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Does Leo Encourage Defrauding Advertisers?

Something is rotten in Petaluma. An eagle-eared IRC commenter noticed that Leo may have a motive for his crap website. There is a suspected plot that has been offered up for review: It seems a certain pot-bellied, overly-sleepy, article-reading slob may have a reason for asking for people to get the API key and develop, develop, develop.

How About This For a BUssiness
How About This For a Business?

What does he have in mind? What doesn’t his audience have?  It seems kinda weird to want all these mobile applications and websites with redundant purposes. Could he be looking for someone to program applications to auto-download all his podcasts? Maybe that is where the mass exodus of Mods went? They code? This is easier money than making good shows!

More Powerful That Padres Anti-Troll Program
More Powerful That Padre’s Anti-Troll Program

Fret not, drama people. We may have an API key and are possibly developing an app that downloads the episodes to a server of our own that you can re-download. The #guzzler won’t get to chow down on those extra-large buckets of #soup. We may even have a way to reverse the download numbers thereby effectively shoving the podcast back up Leo’s ass.