many shitty things. Totaldrama simply presents the evidence and calls him out on his shit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      Most people here genuinely want Twit to be good again. And it could be, if only they’d listen to the constructive criticism that people are offering. Instead, they label these fans as “trolls” and continue to go downhill.

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    2. Fuck you , MOLLY. Keep supporting a pervert who shows a dick pic on the stream, sexually harasses young females and calls Dickie D. the jizz wiz.

      That’s your hero.

      Karma will get u you obese, smelly and spinster cunt.

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          1. Ya – and you’re a honest cocksucker aincha bitch? Go bomb a school. It’s what you’re good at.

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          1. Fatboy number 2 is just mad his chat room has been taken away.

            I’m still waiting for him to DDoS.

            Look at his insults, they’re all about bombing, and molesting children.

            Seems he knows a fair bit about those subjects, since he keeps blabbering on about them in his replies.

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        1. Hey jerkoff, find one damn instance pf his kids being threatened. I deft you, find one actual threat.

          If he didn’t want people to TALK about his kids he should never have used them as props. He freaking reads his teenage son’s texts on air and we’re to blame?

          Jason Howell for instance has kids, I barely know their names. Because he’s a professional and doesn’t use members pf his family as his shtick.

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      1. Molly has a visual impairment (she said it way back on a previous comment). Some gibberish about that’s the reason she doesn’t go into the chat room. Since Leo’s pecker is tiny, Molly is having a hard time seeing it, I assume. Either that, or she likes seeing it, I don’t know.

        Molly – karma will get Leo, no doubt his advertisers have found out about this, and that’s why he’s putting bandaids on the situation to try and fix it. Most likely, he told the advertisers (assuming they’ve already contacted TWiT about this) that this was all fake, and a lie.

        A lot of people on here were TWiT fans, Leo changed when he made it public he was sleeping with Lisa, and that’s when he changed, and TWiT itself started to change.

        I don’t know why you (and the other TWiT fans) can’t see this, pun intended towards you.

          » Quote comment

        1. Plus MOLLY you said four posts ago you were done with ‘TD.’ Do we need to add ‘liar’ to your being morbidly obese, a spinster, and total waste of oxygen ?Discuss.

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    3. I am going to write Premiere Networks a letter about him. I think everyone should complain to them. Heck he cant even get his ads in. He skipped Carbonite last segment of Sundays show!
      Drop the fucking show. Commando is looking pretty good. (L)

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    4. Molly, wow, none of us showed our pee pee on a live podcast. Leo did this to himself. Karma can’t get us, we have nothing to lose. By the way, I love Leo, he’s just damaged goods and someone has too.

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  35. This is the end of TWiT.

    It really is. What an asinine response… dp everything except fix the problem, your lack of a fucking censor.

    I wish his diehard fans would speak up but no, they’ll eat up his bullshit excuse. It’s part of the new site redesign, right.

    Fuck you Lisa and Leo’s little brain.

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  36. Can we have this taken up by Gawker or something? “Tech guru flashes cock, responds by gutting his entire operation instead of learning a lessson. ”

    This isn’t how a normal person acts.

      » Quote comment

  37. Good! No chat means no Dan! Fuck that little bitch!

    Also, when you put your dick on the air and steamy sex IMs with your mistress and repeatedly say creepy and gross stuff on air, it isn’t trolling to call that out. Trolls aren’t just “people who don’t like me” moron.

    Also what the fuck is up with all the creepy pics of Lisa and her son? There were more this weekend he showed on the air in black and white in a hot tub of them both seemingly naked and embracing in a way no mom and son would.

    Anyway, what is worth watching on twit anymore anyway? The ham show is passable enough and twitch is good. Everything else is geared toward grandmothers. Leo,s laid off former employees are all eating his lunch.

      » Quote comment

      1. you are a moron DDOS, you prove to the world that you assholes that follow Leo like he is a leader of cult, that all scrabbled desperately to be in his Clan on Clash of Clans and blame others for something that the fat lump of pink slime caused to himself and then blamed it on the rest of the world as just sad fucked up trolls yourselves and don’t realize it.

        Padre is a troll, Elgan is a troll, Jarvis is Grandpa Troll, and Leo is King of the trolls.

        So fuck you and fuck you to hell!

          » Quote comment

      2. So it sounds like Leo’s dick pick excited you, yes? It’s okay to come out here. We are non-judgemental, even if Leo appears to sport barely 2 inches.

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  38. Pinned Tweet
    Leo Laporte @leolaporte · 8 Dec 2013

    It should be clear to everyone by now that TWiT live is a reality show. Not fake reality – real reality! And that’s just how we like it.

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    1. Padre, we are not the ones that lurk under the table, do you realize that you can be traced and located and that it doesn’t matter how much you try you have been caught. Now stop wasting fatboy’s valuable bandwidth with your shitty threats and get back to sucking on Leo’s tiny little erection.

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  39. Leo should be embarrassed by his own actions that caused him to change the way TWIT is being streamed. He lost his vision when he started listening to his little head instead of thinking with his big head. CeHo destroyed a good thing he in the TWIT community He once had a vision for. RIP TWIT 2005 to 2015.

      » Quote comment

      1. Mr DDos,


        I’ve noticed a lot of the guys in here are batting for the other team, or at least, shall we say, swinging both ways. Thanks for sticking up for us clean, god fearing, TWiT fans. I think you’ll agree theses gays have ruined TWiT and America. And don’t get me started on the blacks….

          » Quote comment

        1. Thank you for supporting the Tea Party and the NRA. Sandy Hook couldn’t have happened without your support. (kill em all for Jesus!)

            » Quote comment

          1. Now your speech could be seen as a threat. I hope you have carefully disguised your IP and worn tinfoil hat protection.

            Authorities have been informed.

            Not a joke! (makes it serious) !!!!

              » Quote comment

      1. Ya know, it would be another thing were it manly.

        As it is, it’s a pathetically high-mileage, old-mannish, withered dong.

        I thank my lucky stars that the gravity-challenged boys weren’t in that shot.

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  40. So is this the end of Total Drama?

    Where will the source material come from? I guess you can turn off that DVR? The reality show is over and we have returned to normal programming. TD edited out/down all those hours of boring drival and gave us the dick pic, the priest cursing, among other highlights.

    I guess we’ll find out if Leo’s need for attention is greater than his need for privacy? Maybe FB, Twitter, G+, Periscope, etc will be enough? Maybe.

    Does Leo’s new Iron Curtain deprive TD of source material? Or does it just drive his most dedicated fans into the arms of his and the CEO’s greatest nemeses, TD?

    F that idiot Laporte, later, and keep watching AAA. -RonXO

      » Quote comment

          1. But she’s of age – isn’t something below the age of consent more your style? Toddler fisting is a big thing with you I’ve heard.

              » Quote comment

  41. Please, mister, please, don’t play B-17
    It was our song, it was his dong but it’s over
    Please, mister, please, if you know what I mean
    I don’t ever wanna see that wee dong again.

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  42. So that was the last live All About Android… It must suck for the hosts as well to have to do the show without chatroom and a live audience.

    Everyone suffers because Leo can’t stop photographing his genitals. How stupid is that?

    Funny that the Giz Wiz show now has a leg up fpr having a livestream. Fuck Leo, he’s punishing everyone because he’s a disgusting old pervert and we dared to notice.

    I don’t care how many download TWiT shows as a podcast so they can fall asleep to it. The few hundred live viewers were engaged and informed. Leo fucked it all up literally, as his nasty stump of a penis is the sole cause of all this.

    I’m guessing most of the hosts won’t put up with this for long. Either Leo has to go back on this decision or most of the hosts will leave. Without the livestream what is TWiT offering them? A free fez come Christmas? In fact the Giz Wiz shows it can be done not just as good as TWiT but even better since TWiT no longer has a livestream or chat.

      » Quote comment

          1. and in the process he cut his nose off to spite his face.

            Little man, you have failed to grasp that he relies on that IRC more than he claims he does. Guess he will have to employ some interns just to do the google searches he is too lazy to do which is really what many of his IRC used to do for him like little lapdogs.

            His nasty little moderators will be the losers, they will be lost with nobody to block, Ban or K-Line with a final shitty piece of sarcasm when they do it.

            Meanwhile Totaldrama will continue. As I believe someone has already said earlier and I saw scroll past in the TWiTLIVE IRC feed

            Je Suis Helloworld.

            I salute him and the other contributors that supply updates.

            Sure it will harder to watch, I notice that Leo decided that he will record at the usual time but to fuck with his viewers, rather than adjust his day and have his swinger friend Elgan etc all change their schedules so that the shows can go out at the times they normally would he is working on the basis that he will continue to the same Lazy cunt schedule he keeps and the shows will go out 4 or more hours later.

            Let’s face it, he’s about to lose his Premiere Radio Gig and he needs to cut cost fast. That was his first statement that he will save $60,000 a year by dropping the IRC and killing live streaming.

            Better still he can sexually harass until the cows come home and it will be hidden from view.

            I feel sorry for the first person that doesn’t catch and censor one of his fuck ups because they will be out the door so fast and without evidence that proves the lie that fat boy is making.

            Leo used this latest screw up with his penis pic as a way to cut operating costs and save him even more money and without those inconsequential people in the IRC (as he feels all the chat room users are — inconsequential nobodies) there is nobody that he may receive a question that he can’t answer.

            Leo’s so you are right, Leo is maybe a winner in the end but then of course he can slim the business down, don’t need to tell any of his morons, I mean viewers, anything about how he plans to kill shows on a whim because he has taken a dislike to a person working on the show or decided they need to cut costs to support his spending spree.

            Personally I don’t think it will last long, he needs the attention and having to prepare for shows and look for things to talk about on his shows is going to get old fast, he will no longer have the assholes he hates, the IRC people to give links and will have to troll CNET and steal people’s opinions from the comment section in there instead (though he has done that more than once).

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      1. There are no threats here. Read all of it. Just some facts, some humor and pictures and videos.

        Padre is a fan. (that is facetious for those needing help)

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  43. Quote “UPDATE: Leo said that the official #twitlive chatroom was “never of value” and that the chatters “have no lives.” Understandably this has caused concern in the chatroom. New video to come.”

    WTF , these loyal chatroom members saved Leo’s ASS many a weekend on his radio show , I’ve seen Leo stumped so many times by a callers question it borderline embarrassing , if it wasn’t for the quick help & links from us his chatroom members Premiere would have cancelled his ass for being a fraud years ago..
    You just pissed us loyal chat members off Leo,
    your a user a coward and self destructing , we didn’t ask for you to flash porn on your podcasts or sexually abuse your female co-workers..
    so your the one that needs to get a life !!!
    good luck peddling your dumb ass sponsor shit to me or the rest of your loyal chatroom members ..
    How do I get my money for my brick back?

      » Quote comment

      1. I think Totaldrama are still waiting for your promised DDOS. I think everyone is still waiting for it!

        You’ve been listening to too much Padre and your tiny brain has got DDOS on its mind.

          » Quote comment

        1. Don’t worry – there’s enough pissed off people now looking at this place that the more unhinged ones will comply soon. Good luck with your shitstorm. You’ve earned it.

            » Quote comment

          1. I can’t imagine what a more unhinged person than DDOS guy would act like. If that’s the calibre of his fans it’s probably best that they educate themselves instead of watching podcasts.

              » Quote comment

  44. Over the years, I have heard Leo say many, many times how invaluable the chat room is and how TWIT has the best chat room anywhere, and how TWIT would be nowhere without them. Also, guest hosts too numerous to count have commented about how great the TWIT chat room is and how they know everything and can’t be stumped. Then, to hear Leo’s demeaning talk of the chat room is hypocritical and pathetic.

      » Quote comment

  45. Well put Sly , anything that comes out of Leo’s mouth can’t be trusted period!!!!
    i cringe every time I hear Leo say ” We just love him or her ” while he’s introducing a new host, knowing how fake he and Lisa are

      » Quote comment

    1. See? I told you the idea would catch on. I give this place 3 days – end of month tops when the really crazed fans come this way. Good luck fuckos!

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  46. The part about this that actually irritated me was how he made the chat seem so insignigicant. That is very contradictory to what the hosts have always said. Then, he talks of all the trolls and how hard it is to police ‘them’, then says it’s just one person.

    I don’t even know how the whole Drama vs. Twit thing got started, but I have noticed lots of double talk from Leo. He seems to say what suits him the best at the moment.

    After Tom left, I scaled back to WW & TWiG… After Gina left, I have really stopped TWiG. I’ll hang on to WW a while longer. I like What The Tech on GFQ as well.

    In my little opinion, I think Twit eliminated a lot of good people and they seem to have prospered at other places and within other models (ie, Patreon).

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  47. Jason Howell said his goodbye to chat on AAA. Somehow he did it without using the word troll or blaming anyone or any negativity. He seemed sad and honest and truthful. I need to hire his PR guy.

      » Quote comment

      1. Was that back at the cottage? What did he do to get on Lisa’s bad side? (which is the only reason anybody ever gets fired from TWiT as far as I can tell.)

          » Quote comment

    1. I imagine that whole ordeal was hard: Just as deciding to get rid of the livestream. I will try the tape delay stream, because I love you guys/I can’t just stop watching twit content: What do I look like, a robot? but I can predict for the most part, I won’t listen accept for special events. If I wanted to watch tape delayed twit programming, I’d use my subscriptions, or the kodi add on. Why do I even bothering complaining in the midst of trolls? Bitches need to bitch, even if the uncalled for bitches cancel me out. We will not be silenced? Anyone who wouldn’t use their status if they lived in a celeberty family is just kidding themselves. Get over it. I’m sure your crimes in your life pail compared to this…. Maybe it shouldn’t have happened, but journalistic websites should be able to design their own unique word press layout: So everybody has problems. I wouldn’t want to deal with this type of trolling day in day out, so I’m not going to sit here and flame them for doing the most logical thing to combat this kind of not so important OMG look what I found on them propaganda:

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  48. Hanibal Lector called it yesterday after Leo’s pee pee slip up, here’s what he posted yesterday on another TD thread…shout out to Hanibal

    “Hanibal Lector
    MAY 26, 2015 AT 5:29 AM
    Ladies and gentlemen wienergate has run is course. Time to watch damage control. Look for a big wall to go up. A subscription to watch Twit. No more live stream. Everything will have to be edited first. Leo destroyed his dream. Lisa is a cash kinda girl. It’s perfect time for her to lock the place down. No reason for anyone to get nasty, Leo did it he has to fix it if he can.”

      » Quote comment

    1. I can not take full credit for this totally. it was a collaboration between myself and an anonymous email sent to my rarely used hushmail account.

      “Hanibal Lector
      MAY 26, 2015 AT 5:29 AM
      Ladies and gentlemen wienergate has run is course. Time to watch damage control. Look for a big wall to go up. A subscription to watch Twit. No more live stream. Everything will have to be edited first. Leo destroyed his dream. Lisa is a cash kinda girl. It’s perfect time for her to lock the place down. No reason for anyone to get nasty, Leo did it he has to fix it if he can.”

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  49. Remember folks Leo acts like a forgetful old goat, yet he is stupid like a fox

    1-knows TD is watching his every move for awhile

    2- needs to cut further costs to help the sinking ” SS TWIT ”

    3- paying for Mods & servers ,return investment nothing but a headache from smart chat members in his own chatroom calling his “tech ability ” and trolling into question more and more.

    4- most loyal chat members invested monies into the new brick house through donations or a Twit Brick, Leo would get lynched if he just closed the chatroom for no reason

    5- Jason returns to twit , mentions “payed chatroom” gets greedy
    Leo and Lisa excited at the thought of a few extra dollars coming from “chatroom members with no life” ( Leo’s words)

    6- Leo creates more and more on/off air drama during his shows knowing TotalDrama will post a video or thread about it,

    7- Leo repeatedly mentions TD to his loyal chatroom members and listeners in order to show how evil it and it’s followers are .

    8- pretend your going through your photo album on air while you have a camera with a tight shot focusing on your pictures knowing the “planted PeePee picture ” will show it’s ugly head on video as he’s flipping (trap set)

    9- Trap sprung , TD sees it or is tipped off about the “planted Penis ” verifies the tip and posts the sick deed on its site Bingo !!!! Leo’s smear campaign against TD can now begin

    10- Leo shows up super early for MBW ( that should have been a clue)
    announce he’s shutting down the chat & server and live view because it’s feeding the Trolls at TD, and it was all TD’s & Trolls fault (making Leo & Lisa & kid come across as a victims of trolls to his loyal chatroom followers)

    11- Leo’s plan works, new Pay as you go chat members will be eager to pay anything to follow the Wizard and his cost draining & drama chatroom have ceased without a lynching from loyal listeners.

    Leo always prides himself in thinking
    he’s smarter than anyone else.
    So he thinks

      » Quote comment

  50. All Leo has to do is sign out if his personal accounts at the Brickhouse. Never show personal pics, videos, anything. Because certain assholes are always watching (you know who you are). No need to end the stream or the chat. Just leave you personal accounts at home.
    I always cringed when he started to go through his personal stuff, and lo’ and behold: dick pic.
    Don’t let the owner of this site win Leo.
    We ? you

      » Quote comment

    1. It’s kinda funny this happened after the threats he made to some/one of the “trolls” not too long ago.

      I suppose the question you have to ask is, why are they getting rid of the chat and the live streaming? It’s probably because they don’t want the whole world and their advertisers to know some of the terrible things that Leo says and does.

        » Quote comment

    1. Time needed, perhaps. The pre-recorded program playout seems to run through the Tricaster at the moment, and it’s primitive, running stuff in a loop. Twit may need to rig up a dedicated automation system and program scheduler for this purpose which feeds the “live” stream exclusively, separating the functions.

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  51. Just saw the extended video with Steve. I can’t believe Leo said those things about his loyal chat fans. And what is even more crazy is that some are still defending him even when he calls them weirdos and says they have no lives. See this is what a lot of us “trolls” don’t like about Leo.

    I’m not a fan of Leo and the direction he took Twit awhile ago. I’ve always been hoping he would listen to his fans (or trolls as he calls them) but he just doesn’t want to listen and making things worse for himself. Saying those terrible things about his fans in chat is just not acceptable.

    I’m sorry that a lot of you lost your community. I feel he could have done this another way without losing the live streaming and chat, but who knows maybe they had other reasons for doing this and just needed a scapegoat.

      » Quote comment

    1. And note, not one person has actually tried defending this. Instead, you get vicious, pathetic, childish, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic *actual* trolls who post comment after comment on here about people liking young boys.

      No one from his “community” is actually prepared to show any genuine passion in its defence. Instead, they show pure bile and hatred towards anyone who feels different.

        » Quote comment

    1. Steve Gibson needs an alternate channel like Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, Alex Lindsay, and Andy Ihnatko – if he’s so inclined. Thankfully, Steve, like the others, actually has a day job and TWIT is (hopefully) a nice bonus. That is, if the relationship is finally equitable for these fine people.

      Funny how you never hear these folks’ podcasts get a plug on the TWIT network, or at most a rare and extremely awkward one. Very telling.

        » Quote comment

    2. The reason behind that is so that the chat community can set up another chat somewhere else. Leo is just giving them advanced notice, so they can still communicate with each other. So he’s given them a week to sort it out.

      I bet there will be an official TWiT chat again, like it’s been said on here, in the comments, but only trusted people will be allowed in i.e. the moderators. Everyone, or most people in the chat knows exactly what’s going on, and why the chat/live stream are being killed, but still, they (the chatters) and Leo himself is in denial, and they’ll continue to be in denial, until they get judged on it, when they leave this Earth – especially him (Leo).

      When he said “the chatters have no lives”, maybe he should have put it as “the chatters have more time than everyone else to be here”. Maybe that might have come across a bit more nicer.

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  52. Macbreak Weekly is the only show I watch the live stream for. But at this point andy has become someone that I no longer want to list to. I find Macbreak is broken. There is no one on that loves apple any more while you have everyone that seems to love google on This week in google. So, with Macbreak no longer being live I will no longer watch. I can get back into books that i enjoy more then watching TWIT shows anyway. Windows Weekly is an outstanding show because Paul will not put up with Leo’s crap.

    I am a mac guy but I do enjoy that show and that could be the only show I watch in the future. I at one time would watch TWIT the big show each and every week until I just could no longer take it. I only watch now for JCD if he will show up in the future I will watch other then that I can find something else to do with my sunday.

    Twit will be forgotten in 6 months leo radio show will be canceled. Everyone will get a big laugh. Or he will change his mind.

      » Quote comment

    1. I totally agree with this. Pretty much all of Leo’s contributions to MacBreak are trolling against Apple – not even intelligent disagreements, but being deliberately contrarian. Andy just drones on, and on, and on, and I can’t stand it anymore.

      I unsubscribed yesterday. Now just Windows Weekly left – and just like you, I love it despite not even using Windows machines for years. It’s Paul and Mary Jo. They are compelling to listen to. I just do a >30 seconds skip whenever I hear Leo’s voice.

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  53. The live chat has always sucked. I’ve watched shows on podcasts for years, and the first time I watched live I entered the chatroom to see what it was all about. I made a funny joke, it was MAYBE pg-13 and wasn’t negative towards anyone in anyway.. i think it ws a sexual innuendo.. anyway. I got banned from the chat with no warning. I checked several weeks later for grins, and I was still banned. for something completely stupid. The chatroom was full of mod’s with big egos and no life, apparently. shrug.

    Leo does seem to rely on chat a LOT on his radio show, though, so it is interesting to see how he handles that.

      » Quote comment

  54. Chad Johnson posted this last night on Twitter:

    I love live streaming. The chat is so much fun, way different than just recording!

    Seems like a veiled dig at Leo.

      » Quote comment

  55. I did NONE of the things Leo accuses me of doing. On a network where everything is recorded, those are easily verifiable lies. Leo’s attempt to destroy my reputation was a last-ditch effort to prevent me from filling in for him on his national radio show “The Tech Guy.” He torpedoed this opportunity with Premiere Radio while keeping it secret from me, then slandered me repeatedly on the air to save face with his audience. I made this video to set the record straight.

    Leo’s insistence that he was “mentoring,” “coaching,” and “grooming” me as his “protégé” to “replace” him is abhorrent and untruthful. He gave no feedback, ever, and deeply resented me for being compared to himself. He used every opportunity to reduce my airtime, limit my exposure, and withhold essential communication — all while telling people I needed more of his “mentoring” before I could *really* be on the air. (That’s just the tip of the iceberg.)

    I only seek to clear my name and salvage my career. I have done nothing wrong to Leo or to anyone, and you already know me as a conscientious person who cares deeply about fairness. As always, I appreciate your support.


      » Quote comment

  56. Let’s review:

    1. Leo cheated on his wife
    2. Leo displays obscene chats from his girlfriend
    3. Leo harasses female guests
    4. Leo displays a nude photo during his radio show

    None of these mistakes are our fault, and Leo has the gall to call us narcissists for pointing out his unacceptable behavior.

    If Leo wants to improve TWiT, he could best do that not by canceling live feeds and the chat room, but by removing himself from every show. He adds nothing but liability.

      » Quote comment

  57. “takenTECH
    MAY 27, 2015 AT 12:54 AM
    ohno. Only one problem with that plan. leo cant keep a secret.

    He runs his mouth non stop without thinking.”

    Dammmmmm your right, I should have remembered how many times the CEHo gave him shit for blabbing something he wasn’t suppose to

    Discard my theory

      » Quote comment

  58. Hi it’s Leo here. I’ve really suckered those moron’s in the Chat room. I’ve got them so riled up over killing Live streaming and Chat over my deliberate scandalous indiscretion.

    What they don’t realize is that they are going to get their IRC back and live streaming back but I want to starve them and get their minds set that they will be willing to pay to view and use the IRC.

    We are working on putting it behind a paywall. That’s why we are recording at the normal times and people have to wait to see the finished show.

    Well you don’t really think I can live without my narcissistic need for the affection of those many imbeciles that follow me? Do you?

    As for the Penis scandal. What better way than to blame Helloworld and Total drama for the whole thing and get the anger juices running in my trollish followers.

    Didn’t they realize that it was the whole point of the way we were making The New Screensavers was just a trial to see if we could get it done and prepare people for it.

    We’ve been working on this for a while and the makers of the website for us are working on a Paywall where you have to register and supply a credit card or other information where we can get the information of the people and only a real fan is willing to pay to watch my shows.

    So see you all suckers, I am Leo and I have gotten my way. I will get money from the live stream viewers and through advertising afterwards and during the recording. More money for me and my lovely wife and you lot are the ones that have been blamed successfully.

      » Quote comment

    1. Leo,

      How many times do I have to tell you to keep your goddam mouth shut? This information is supposed to be between us. Leave these nitwits here out of it, they give us enough trouble already. SERIOUSLY.

        » Quote comment

  59. Leo is asking his hosts not to read the chat room for the next five days.

    He claims it’s due to the trolls, and denies it’s due to “the picture” but that’s just not plausible. He just wants to avoid further embarrassment when the hosts discover the photo.

      » Quote comment

  60. Leo stop lying!!!!!!

    I’ve read the Gawker article, still not man enough to say you screwed up and your sorry..

    Your a coward Sir !!!!!

    Leo I know you read all these comments , have a look at these comments captured off the Gawker article, 80% of those folks placing those don’t even know who you are, which only tells us you’ll always be remembered for the “old man” who’s dick picture dismantled Twit..

    Wake up Leo, go to press and own it .

    You may get some respect back for being honest

    Some comments from Gawker fans

    The Noble ReynardSam Biddle
    5/27/15 11:50am

    Let he who has not accidentally exposed his penis to the entirety of America cast the first stone.

    opiumsmabytchThe Noble Reynard
    *picks up stone

    (have only been exposed to friends and partners :p )

    dothedewThe Noble Reynard
    5/27/15 12:07pm

    I actually think that is my dick in the pic

    PHRASING!The Noble Reynard
    5/27/15 12:07pm

    Where do you want me to throw this boulder, i can’t stand here and hold it forever…

    5/27/15 12:28pm

    We should hang out.

    5/27/15 11:51am

    I stopped taking dick pics at about 23. What the hell is with all these men old enough to be grandfathers that they can’t learn to act with decorum? For christ’s sake people.

    5/27/15 11:53am

    And who’s that in the bed in the photo next to the dick pic? What’s up with this guy and pre-show editing?

    Not a Burner 3 – Dream Warrior
    5/27/15 11:55am

    Clutch your pearls any more tightly they’ll be ripped off your neck.

    5/27/15 11:58am

    Dick pics are a new concept for old guys. Before digital cameras, you needed to know a guy at the Photo Hut to get them processed.

      » Quote comment

  61. Leo told Gawker that the penis was Photoshopped.

    My wife just commented, “he’s done, and he’s sure not going to be able earn any money with THAT.”

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  62. It IS the trolls fault that Leo is doing this. You guys won. I hope you all are fucking happy. Trolls like you will always win, because you’re all full of hate. If someone says something nice, you go all after them. You post crude things about a person you HAVDE no idea about. You threaten violence against that person. All of you need to get a life and get out of your fucking basements.

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    1. Molly, you keep coming back! So you’re okay with Leo’s dick pic, sexually harassment of women and shady business practices? You’re one ducked up, cunt

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  63. I woke this morning put my feet down on the cold floor of mothers basement.

    I realized I no longer had a job. My friends and I where all unemployed. The TD BOD, Editorial Board, Human Resources, Maintenance, our Security team, IT people, as well as the European, Central American, and Indonesian Divisions oh and that guy in Pago Pago that never comes to the meetings.

    Whatever you think of Total Drama they are a group of skilled writers, contributors, and friends. So don’t get all butthurt because your world is tipped over for a day. This to shall pass.

    We do not have to explain what was done or why we watched.
    To sum it up.

    Leo did this .

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  64. Leo Laporte ‏@leolaporte 4h4 hours ago

    @AlexCordiner Don’t be gutted, yet. We’re trying to find an alternative. Perhaps a verified stream & chat. All I need to do is keep Him out.

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  65. So Leo is in chat on WW now and apparently Lisa has talked him off the ledge and they won’t bin chat room. Oh but it will be chargeable ………………

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  66. So I’m watching Windows weekly, watching Leo struggle without his “chatroom help”

    Here’s a thought Leo, do research or homework on your own about the subjects your going to cover before the show so you can give intelligent answers and sound like you know what your taking about.
    Instead of guessing and spewing out misinformation to those not smart enough to know your wrong

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  67. It should be noted that the author of that Gawker piece is Sam Biddle, notorious punk and internet thug. He is the guy who advocated violence against all “geeks and nerds” and has written hideous shit about gamers in his quest for “social justice”. He is a truly vile human being.

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  68. Anyone at TWiT with an axe to grind and access to the ironic an unedited content is in store for a gold mine of material no one would want published.

    Once they know they’re not live. The self censoring will stop and the unaired stream will contain some great stuff.

    Anyone with a thumb drive who might be or be one disgruntled can surely collect some solid gold martial should they just be patient. It will happen.

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  69. Leo will never give up “live” he needs attention and reaction from viewers in real time , without live he’ll miss the reaction his fans can give to him for his “at that moment performance ”

    He’s that kid in school everyone remembers that would do or say stupid things to get a laugh or to be accepted by the group

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  70. I’m waiting for the Leo’s Dick meme to start up.

    We’ll see cityscapes where the buildings have been replaced with Leo’s dick. The Washington Monument replaced with Leo’s dick. SpaceX rocket launches replaced with Leo’s dick…

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